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    Until I recently became ill and very unfit - working my way back - Fell and mountain walking, wild camping, cycling, fishing when I can, and of course, photography since the 1960s. Lifelong Arsenal FC supporter.

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    Fuji Primes, 14mm f2.8, 18mm f2, 23mm f1.4, 35mm f1.4, 60mm f2.4 90mm f2.
    Fuji zooms, 18-55mm OIS, 55-200mm OIS.
    Legacy glass, Minolta 24mm f2.8, Minolta 50mm f2, Minolta 135mm f2.8. Minolta Rokkor 58mm f1.4.
  1. This is not the same as was promised before but a much slimmed down list so I think the rest will come with the promised May update.
  2. An interesting article with enjoyable pictures. I don't think I could be as forward as you to ask to take someone's picture. I did recently of a Rastafarian guy but I've never met a Rasta I didn't get on with. I mostly find myself shooting with either 14mm (blind from the hip) or with 90mm at a distance. The first method includes the environment and enables me to shoot candidly (but not sneakily) without the subject reacting to the camera. The latter although more obvious, allows some space and separates the subject from its surroundings depending on aperture - sometimes it's important to show a hint of the location.
  3. Get onto Fuji about it. This should not happen and I know if it were me I'd be constantly checking and that is just not on. It may be a known weakness with some bodies and Fuji may replace the door and catch for you - maybe even the battery as a sign of good faith.
  4. It was there, then it was gone. It had everything I listed. I haven't seen any further announcements which is strange because the last time this happened (when they found a late bug) they withdrew it and made an announcement to say why. I'm sure it will be back up soon.
  5. Hi Darryl I think some of the functions you are asking for are actually already implemented and others are in the new FW which has disappeared but will will no doubt reappear. I have more to say on your desire for more, more, more in my response to Valdo. Hi Valdo, Your request, to an extent, echoes what I always wanted, which was a no frills Olympus OM1 with a digital sensor. However, anything with a sensor and therefore processing engine, is a computer. What you describe is available and if you want the quality of hi MP sensor then just buy a manual focus/exposure medium format film camera. You say you want "restricted ISO" - restricted to what, and why is it necessary to restrict ISO - in fact falsely crippling the camera since one of the greatest advantages of digital is to be carrying "multiple films speeds and types and colour/BW" in yone body.I do understand that the ISO and dynamic range race seems to be taking over from the MP race but you sound like a purist and at the same time as far from purist as can be. Why not advocate 10X8 glass plate, why indeed remove only 90-95% of features.for an Xpro2. That is simply another camera altogether and it doesn't need to be a Fuji. It simply wouldn't be an X-Pro2 so while I understand your request for a simpler less auto and more user orientated camera (X-Pro1)., your suggestion should be in a thread of its own under the general discussion heading. A purist care would nothing about the camera, only the result. I met a lady on a posting website a few years back and gave her basic tuition and advice on how to use her camera. I set it up for AP exposure gave her a run down on exposure and the relationship between aperture, shutter, focal length, distance and depth of field and not much more. She shoots the same way still and basically knows which end of the camera to look through and calls me if she thinks a new lens is on the cards for any further advice - the rest of the time she is busy earning money from her photography. She is a better photographer than I. She has a photographer's/artist's eye and doesn't need to know the ins and outs. She might almost be as well off with FF scene-based point and shoot. That is a case of someone being able to take pictures who wouldn't without modern auto cameras - digital set free a lot of people in that way. Unfortunately, the same dependence on automation has lowered the general standard of photography. I came to Fuji with the introduction of the XP1 because ti looked as near to my early cameras with complete user control as was possible. I love the external controls rather than menu diving and best of all I like to be able to see my settings without even switching on the camera which I can do with XT1 even more than XP1 especially if I have 14mm or 23mm f1.4 or one of my several old MF lenses fitted. With both these Fuji (and