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  1. weisgrau added a post in a topic SOLD!!! Nikon WC E68 Wide Angle Converter for X10 and X20   


    Email sent in reply with info.
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  2. weisgrau added a post in a topic Portraits of the famous   

    Wonderful portraits. Thanks for letting us know about them.
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  3. weisgrau added a post in a topic Jojo   

    Good shot. I wonder what it would look like in b&w.

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  4. weisgrau added a post in a topic Bhutan - Experience and Suggestions?   

    I do not know much about Bhutan an nothing bout the Festival. I did check US State Dept.'s advisories. Seem like a relatively safe place to visit. You can check that here: http://travel.state.gov/travel/cis_pa_tw/cis/cis_1068.html#safety
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  5. weisgrau added a post in a topic New X10 with old serial number/sensor   

    Yes, it is good news. It means you camera has the newer sensor that does not have the white orb problem of the older sensors.
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  6. weisgrau added a post in a topic Introduction   


    Welcome to the clan.

    Nice photos.

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  7. weisgrau added a post in a topic Reflective Pools [x10, water, mirror, wilderness]   

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  8. weisgrau added a post in a topic Finally got over my bad habit   

    I too have your 'film days' habit. I learned to shoot on a Speed Graphic with 4x5 cut film and a Rolleiflex with 120 roll film. When I started shooting 35mm film I was used to taking the time to select my shot and shoot a minimal number of frames. I only shot more when covering action like news and sports. With digital I still do the same. I prefer to select the best shot with my vision and then capture it with the camera rather than shoot many photos and then sort through them for the best shot. It was never a matter of cost for me as clients paid for the film and processing. It was and still is a matter of my creative philosophy: "The art is in in the photographer's selection of view to be photographed rather than in the selection of the image by the editor."
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  9. weisgrau added a post in a topic DPreview article - What to consider when buying a camera for street photography   

    I read the article. I think it is uninformed writing. Kim borrows ideas about the psychological perspective of choice, and he rehashes ideas about camera choice. It is a fluff piece with a lot of unimpressive advice. What bothers me most is that the fellow has no credentials to offer such advice. It's a classic example of the crap that gets published on the Internet because website editors do not have the expertise to properly edit.
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  10. weisgrau added a post in a topic Lenses to take for a trip to the Grand Canyon   

    Years ago I photographed the Grand Canyon on assignment. I took a an assortment of lenses from ultra wide to long. I agree with veejaycee's comments above. The ultra wide shots lacked impact. I did that job in the film era using 35mm gear. I'd say that my best shots were made with lenses from 35mm through 200mm.
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  11. weisgrau added a post in a topic EXR mode on X10: what do you think?   

    I experimented with EXR mode when I got my X10. I shot using it in different lighting situations from very dim and low contrast to bright and high contrast. After evaluating the results I decided not to use it. It tended to set ISO to high and shutter speed too high also. It sacrificed depth of field and noise levels to meet EXR's preferences. I can understand that Fuji programmed EXR that way to accommodate the user who knows little about technique and its affect on IQ.
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  12. weisgrau added a post in a topic Fuzzy eye syndrome...   

    Let me start by stating that I have no expertise in this matter. My thoughts are based upon personal experience and the thoughts (rather than professional opinion) of my optometrist.

    A few years ago (before I retired) I added a Lumix (µ4/3) GH1 and a couple lenses to my kit. My regular gear was Nikon DSLRs (D100, D200, D300s, D700). I was impressed with the GH1 and its EVF. As a pro shooting editorial, news, and sports, I quickly learned about the deficiencies of the EVF, that is, the Refresh Rate. The EVF has to reconstruct the image constantly, and it lags behind the real time evolution of the scene. I had to drop the Lumix gear for the kind of in-action work I was doing. It is great for other kinds of work.

    I continued to use the GH1 for non=action shooting. I began to feel some eye strain after a heavy shooting day. Thinking my eyes needed a look at by my optometrist I went to see him. He is an avid amateur photographer(really very good). He found nothing wrong with my eyes. Since he understood about EVF v. OVF v. Reflex he offered these thoughts:

    The EVF has to constantly refresh the image. That means the image constantly changing. He speculated (citing that there is no scientific proof) that the refreshing process might be causing some strain on my eyes. I have been blessed with great vision, and he speculated that the acute sensitivity of my eyes might make the EVF refreshing noticeable and thus causing strain. He was clear that this was a guess not a professional opinion.

    I sold off the Lumix gear and never had a problem thereafter. today, retired and shooting much, much less, I use an X10. I mostly use the OVF. I use the LCD when I have time to compose carefully. I have no eye strain problems.

    Best of luck as you try to pin down the cause.
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  13. weisgrau added a post in a topic X 100 in the desert   

    True. Best tool is an ear syringe with a big air bulb.
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  14. weisgrau added a post in a topic X 100 in the desert   

    You make a valid point. The 'stickies' can be avoided by spraying the first part of the burst away from the camera. I would never use compressed air to clean a lens. I was suggesting it a way to blow desert sand off the body.
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  15. weisgrau added a post in a topic Name these 3 cameras and brand of flash !   

    The left and center center cameras look like Speed or Crown Graphics. The one on the right does not. It looks l=more like a Linhoff. It is hard to tell exactly because the definition in the photo is so poor.
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