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    XF18-55, XF55-200, Legacy OM lenses, various M4/3 lenses
  1. Recommend some Canon FD lenses

    Sometimes these old lenses have limited range on the focus. I know the Industar I have could not focus closer than 15ft until I took it apart and removed the focus stop. Now it focusses right down to 1cm but if you aren't careful you can unscrew the entire lens assembly. 🤔
  2. Recommend some Canon FD lenses

    I've had a Canon FD 50mm f1.4 for some time. Cost me around £60 and £10 for the K&F adapter. Last time I visited West Yorkshire Cameras in the acorn Exchange in Leeds I picked up a 1.4x multiplier and a set of 3 extension tubes for £1 each in the 'junk' box. FD is a great format if you are into manual lens photography.
  3. Canon FD Adapters

    I use that lens with the K&F concept £10 adapter. Think the lens was £60 or so from West Yorkshire Cameras in the Corn Exchange in Leeds. Awesome combination. Full aperture control from the on lens ring as AdamW describes.
  4. Interesting Observation...

    Hmm. No sooner do I say this they launch the X-T20! I shall need to hang on to my nerve and wait a good nine months I think.

    Well as an X-T10 owner, I am excited for this. I can certainly see myself upgrading before the end of the year as by then I will have had my '10' for two and a half years and I could justify a body upgrade to myself. I am in no other hurry to upgrade so will happily let others work out the bugs and wait for the first firmware update before I make the switch.
  6. X-Pro2 First Lens

    +1 to this. The XF18-55 is not your typical 'kit lens' at all. And if you bought it with your new body, you would get an even better deal on it.
  7. Interesting Observation...

    @scharfsj I was the person who commented on your race photos. I think I had just returned from my holiday at the time and missed your original post but picked it up when you commented on the lack of comments. Or maybe it was because I had just passed through Sonoma and noticed the thread title. As a non professional photographer, I sometimes feel intimidated making anything more than a comment on how a photograph looks or makes me feel. Being honest, I felt you posted too many similar shots for a generalist (i.e. non-racing) website. I would have preferred to see and comment on your three or four favourites. Or to see reasons why you thought each one was worth including in the thread. In my Bodie thread, which I see you read and commented on, thanks, I just shared a couple of my favourite shots and provided a link to a gallery of the rest. I think people get daunted by a huge set of shots. I didn't really comment on your photos, for the reason I gave above. I can't really give technical feedback to a pro. But I called out the picture I liked most, the one of Ryan Hunter-Reay. i liked it because the car was leaning heavily into the corner and really looked like it was moving fast, and there was space on the left of the shot for it to move into. It really gave me the best sense of speed and movement of all the cornering shots you shared. If I'm honest, most of the other shots could have been of stationary cars and they would not have looked much different. The tight cropping was maybe a reason for that, and maybe you did that to show how good the focus was. The shot directly above Ryan Hunter-Reay, a classic side on shot showing motion blur, was my second favourite, as again it gave me a sense of speed and engagement with the photo, but the shot was still too tightly cropped for me, it needed space around it to give it a sense of movement, which is why the other was my favourite overall. Not being a connoisseur of racing, it maybe that your shots fall into a style that is expected in that sport, and therefore I may be missing something about the framing and emotion. Or it may be that, as you say, your choice of shot was based on giving a clear idea of the capability of the X-T2 - something of little interest to me. Technically, they were all great shots. I have nothing to add on that. On the subject of this thread, I have a couple of points to make... 1. I really like this forum, it is civilised, has respectful and helpful members and is not pushing kit at you all the time. 2. Having said that, like you, I really would like there to be a lively area where we can share our favourite images for frank and honest discussion. I thrive on constructive criticism and would really appreciate it from some of the members here. I think Flickr is too fast moving and dominated by a few vocal and sometimes unpleasant cliques. I have been an infrequent visitor for a few months due to being busy starting a new job, spending time on my electronic music hobby and, <shocker> having settled on a camera body and set of lenses I am really happy with. I would be here a lot more often if we had more discussion on photos. Maybe a shot clinic thread/forum?
  8. Canon FD legacy lens and a question

    These are both great shots for me. The birds and feeders are beautifully rendered and sharp. I would argue that the difference in cost between an X-T2 and X-Pro2 is modest when you consider it over the length of time you will keep the camera. Worst thing would be to save a couple of hundred quid on the body and then regret it for years. It's a bit like buying a laptop - you generally cant upgrade them so it's always best to stretch yourself once every few years and buy the best you can. I love legacy glass and use a Canon FD 50mm f1.4 for modest tele and portrait work. Massive bang for the buck. I also recently just picked up a Carl Zeiss Flektogon 35mm f2.4 which is making an awesome walk around lens, although as you say the light, until today, has been pretty grotty recently in the UK. Please keep us up to date with your adventures with this lens. I'm interested in the teleconverter too. Thinking about what a 2x on with my 50mm would give me. P.S. I agree with you about K&F Concept. I have FD, OM, M39 and M42 adapters and they are all quality items at £10-£15 each.
  9. Upgrade to X-T2 or keep X-T10

    The XF27mm is a great lens. I have that for when I want compact and full auto. But I prefer my Industar 28mm M39 mount more because it is so tiny and really forgiving. The roughly 40mm equivalent focal length seems to suit me too. And it forces me to go manual.
  10. Anyone tried Luminar yet?

