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  1. richheath added a post in a topic X Camera Price Curve   

    If you assume Amazon is a good yardstick of price, you can view the price of any item over time with the Camelizer browser extension (including used and new). Once installed, you just go to the Amazon page and click the little icon in the address bar for a graphs and highest/lowest prices over a set period. Very helpful in many circumstances.

    You can get the plugin here:

    Edit: In fact you don't even need to install the addon, you can do it from their website. Here is the X-T1 on
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  2. richheath added a post in a topic X-E2 or X-T10   

    The X-E2 is rumoured to get the v4.0 firmware (probably with fancy AF) in around November (although this is currently just a rumour, based upon a few comments by managers at Fuji). See here:

    If money were no object I'd get the X-T10, as it will probably be supported for longer and already offers the AF improvements.

    Just as another option, you can get the X-E2 and 18-55 refurbished direct from Fuji for £530.10, which might sway your thinking! Buy one of these: and put in the voucher "PAYPAL12" to get the discount.

    You can then sell the D300 privately and probably make up for the derisory value a dealer will offer you!

    I have an X-E2 and it's a fine camera, but I would like the new AF, especially for tracking my 2 year old daughter. I'm wondering whether to wait for the FW or to upgrade now. After all, 6 months is a long time in the life of a toddler!
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  3. richheath added a post in a topic Version 4 firmware if you're willing to risk it   

    Excitement?! Who wouldn't want Christmas to come a little earlier!

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  4. richheath added a post in a topic More Action AF tests with the X-T10 and v.4.0 Firmware   

    Great! Please let us know how it performs when the update lands!
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  5. richheath added a post in a topic More Action AF tests with the X-T10 and v.4.0 Firmware   

    @DanBailey - I was wondering if you'd done any testing of the 55-200 with the new AF tracking of the X-T10? You used one in your original blog post about the X-T1 tracking ages ago. Any thoughts on how the X-T10 would compare to the X-T1 with the 55-200? I'm interested in the new tracking (and buying either an X-T1 or X-T10), but really don't have a special need for the more expensive zoom.

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  6. richheath added a post in a topic For sale (UK) X-E1 & X-M1 bodies (both black)   

    X-M1 SOLD.

    X-E1 still available - £175 + postage (including the 5% non-ebay discount I mention above).
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  7. richheath added a post in a topic For sale (UK) X-E1 & X-M1 bodies (both black)   

    Prices reduced to £185 and £139 respectively (+ postage)
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  8. richheath added a post in a topic X-T1 Jpegs not as warm as X-Pro1 ?   

    The film simulation modes have indeed evolved over time. The big change came between the X-E1 and X-E2. There is some detail here:

    I must say I preferred the original X-E1 colours and warmth, but I guess we can always roll our own...
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  9. richheath added a post in a topic The Two Primes   

    14mm - Superb lens - great for landscape and architecture.
    35mm - Great all round lens. I use it for photographing the family. It tends to be glued on to my X-E2 95% of the time.
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  10. richheath added a post in a topic xpro1 ???   

    Don't forget the unmarked and never ending aperture ring of the zoom. I much prefer having the markings and hard stops of the primes.
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  11. richheath added a post in a topic XC & XF Lenses   

    The XFs 'feel' a lot nicer in the hand, due to weight, quality of materials and tolerances. It would appear there isn't a great deal of difference in terms of performance, but for me personally feel is very important so I've stuck to the XFs. The 'feel' is the main reason I moved to Fuji.
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  12. richheath added a post in a topic Puzzled by bizarre behavior of my XE1 with new 35/1.4   

    Sounds like you have pre-af switched on. You probably didn't notice with the 18-55 as the focusing is so quiet, but the 35 makes a lot more noise and motion so now you can see the difference. It uses a lot more battery anyway, so I'd advise you turn it off in the menu.
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  13. richheath added a post in a topic Decisions Decisions   

    I love my 55-200; it really produces, especially at the shorter focal lengths. It is quite big and heavy and thus would probably be better suited to the X-T1, or X-E2 with a grip. That being said, I quite happily use it on an X-E2 without grip. Support the lens with the left hand, control the camera with the right. I mainly shoot landscape and tend towards the longer focal lengths as wide-angles are not well suited for my usual shooting locations. It's also nice for portraits if you're not particularly bothered about razor-thin DoF.

    The 14mm is an absolutely lovely lens and not all that big either. It would also balance pretty well on the X-M1, unlike the 10-24.
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  14. richheath added a post in a topic Decisions Decisions   

    I wouldn't miss out on the 35mm, it is a real corker and my everyday lens (portraits, family shots etc). For that reason alone I'd go for the cheaper body. You can always get an X-T1 when it drops to dirt cheap prices (which you can almost guarantee it will once it gets superseded). The lenses will stay with you. Also, just use the 16-50, the difference in IQ is marginal. I have the 18-55 but it gets very little use as I love the primes so much (particularly the 35).
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  15. richheath added a post in a topic XPro1 Refurb Price Drop   

    I think this is a little unfair. Look at the first model in any new camera line up and you will find a fair share of inadequacies and issues. Just take the Olympus Pen E-P1 - a real dog when it came to focusing. How did Olympus respond? By selling people a new camera. At least Fuji had the good grace to develop what they'd already sold and improve the product already in consumers' hands.

    There will always be niggles and irritations with something new; creating a camera system is a learning process! In many cases you don't know what's broken until people start to complain. I've heard few serious complaints levelled at the X-T1 - consider the X-Pro a lesson learnt.

    I'm seriously considering adding one to my gear - the price is just too tempting.

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