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  1. Interesting Observation...

    Agree, Art. "The original Fuji X Series Forum" url is www.Fujix-forum.com and the Fuji Rumors one is: www.fuji-x-forum.com. Admittedly quite confusing... Good points, Art. OTOH, we could provide leadership and set examples here; just something for consideration.
  2. Interesting Observation...

    Hi Art, Just for the sake of clarity, that was not the professional I was referring to. Have to respectfully disagree on the personal attacks or criticisms here. I'm fine with healthy strident debate, but back in 2014, that was not my (or other's) experiences. Just for the sake of accuracy, I did name the other forum: "The "original" Fuji X-Forum. It is the one you link to above. And, I fully agree, I find that forum much more alive and interesting than this one. That's the one I've been spending most of my time on.
  3. Interesting Observation...

    Thanks for your reply, Christopher. From a "kaizen" perspective, a philosophy I am sure you understand and support, there is always room for continuous improvement. I think it's appropriate to have a more dedicated sections on different genres, but that's up to you to decide. I agree that Fuji X Series was one of the first Fuji forums back in the 2012 time-frame, which is why I joined, but to be honest, in addition to a community that doesn't seem to me to be particularly "engaged" in dialog with fellow members, a lot of the reason I "left" for the better part of 4 years is I got tired of the continual aggressive sniping/snarky/confrontational replies by small but very consistent set of members here. For example, back in 2012, an extremely talented professional photographer that use to post here told me they felt they were literally "driven away" from here, and which actually extended to hostile behavior outside of this forum. This was someone who was vastly more talented, capable, experienced and knowledgeable than the vast majority of people here. After hanging out here a bit longer, I basically left as well and for the same reasons, essentially. I find "the Original Fuji X Forum" to be considerably friendlier, to be honest with you. A community is both what people make of it, and what people let others make of it. Best regards, Stephen
  4. Interesting Observation...