    Typical, I spend the best part of a year deciding what to move on to from Apple iPhoto, Snapseed and Pixelmator, finally settling on a Creative Cloud photography subscription, and then something new comes along. I'm not actually tempted, and quite frankly, some of the enhancements that the website implies you can achieve are just unbelievable. Take a look at what it thinks you can do with a GoPro snap for instance. Also, the video shows you replacing skies wholesale, completely altering the lighting of an entire shot and similar extreme editing. This is all fine for creating art I suppose, but for me personally, a photograph is supposed to capture what I was looking at, with maybe some modest enhancements. But I am interested to hear if anyone has given it a trial.
  11. Upgrade to X-T2 or keep X-T10

    I have the X-T10 and I love it. For walk around street work I fit a £10 K&F concepts M39 adapter and screw on an Industar 28mm lens which cost me around £35. This is a very cheap and compact combination and capable of great work. Take a look at this thread (link in there to gallery), some of the colour and all the black and white were taken with the X-T10 and Industar lens. For take everywhere, I looked at a number of compacts but the Canon G5X gives me everything I need, from a useful zoom range, electronic viewfinder, articulated touch screen and whatnot. It literally goes almost everywhere with me. It took most of the colour shots in the Bodie gallery. Note nearly all of those Bodie shots are currently straight out of either camera.
  12. Bodie California with X-T10

    @MadDogHe he. Living in Florida, you're a lot closer to Yosemite than me. I live in Yorkshire, England. Yosemite tips: Book early. Accommodation fills up fast. Travel before August if you want to see the waterfalls. They dry up by middle of August. I have been at the end of April, when they are spectacular, and in early July, when they were still great. This trip, in September, they were either dry or just trickles. ATVs will not be welcome in Yosemite and Bodie, as they are carefully managed and preserved locations, although I am sure there will be places nearby where you can 'rip it up'. The giant redwoods at Mariposa Grove, Yosemite, are inaccessible at the moment as the whole site is being refurbished. There are similar stands of trees further South I believe at the Sequoia and Kings Canyon NP. Yosemite is massive. The central valley, where everyone goes, is just a small percentage of the park. Make sure you plan your visit as it takes a long time to get anywhere by road. For example, driving from the valley bottom to Glacier Point will take around an hour. I will be organising my photos in stages, beginning with the Bodie ones. Yosemite will be next but I might not post any for a month or two yet.
  13. I hear you. This site seems to be more about the hardware than the end product. There are an awful lot of members but very few regular posters. On my recent holiday we drove from Napa down to San Francisco right past the Sonoma Raceway. Must have been just after this weekend, I think it was Thursday 22nd September. We had no idea the place was big enough for this type of race. Your pics are great, my favourite is the one of Ryan Hunter-Reay. Are you impressed with the X-T2? Do you think it will replace your Canon? You must have been confident if you left the Canon at home for this shoot? Was it a professional gig or just for your own pleasure? What do the other photographers use? Any other Fuji users?
  14. Bodie California with X-T10

    Thanks @MadDog for the feedback. Most appreciated. Just a couple of point in response. 95% of these shots are straight out of the camera, either the Fuji or the Canon. I have not edited them yet. Some may lend themselves to a little grain, but I tend to do very light editing. I tend to do 90% of the work in camera and by pointing it in the right direction. To this end, I fitted the X-T10 with an old Russian Industar 28mm lens, hoping it would add some character of it's own. I soon tired of manually focussing it though, as I had limited time and lots to shoot, so set it at F11, hence the sharpness on many shots. if you have any favourites and would like to play with editing them, let me know and I will happily send you the original files, so I can see what you would do with them. Secondly, we visited Bodie whilst driving in a day from south of Yosemite, over the Tioga Pass and on the Lake Tahoe, in itself, around a six hour journey. Bodie is a ten mile drive up a dead end road, then 3 miles along a dirt track. You then have to retrace your steps back to the highway. All of this added another hour to the journey time. So we didn't get much choice as to the time of day and length of time we had there. We arrived around 3pm and left around 5:30pm. It was still quite bright and harsh when we arrived, being high desert and clear skies. Around 4pm some cloud developed and I tried to use it to get some atmosphere from shadows over the mine. I too, a few shots as the shadow moved over it and prefer the last one. Bodie closes at 6pm so sticking around was not an option. i would definitely love to revisit Bodie one day, and may look for other similar locations on that trip. I do rather love abandoned places. Thanks again for looking and feeding back. ..Richard
  15. The death of Bayer?

    Could not resist, sorry. Didn't edit though, just used a web app.