the 16mm f1.4) and old film lenses i can also see distance and DoF scales. As new cameras were mooted and everyone stated their own personal wants I got annoyed at those asking for decent video, then 4K video. I don't use either and felt - and still do feel - that anyone who wanted a video camera should buy one. or one of those still cameras already capable of good video. They should pay for it - not me. Others insisted a tilt screen was necessary which I poo-pooed. Worse of all was users asking for more auto this and auto that and then for overrides and more parameters. It made me mad that these - mainly latecomers to Fuji should come because they liked the cameras but then wanted to make them just like any other camera on the market and worse almost a point and shoot. Always more, more, more. I still feel that way about many of the "wants" and that if users spent more time actually setting the camera for their shots and less in applying then overriding and setting parameters for auto everything they would save time and would have made the picture themselves. It almost seems that people love the Fuji look and the IQ yet can't wait to make like every other camera on the market - I just want to shout - leave my Fujis alone! It's like the Americans and Canadians discovering the great and beautiful natural spectacle of the Niagara falls and shouting, "Wow, that is so beautiful - let's build a city and ruin it." I said earlier that I wanted an OLY OM1 with digital sensor but I now realise my desire for less auto goes only so far and that my wants list is simply shorter than others. - I'm almost 70 and poor health has rendered me far less capable physically. Eyes age - I can no longer focus manually quite as quickly so especially with longer lenses, I need the AF - good AF. I can't get down low for foreground inclusive shots now so that tilt screen is useful too. I still think video has no place in a stills camera but the buying public is split so Fuji has to bow to increase sales. I still dislike all the automation and those that want more auto then want to be able to set parameters and then overrides. I want to shout at them to learn how to shoot your camera instead of letting it do everything and I usually finish of with my customary - when will you be satisfied? - When you have auto-compose and can send the camera out on its own? Darryl - on your point about whether Fuji reads these columns - I can't say for sure but I suspect they do have people trawl through the Fuji based websites. Recently on another forum the OP asked about a bubble-like mark on the glass of his new lens and was advised to send it to Fuji. He then phoned Fuji to ask what he should do and the guy at the other end asked "oh, are you the guy that asked about this on etc" so yes, at least some are followed if only by engineers waiting for work to come in. BTW, it was a bubble and the lens replaced. A rant - but fairly even handed I think. I'm now going for a wipe down with an oily rag and a rest. Vic
  6. Good use of long exposure. I wonder how it would change with an even longer exposure. Vic
  7. Interesting. It saves carrying the tele-converter as a "just in case" and really does increase the usefulness of this fixed lens camera.
  8. Is that not the same as cropping in computer?
  9. X-T2 version 2.00 & X-Pro2 version 3.00 – due late March 2017 1. Shooting RAW in Bracketing and Advanced Filters The update enables you to use the RAW format when shooting not only in AE Bracketing but also in other Bracketing modes (ISO, Dynamic Range, White Balance, Film Simulaitons) and also in Advanced Filter modes. 2. Extended ISO 125 and 160 selectable The update adds ISO125 and ISO160 to extended ISO levels available. 3. Programmable long exposure of up to 15 minutes Long exposure in the T mode currently goes only up to 30 seconds. The update will allow users to extend it up to 15 minutes. 4. ON/OFF for 1/3-step shutter speed adjustment (X-T2 only – already in X-Pro2) The update allows you to turn off the Command Dial’s function to adjust shutter speed by 1/3 steps in order to prevent unintended adjustments. 5. Full-range ISO adjustments with the Command Dial (X-T2 only) With the update, set the ISO “A” position to “Command” to adjust ISO sensitivity across the full range, including extended ISOs, with the Front Command Dial. 6. “AUTO” setting added for the minimum shutter speed in the ISO Auto setting The update adds an AUTO option for the minimum shutter speed in the ISO Auto setting, that allows the camera to automatically define the minimum shutter speed according to the focal length of the lens attached. 