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  1. I also love that wide focal length of the Rokinon lens. The interior lighting really is special here. Great designers.
  2. So will you ship to the USA?
  3. Amazing work. One of those rare photos that speaks for itself.
  4. How did you get the frame and your name at the bottom?
  5. Love the natural lighting. It adds so much character to the shot.
  6. I agree with Ost....looks like an oil painting. Just beautiful how you were able to make it look that way.
  7. Wow. This picture really makes me want to take off down the road and just high tail it outta here!!
  8. Great job.
  9. Yes the Astia simulator is great. How did you get this shot? Did you use a softbox or white reflector to get the even, shadowless lighting? Great job by the way.
  10. Wow! That was an awesome motion picture (literally) of a wedding - beginning to end. Not entirely convinced however that the camera is to be thanked as much as the talent of the photographer. It takes real world experience to shoot like that and the talent is definitely there. Great job!
  11. Great lighting and pose!
  12. That's stock picture quality! A case where you had your camera ready at the right place/time. Totally love this shot.
  13. Love the lighting. Was it natural or lit by you? Makes me want to sit down, start playing, and getting that glass jar filled up!!
  14. Will trade for Amazon gift code. No expiration.