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  1. EternalHope added a post in a topic Spring is in the air   

    Didn't ever use the digital zoom. That's same thing as cropping basically correct? I no longer have the x10 though, so it's not really relevant for me personally, but hopefully can help someone else here who is trying to decide about what will suit them in their macro photography.
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  2. EternalHope added a post in a topic Spring is in the air   

    The 60mm is not for serious macro work. It only has a 1:2 magnification instead of a 1:1. Doesn't mean it's bad, but it is certainly more suited for general macro work rather than dedicated macro work. The x10 was my first camera and it was awesome for macro work since you could get so close. Of course that means casting a shadow on your subject, which isn't ideal, but for general flower macro photography, and just plain out having fun, it was excellent, and still is. So if flowers are your thing and you aren't looking to spend a lot of money, then a used x10, x20, or the 60mm will serve you very well. There is still a rebate on the 60mm and I think it's only like 400 bucks or so, for such an incredible well performing lens optically it's a real steal!
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  3. EternalHope added a post in a topic Portraits   

    Love the first shot Vic! She is beautiful!
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  4. EternalHope added a post in a topic Spring is in the air   

    I haven't shot flowers with the 56 yet, and while a nice capture, I would say that the 60mm would make it even better :-) if close ups are your thing then the 56 probably isn't the lens for you.
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  5. EternalHope added a post in a topic Share your X-T1 Photos Here   

    Thanks Viv! She is adorable

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  6. EternalHope added a post in a topic He's Been Framed.   

    Squirrels are my favorite animal! I love this photo! That's awfully great photo, what were you shooting with and how did you get so close?
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  7. EternalHope added a post in a topic Share your X-T1 Photos Here   


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  8. EternalHope added a post in a topic Share your X-T1 Photos Here   

    Some images of my daughter I took this afternoon.

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  9. EternalHope added a post in a topic XPro to XT migrators - experiences?   

    I also upgraded from the X-Pro to the X-T. I pretty much echo everything that was said by garrettl, plus I also much enjoy the wi-fi feature. It has led to better images in some sense due to not missing great moments because of either focus speed issues, or lag issues.

    If you're totally satisfied with your X-Pro and your type of photography is completed suited to the speed of the X-Pro then I'd say hold off, a deal will come around sooner or later, or an X-T2 or X-Pro2.
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  10. EternalHope added a post in a topic XT-1 vs. OM-D E-M1 - Any thoughts?   

    I earn a living as a photographer, and for me the Fuji is a good fit. I do event photography, as well as portraits. Here is my opinion...the Olympus is a great camera, it's got good image quality, and fantastic performance. In the hands of someone who knows what they are doing it will produce fantastic results. They have a great lens line up as well. If she is shooting portraits and using strobes or something other than available light she will get very similar results as she is seeing with her canon. The fast auto focus will be great for wedding photography where the lighting is good and she can grab the moments she wants. It's an excellent camera for journalistic style photography. It also takes quite decent video in my opinion, even if not up there with the offerings of the Panasonic GH3/4.

    Two primary concerns in the industry should be 1. Is the camera body responsive and reliable. 2. Are there solid lenses that fill out the range of focal lengths that I'm going to be using.

    I for one don't feel that for their mirror less systems that SONY has a good lineup of really strong lenses. But that's just me. That leaves Olympus and Sony. Olympus has a killer lens line up, nothing left to be desired there. Even an awesome 14mm equivalent available. Fuji isn't AS strong but they are pretty well covered, and once the rest of the lenses are introduced there won't be anything left to be desired in that field either.

    My clients really like the punchy colors and the look that Fuji produces. The larger sensor simply does allow for some deeper and richer colors. If it were me, despite that the fact that the Olympus is a fantastic camera with a great lens line up, if I didn't have a good handle on my style, and was trying to attract as much business as possible, I'd shoot with the Fuji to give me some more style flexibility.

    On a side note, in defense of the Canon and or Nikon systems, if she is looking to start a business, renting lenses and compatible equipment would be very easy and a way to keep her from breaking the bank, helping to ensure a higher chance of becoming a successful full time photographer.
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  11. EternalHope added a post in a topic XT-1 vs. OM-D E-M1 - Any thoughts?   

    m4/3 offerings are quite good from what I have seen. I haven't actually spent much time shooting with them, but if I was looking to invest in a complete system, I'd take a good long look at the OMD EM1. If you need top notch AF speed, and lightness, and good video then the GH4 or the OMD EM1 should be seriously considered. I love my X-T1, and it is perfectly adequate for both my personal and professional photography. However, for some the X-Pro1 was more than adequate, and for others it is not. So, just depends. You need/want top notch speed with some trade offs, then go with the EM-1.
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  12. EternalHope added a post in a topic am I the only one that has a dilemma every time a new body or lens comes out?   

    I'm sure the X-T2 will rock, just as the X-T1 is. DSLR cameras took a while to mature and so will the mirror less world.
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  13. EternalHope added a post in a topic am I the only one that has a dilemma every time a new body or lens comes out?   

    I agree with Larry. Although my journey to getting there has been an expensive one. Got the X10, then the x-Pro1, then the x100s, then X-T1. I do chalk this up to being young and new to photography though :-) Picked up a camera for the first time a little less than two years ago.

    My photography has evolved to the point of really benefiting from the features that the X-T1 has to offer. It has been a worthwhile progression, but I do believe that I am pretty well satisfied for the time being. I will however continue to invest in new lenses.

    As to your dilemma regarding the 56 1.2 or the 60mm I will say that I have owned the 60mm for a while now and it is one of my favorite lenses to use. Mounted on the X-T1 it's pretty usable, HOWEVER, the 56mm is on order for me. The 60mm is great for getting up close for details when shooting portraits and I use it in that capacity quite often. It won't be leaving my bag any time soon.

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  14. EternalHope added a post in a topic 23mm and x100s   

    I do still use the x-pro, though once I got the x100s I found it sitting around more often than not. A lot of that had to do with that the fact that I made the mistake of trading the 35mm for the 18-55. Now, I should clarify, at times it was nice. It's a great piece of glass, but it just wasn't fast enough aperture wise for most of the shooting conditions I was found myself in. Also, the operational speed of the x100s was really nice. However, I used my x-pro with the 60mm attached for some of my jobs. But still, f 2.4 just wasn't cutting it at that focal length in lower lighting. Now I have the 35 1.4 and 23 1.4 and the 56 1.2 on pre order with the x-t1. I plan to attach the 23mm to the x-pro and the 56 to the x-t1. X-pro is still a rocking camera, and the X-E2 I believe will be even more so in some ways. But I just still love the feel of the X-pro. But it is slower operationally, which requires a different mind set. Still loving the images I get out of it, and love the images coming out of the 23mm over the x100s.
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  15. EternalHope added a post in a topic Fuji X-T1 AF Tracking Performance - Real World Examples   

    @artuk - I've seen crazier questions than that asked on the forum, so I didn't want to be too terribly presumptuous, though I am glad to see that the word "obviously" has made it into your assessment. It speaks well of you :-) But to reiterate, been very pleased with the speed of the 23mm on the x-pro. It might have to be out of commission for a little bit now though as I just somehow cracked the plastic piece in the front that goes over the OVF :-(
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