7. Faster “Face Detection AF” The update enables the use of Phase Detection AF for faster performance in Face Detection AF. 8. Improved in-focus indication in the AF-C mode The update reduces focus hunting in the AF-C mode, making it easier to track a subject. 9. Addition of a smaller Focus Point size in Single Point AF The update adds a smaller Focus Point size in Single Point AF, bringing the total number of available sizes to six. The new smallest size facilitates pin-point focusing. 10. Addition of “AF Point Display” (X-Pro2 only – already on X-T2) With the update, you can choose to have AF Points constantly displayed in Zone AF and Wide / Tracking AF, making it easier to track a subject. 11. Addition of “AF-C Custom Setting” (X-Pro2 only – already on X-T2) The update adds “AF-C Custom Setting” for specifying focus-tracking characteristics. Choose from five presets according to your subject’s type of movements. 12. Addition of “Portrait / Landscape AF Mode Switching” (X-T2 only) The update allows you to specify separate AF mode and AF point settings for portrait orientation and landscape orientation. 13. Change of focus frame position while enlarging it The update allows you to move the position of focus frame while enlarging it in Single Point in the AF-S mode or in the Manual Focus 14. Activation of the Eye Sensor in video recording (X-T2 only) The update allows you to use the Eye Sensor during video recording to automatically switch between EVF and LCD. 15. Change of ISO sensitivity during video recording (X-T2 only) The update allows you to change ISO setting during video recording. 16. Re-autofocusing in video recording With the update, half-press the Shutter Release button or press the button assigned to “AF-ON” function during video recording to re-do autofocusing. 17. Display live histogram during video recording (X-T2 only) The update allows you to display a live histogram during video recording. 18. Optimization of external microphone’s input level (X-T2 only) The update optimizes external microphone’s input level (lower limit revised from -12dB to 20dB) to reduce white noise when an external microphone with preamp is connected. 19. Addition of “Eye Sensor + LCD Image Display” in the View Mode The update gives the “Eye Sensor + LCD Image Display” option in the View Mode that allows you to shoot through the viewfinder and check images on the LCD, just as you would with an SLR. 20. Shorter EVF display time-lag (X-Pro2 only – already in X-T2) The update shortens EVF’s display time-lag in the AF-C mode so that you will not miss a photo opportunity. 21. Constant “Dual” mode display (X-T2 only) With the update, the small window in the Dual mode stays on even when you half-press the shutter release button. 22. Automatic vertical GUI for LCD (X-T2 only) With the update, when you hold the camera in the portrait orientation, the camera will automatically display the GUI on the LCD in the same orientation. 23. Name Custom Settings The update allows you to assign a specific name to Custom Settings 1 – 7. 24. Copyright information in EXIF data The update allows you to register the photographer’s name and the copyright holder’s name in advance so that the camera automatically adds the information to EXIF data for each image. 25. Voice Memo function The update enable you to record 30-second “Voice Memo” clips in the Playback mode. 26. Extended AE Bracketing The update extends AE Bracketing from the current 3 frames +/-2EV to up to 9 frames +/-3EV. 27. Addition of “Shoot Without Card” mode With the update, you can have the “Shoot Without Card” mode turned OFF so that the camera can not shoot when there is no SD card inserted. X-T2 version 2.10 & X-Pro2 version 3.10 – late May 2017 28. Support for computer tethering via Wi-Fi (X-T2 only) The update adds support for computer tethering via Wi-Fi. 29. Addition of “All” AF mode (X-T2 only) With the update, select “All” in the AF mode so that you can select the AF mode and Focus Area size by only using the Command Dial. 30. Function extension for “Shutter AF” and “Shutter AE” (X-T2 only) With the update, you can specify different settings for AF-S and AF-C in “Shutter AF” and for AF-S / MF and AF-C in “Shutter AE.” 31. Addition of “-6” and “-7” to EVF’s brightness setting Additional options of “-6” and “-7” to the “EVF Brightness” setting so that, even in an extremely low-light condition, the brightness of the EVF does not distract you from shooting. 32. Switchover of the main and sub displays in the Dual Display mode (X-T2 only) The update allows you to switch between the main and sub displays in the Dual Display mode. 33. Function assignment to the Rear Command Dial With the update, you can assign a specific function to be activated when the Rear Command Dial is pressed.