    Hi Marco, Thank you for your reply. As a "guy", I fully understand the need and inclination to talk "parts". No issues around that at all. My observation was more around a couple of things 1) only a single "catch all" forum for posting images, project, "work", for the lack of a better term" when most of the other Fuji X forums have dedicated areas for the different genres of photography. 2) Engagement: There simply does not seem to be much engagement by this community participating in and providing input, insights, dialog, constructive criticism, etc. around photography. A lot about "parts", not much about photography. That is why we're doing this after all. Regarding trolling/aggressiveness, I have to respectfully disagree...at least when I used to frequent this place more often in 2013 and 2014. For example, I posted some X-Pro 1 NHRA professional drag racing images back in 2014 showing that the camera could do "peak action sports" photography, and I basically got reamed by a bunch of guys, some of them saying pro drag racing wasn't "peak action", the cars weren't going fast, blah, blah. It was total BS. One of the reasons I don't hang out here much is I found there was a lot (IMHO) sniping/snarky/trolling/aggresive behavior we see on many different male-dominated internet forums, whether it be digital photography, high-end, sport motorcycles, whatever. I do want to thank you, though, for your thoughtful and measured reply. Based on my past experiences here, I thought I was going to get flamed for this post. Regards, Stephen Hi Art, I didn't post my X-T2 real world, peak action racing images in the Gallery, I posted them in the X-T2 forum because it was literally only days after the camera was released for sale, and I thought folks like to see how it could perform in a tough real-world environment in challenging camera performance scenarios. Over 100 views and zero comments until I made a comment observing that fact. By contrast, on "the original Fuji X forum" there were over 50 comments (some of which were mine adding more content or reply to comments) to effectively the same post. That's what I'm referring as to what I see as not much engagement here. Regards, Stephen
  5. The Fuji X Series site is the first one I found when I bought my first X-cam, a little X10 back in 2012. I don't hang out here much though, and after four years, I think I have figured out why....there are 12-13 dedicated forums for *gear*, and one for...photography, images, projects...you know, photographs. And that forum has far fewer comments and interaction than any of the "gear" forums. All of the other Fuji forum sites have dedicated forums for different genres of photography: landscape, sports, portraiture, urbex, architecture, wildlife, street, etc, etc. The vast majority of posts in the creatively named "Photo Gallery" have, on average, 0-2 comments. I posted some professional motorsports photojournalism photography work on Sept 25 using the just-released X-T2 for real, peak action racing photography thinking folks would be interested in how the new camera would perform in a tough, real-world environment, and not one person commented until I made a comment about that it had over 100 views and not one comment. After that, one person actually replied, and said, yes, the majority of comments here are about gear, not photographs. Sad....
  6. I agree, Dan! I think this is the "magic" that people refer to as to why Fuji files look wonderful, but in a way that is hard to put your finger on...
  7. Hi Richard, Thank you for the reply. Yes, I agree, the majority of posts are much more about gear than making compelling images. I first joined this forum in 2012, but I don't post much here anymore; as mentioned above, I did not find there was much engagement from folks, which is why I hardly ever post here. Yes, Sonoma Raceway is on quite a large piece of property; back in 2004/2005 time-frame, we also had pro mountain bike racing in the hills around the circuit. On the whole, I'm very impressed with the X-T2; it is quite a significant jump in performance over the X-T1, which was no slouch for general photography. And yes, I think it will replace my Canon pro gear. I think the last race I shot with my Canon pro gear, the NASCAR Save-Mart 300, will be the last. Regarding the gig, yes I shoot for the track, they use my images for press releases, publication in the local papers, and their media/programs/advertising. Most of the other photographers use Canon or Nikon pro gear. I'm the only Fuji user (at this point in time). BTW, I very much enjoyed your shots from Bodie. I've been there a number of times, and love photographing there. You might recognize some of these.... Cheers, Stephen
  8. Interesting. 118 views, not one reply. I knew there was a reason I hardly ever post here....no engagement from the community.
  9. I shot my last professional motorsports race of the year this last weekend with my newly arrived X-T2 plus the power booster grip. By way of some background: I've shot professional motorsports for 13 years with professional accreditation, everything from CART, IRL, American LeMans, Rolex Prototypes, AMA and World Superbike and MotoGP, etc. I was one of the official track photographers for Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca for 6 years, and now shoot for Sonoma Raceway. This race is the ultimate round of the Indy Car Championship series held at Sonoma Raceway, Sept 16-18, 2016. Thought you'd like to see how things turned out. I shot from practice on Friday all the way through the race on Sunday with just the Fuji instead of my pro Canon 1D-series body. I came away with a much better understanding of the camera and it capabilities. I really stressed the AF system with it's ability to acquire, track and hold autofocus. This was a good test because these cars are going MUCH faster than cars on the street or sports cars on public roads. Sebastian Bourdais in the Bus Stop chicane James Hinchcliffe Tony Kanaan Juan Pablo Montoya Will Power Spencer Pigot Ryan Hunter-Reay exiting Turn 2 Simon Pagenaud claimed pole during Qualifying. This image was used by the track for its press release. Graham Rahal smokin' down into Turn 11 at full speed... Will Power in turn 7 during the race...
  10. Eastern Sierra, California

    These and the Tetons photos were taken in the second and third weeks of October.
  11. Eastern Sierra, California

    You have a remarkable ability to capture the moment. Now I have another place I have to see !!! Long way from New Zealand, but looks like worth the effort. Thanks, Bigpiet. Appreciate the feedback. I would love to get to NZ someday... The Eastern Sierra and Mono Lake are definitely worth a trip. You can do it in the same trip for the Grand Tetons! ;-)
  12. The Fuji X-cams visit the Grand Tetons, Wyoming

    Amazing shots. If I had to pick one favourite here (difficult) it would be the fourth one, with the fenceline giving a great lead-in. Thank you for posting these great images. Dogwalker, yes, the fourth one is one of my favorites from this trip, also.
  13. The Fuji X-cams visit the Grand Tetons, Wyoming

    Bigpiet, Thank you for the kind words. Yes, you should go to Jackson, WY and see the Tetons. It is astonishingly beautiful there.
  14. The Fuji X-cams visit the Grand Tetons, Wyoming

    Duns, I have two favorite lenses, the Fuji 14/2.8 and the Fuji 23/1.4. But the lens I use the most is probably the 18-55, which is an excellent lens by any standard (and NOT a "kit lens"; only happened to be originally sold with the XE-1 as a kit). I have to admit that I look at a lot of images thinking they were shot with one of my primes, only to find out it was the 18-55.
  15. The Fuji X-cams visit the Grand Tetons, Wyoming

    Dem, Thanks for the comments and the reply. Here's another image from my trip to the Tetons...