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  1. More shots fro the Peter Coulson shoot day
  2. A shot from a Peter Coulson shoot I did recently
  3. Rang Fuji Aust.... my problem was not dragging the folder to the formatted SD card....DOH.... I was trying to drag it to the desktop... Thanks Neil at Fuji Aust for the heads up... Steve
  4. I have tried to do the latest XT2 upgrade but when I download the file the folder stays white and I can't see the update . . using a MAC with OS 10.10.5 . . Any ideas what I am doing wrong . . ? Cheers Steve
  5. Hire an XT1 for the trip... you must still have the lenses I guess.... do your trip... wait to see when the XT2 surfaces.... I guess Kiwi is asking why did you sell the XT1 in the first place.... ?
  6. I like this set of shots.. couple of weird angles, but that's the reportage style, Im sure the couple will love them, think you captured the fun and celebration that we all want weddings to be, I like the lack of formal posed shots...
  7. I have a similar issue... going to Sri Lanka... My kit at this stage is going to be an XT1 and an 18-55 zoom, a 35mm for low light and my X100s. I travelled to Denmark and Norway last year and only took my X100s... It did everything stunningly well with a wide angle adapter and I'm guessing this may well again be the case on this trip. I have reviewed the metadata from previous trips and what was my most used focal length... came out it was 35mm... so I am gearing up around that info and my preferred shooting style... I think if you check out the data, your answer is there... Though a Fuji kit is hardly a heavy burden is it... I can carry my whole travel kit including a flash in one unobtrusive bag... Cheers Steve
  8. That's brilliant... dont know why I didn't think of that... Will give it a go... many thanks Steve
  9. I read the XT1/XT10 update . . . looks very promising . . The 55-200 struggles at the long end of the range against confusing bg's . . but when I use it for surfography, it has no problem . . I think I have to be more conscious of what I shoot and what is in the bg that might confuse the auto focus system. I have borrowed an older nikon zoom to do some tests this weekend, but I feel I already know the answer.
  10. I have an 55-200 XF, but just find it so slow to auto focus, and manually is just useless. I plan to sell this lens very soon. I dont want to spend huge dollars on the new 50-140 so thought I could experiment with the legacy equipment . . would the 50-230 auto focus any better than the 55-200...?
  11. Im still a bit concerned about the new firware being able to focus track effectivly with my 55-200 . . specially with things like kids playing soccer etc . . getting very excited about testing this out . . if it works, my XT1 will be a keeper.
  12. Very sharp... We're these taken with the 50 - 140....?
  13. I have the 56.... Also a beautiful lens to use... focus can get lost, but it's generally pretty good... I think after the update is done the 14,35,56 will absolutely shine... I have a friend who uses the A6000 and it seems to perform tracking very well.. But I just don't like their cameras.... and am not willing to sell my hard earned Fuji system for a new one... judging by Dans X-T10 review and the new firmware, My hopes are high... maybe an X-T10 is the way to go....?