  10. You might consider the Samyang/Rokinon/Bower 12mm f2. It is manual focus but at such a wide angle there is not much focusing to do. You may then be able to afford an XT1 and both 23mm and 35mm lenses.
  11. Otherwise known as the oldies joint saver.
  12. 2 firmware updates coming. One March, Another scheduled for May for X-Pro2 and X-T2 - 33 improved features expected inc. extended bracketing (maximum of 9 shots in total) updates for the AF system copyright info to exif improved video functionality viewfinder enhancements GUI change many others
  13. Although I personally don't like the too small size of the X-T20 there isn't really any such thing as balancing a camera/lens unless it's being used in P&S fixed lens mode with a hand either side - or heaven forbid one-handed. It's okay to use it like that with the shorter lenses and with 27/18 mm there is not much choice but with lenses from the 18-55 upwards the right hand should be holding the camera with finger on shutter while the left hand supports the lens and makes aperture and focus adjustments as necessary - even in full auto mode this is a natural way to shoot. If a long heavy lens such as 50-140 or 100-400 or 3rd party long lens then it should be mounted and carried by the lens foot/lens tripod mount not the by the camera body. You can use all the Fuji lenses including the long ones quite safely on the X-T20. A handgrip might give you more confidence. People either love the 27mm for its compact size and sharpness and even for it's (to me slightly in between) focal length I dislike it not having an aperture ring or scales and its lowly aperture. I'm not a lover of the 18mm either though and yet the pairing of these two are perhaps the ideal walkabout twin set for cities. The zoom is also a good walkaround and a time saver but zooms are not as nice to use as primes IMO. My personal choice is 14mm, 23mm and 60. sometimes the 90mm is called for and then I substitute the 60 for a Minolta 50mm. My once favoured and still loved 35mm f1.4 is spending too much time in the draw these days. Many newcomers to Fuji - and existing users - are taken with the new slightly smaller f2 trio of 23, 35 and the new 50mm. All I can say about those - and other lenses - is avoid collecting "sets" of lenses. Think about what you actually need and will actually use. maybe a lens wider than you currently have covered with the zoom. Maybe, a fast option or one slightly longer with a faster aperture for portraits and detail shots. The wider might be 14mm f2.8 or 16mm f1.4 or 10-24 f4 zoom. My preference is still the 14mm but for you, might the 16mm f1.4 be both wider and faster option? Is the price too much? Then how about the Samyang 12mm f2 (in Fuji fit so no adapter). MF of course but a 12mm hardly needs focusing - focus at 5ft f5.6 and everything from your toes to inf will be sharp. The 12mm f2 is also one of the best for astro photography. Samyang have several fast lenses in Fuji fit now, all MF though. Next would be Fuji 23mm f2 and later 50mm f2 - note the approx doubling of focal lengths 12, 23, 50. I repeat though, only buy what you need and don't buy stopgaps save for what will be your ideal lens. Systems should be built around the best lenses because you will always be updating bodies every couple of models.
  14. Tilt screen? I hope the size and shape is the same as XE1/2 though. The XT20 is 10° wide and that's just too small for me and many others.
  15. Hi Sweeze, as I've said before - people don't bother to post saying "my new Fuji is behaving as well as advertised" or "as well as expected". They (understandably post when something goes (apparently) wrong. It is easy to get a completely false idea of how an item of gear is performing. How about posting some picture to swing things the other way? Vic Edit: I see you already have - is that from the X100F?