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  1. JMA

    XF35mmF2 Light Loss

    I was able to reproduce the issue now, does not seem to be stuck blades. If I use it between f2 and f5.6 it works as normal, it opens or closes..... If I go past f8 and then go back to f2, blades open only from f8-f16 (at f2 it opens at the same size as f8, and f16 as f16) It wont go back to fully open the blades until I unmount the lens and mount it again (turn the camera of does not work). Seems to me that unmounting the lens resets or reboots it and then it works again.
  2. JMA

    XF35mmF2 Light Loss

    thanks, but its out of warranty, bought it a couple of years ago
  3. JMA

    XF35mmF2 Light Loss

    Seems that is the case, at f2 it was stuck somewhere in the middle, after several actuations it fully opened. Now its working ok, but I guess will fail again eventually right?
  4. I'm consistently getting 3 stop darker exposures with my 35mm f2, regardless camera used or aperture setting, vs all my other fuji lenses, all being equal. Other way to see it is that I get ISO 3200 on the 35mm f2 vs ISO 400 to 640 on 7 different fuji lenses, same composition, same lighting, same speed, same aperture, same camera. I understand light transmission could be different from lens to lens, but 3 stops? Is this normal for this lens or its defective? Thanks
  5. I do not travel or shot weddings carrying a computer. I know the math, I do shoot normally 2-6K on travels, 1-3K on weddings. Just want to know if its safe to use single 128 instead of 4x32 so I can simplify. Right now I carry 384GB (with 384GB backup) and that is 12x32 and 3x128 If I switch to128's I will need only 6 cards..... or maybe 6x64 + 3x128 (backup) I will need only 9. Some people swear not to use large cards and use several small ones instead to avoid risking the data all at once (in case of corrupt card, stolen/lost card) but its getting complicated to manage 15 SD cards per travel. Also changing cards can be problematic while traveling.
  6. I normally shoot RAW+JPG and use the backup functionality of X-Pro2/X-T2 to have some peace of mind when traveling or shooting weddings. I currently have 4x32GB backed up to a 128GB card per camera, but card management had became an issue. I was thinking in switching to a 128GB backed to another 128GB per camera, since its already backing up, I do not see a problem.... but what do you think? would I risk too much with this? Thanks
  7. Sure, I do not have a tripod nor filters, I do have the 14, 16, 23, 56 and plan to get the 55-200. For the bags I have a small domke as I'm mostly street/documentary photographer. I was thinking to carry a backpack with the 14 or the 16 (heard the 16 is not good for astro), the 23 and the 55-200, a tripod/ball head, panorama nodal rail and a set of filters. I'm struggling with the tons of options available specially on the tripod/ball head and type/size of filters. Thanks!
  8. I want to start doing more serious landscape stuff, like long exposure, panoramas, light painting, star trails, etc. but have been struggling on the gear needed. I'm trying to build the simplest and lightest but capable landscape kit. Currently have X-T2 and X-Pro2 and in my next trip I plan to use both as it may snow and will be difficult to change lenses. Would you mind giving your advice on what tripod, lenses, filters, bags and accessories would help me to get better landscape pictures? (technically speaking, i.e. not blurred, good colors, etc. I know I should provide the eye ) Thanks in advance!
  9. update on my own experience. I have been using the original Fuji NP-W126S that came with the camera as well as XT1 NP-W126 and 3 Watson for 4 months now on my XT2. 2 of the 3 watson's swelled by a tiny amount, one just barely fits in the camera, so I stopped using them. (same happened to a friend on wasabis, 3 of 12 swelled) NP-W126 (non S) was working good until I tried to record a short 4k Video clip, it died in 3 seconds, screen got fully red. I tried with another battery and XT2 worked correctly. Now NP-W126 battery does not charge at all. NP-W126S still works as new, and had always gave me more shots than other batteries. On XT1 I never had an issue with any of the batteries so my conclusion is that the non-S batteries (fuji or third party) are not capable to feed the high power needs of XT2 in the long run. hopefully third party companies make soon an S version, because fujis are insanely expensive.
  10. Thanks @Christopher I'm more like you, not enough critical work, but when I do is weddings or travel and I definitely do not want to have problems in either. Last weeding I was using XT2+XT1 without grips, both on performance mode and mixed watsons with fujis, no problems, no more or less overheating to make a difference in either body. The only thing I could note is that XT2 eats more power, almost twice as XT1, but that happens with fujis also....But since is the only test I have, I can not know for sure.... other thing that I noticed is the heat is not produced on the battery, is more like on oposite side near the LCD Strangely, I had battery swelling on 3 fuji X100s NP-95 batteries, not enough to jam, but its easily visible... may be chargers fault??
  11. in my X-T1 I had used watson batteries without problems or difference in performance vs OEMs, so I'm hesitant to spend 3 times the cost of the new Fuji X-T2 batteries. Do any of you experienced any additional benefit besides "better heat management" as stated by fuji? the performance improves? do they last more? or at the contrary... using third party batteries decreases camera performance or they last less??
  12. @Christopher definitely something to watch out for!
  13. I was second shooting a wedding yesterday and the main photographer warned me about the laser beams of the DJ. He has seen DSLR camera sensors damaged by a ver short exposure to them (1-2 secs) while shooting video. Since mirrorless sensor are always exposed, I was concerned about this but could not find anything recently reports of damage on mirrorless sensors. Do someone have more info about it?
  14. JMA

    Help defining travel gear

    thanks for the input @Christopher ! I indeed rented the 16-55 and loved it and I'm considering it. 18-135 range is great, but as a single lens is too slow specially at night since i do not like to use flash, maybe pairing it with the 23 1.4 as you mention will do the trick for low light shots. For the long range, every time I use the 56 as "tele" ends being too wide. in my canon days I had 24-105 (FF) and at 105 was very short even for big animals in a zoo, forget about wildlife. What are your thoughts on the 55-200 vs 50-140 plus 1.4TC?
  15. Warning, long post… This is my background: When I travel, I always struggle selecting the gear I’ll use on the trip. I try to keep it as simple/light possible to enjoy the trip (normally walk 6-10 hours a day) while being flexible enough to avoid missing shoots because of gear limitation. Also, I have a concern on safety in dangerous places or pickpockets, so I try to be as low key as possible too. Besides traveling, I do a lot of street photography but also wedding and social events (not as first income) so most of my gear is more an expense than investment. I’m very critical with gear results/quality, so I tend to avoid cheaper lens/bodies/accessories and high ISOs so tend to pick faster lenses. Unfortunately, my budget is not unlimited so I have to pick gear wisely. I’m mostly prime shooter and have 14, 23 F1.4, 35 f2 and 56. XT2, XT1 and X100s cameras I have 2 type of travel that I have this problem: Local Travel, Small Towns/Villages, Hiking. I try to travel very light and shoot documentary, portraits, with some landscape. With X100s I miss a lot of wide shots, specially on interiors, close-ups (do not like the lack of sharpness at f2-f4 of x100s here) and tele shots. With the XTs I have to carry at least 3 lenses to cover what I normally shot and end up changing lenses a lot. Should I go with a zoom instead? Guided Tours or Photo Expeditions to tourist or exotic locations Big/long trips that you go once in your lifetime where photo opportunities are too varied within the trip and between trips, like the north/south pole, Africa, jungles or rainforests or cultural like Europe or Asia. Here I shot everything (photo or video) I face and struggle the most to plan if I need a telephoto or a wide angle or zooms or WR lenses or tripod or monopod…. I only went to Europe with XT and 14,23,35 and while weight was not an issue I changed lenses too much and was not enjoyable. For places where wildlife is the main attraction I’m doomed with my longest lens being the 56. I plan to travel more, so I want to hear your recommendations not only on lenses, but also on bodies, accessories, filters, bags etc. as I may change (sell) or add gear based on your recommendations. I greatly appreciate your help in advance Happy Holidays