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  1. Hey y'all, I was shopping around and noticed the rediculous low prices on the Xe1 used market and was wondering who here still uses an Xe1? I used to own one but sold it right when the X-T1 was released. Although the Xe1 served me well the T1 was leaps better. But now I'm thinking of picking up a E1 since they are selling for so low. Has the latest firrmware updates affected the performance(not sure what version it's up to)? And would you still recommend it or is it worth spending the extra couple hundred for a second hand Xe2? Anyways would love to hear from you E1 users out there if there are any. Take care!
  2. I think i may do what you said.. However now is the time to sell my T if i decide to go for the F. lol ahhh decisions. thanks for the reply
  3. Hello Bjorn, My question is if the new X sensor on the X100F make the lens any better than before? I have a x100T and debating upgrading to a F. If the sensor makes it a better lens (as far as sharpness and quality) then I may do it. Let me know what you think.
  4. Thanks Chris!!! I flew into Tokyo visited friends in Yokohama. Our stops were Shizuoka Prefecture and Lake Yamanaka, we then went to Kanazawa, Kyoto and Okinawa. This was my second time to Japan and the exchange rate was not as good as the first, This time $1 = 100yen. vs $1 = 110 yen the first time. As far as the X-Pro 2 the form factor is nice however. I did not like the EVF it was way too small, smaller than my x100t evf and the viewing angles were horrible. lastly the Iso dial slowed me way down. The X-Pro 2 is an amazing camera but for me it just didnt work. Thanks!!
  5. Thank you, I appreciate the kind words. I have so much love for Japan.. And I would highly recommend you visiting whenever you get a chance..
  6. Hey Everyone, This summer I spent 15 days in Japan. I took a X-Pro2 , X-T1 with the Xf23mm, Xf 18-55 & XC 50-230. I had purchased the X-Pro 2 for this trip, I used it for the first few days and didn't end up liking it. So I used my X-T1 for the remainder of the trip and Loved it!! Here is my photographic journey through this beautiful country. Enjoy! Japan 2016 - Gallery
  7. still available. 7.19
  8. Hello Everyone, I am selling my Fujifilm X-Pro 2. I purchased this camera for my summer vacation trip that I just returned from. I thought that I would like the rangefinder style of this camera but after shooting with it the first few days I ended up leaving it in my camera bag for the remainder of the trip and stuck to the X-T1 as my main shooter. This camera has approximately 300 shutter counts or less and is in like new condition. I would say "Mint" but I somehow managed to get a small nick on the top edge of the camera when one of my lenses came loose in my bag, this is nothing major that doesn't affect performance and everything else is new as expected. The screen has had a JJC LCD Guard Film on it since day 1. I purchased this from a grey market vendor for $1599 I'm asking $1500 for it. It comes with original box with all accessories. I will also include free shipping to the US only. I decided to list it on here before I list it on ebay figuring it could go to one of the many talented photographers on this site. I have a 100% seller rating on you can look me up under rivers5757. I would appreciate payment through the send friends/family option on paypal, this will help me save on fees. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask ill be happy to help. -Ismael Rios
  9. Hey Bruno, I have just about the same setup as you. I also had an X100t along with my X-t1 body and lenses. I never thought I would want to pick up the Xf 23mm 1.4. However I recently got the chance to rent one for a wedding I did because I let my second shooter use my x100t. And WOW its an amazing lens. I recently picked up a mint used copy for $525 at that price it comes in way under the 100t with the extra stops of light. I think it comes down to your budget and if you want to have a range finder style body or stick to your X-t1 . Hope this helps.
  10. @veejaycee You hit the nail on the head with this post.. I totally agree..
  11. Enjoy it!! it is a fantastic lens.. Unfortunatly for me I sold my 35 1.4 version to buy the f2. However I missed my 1.4 so much that I ended up buying it once again.. I guess it isnt such a bad thing to have 2 35mm lenses. I found a crazy deal on a minty used one.
  12. @Christopher Hi Christopher, Yes I have upgraded the firmware for both the camera and the lens.. Still not much change in results. @veejaycee I have tried making the focus box smaller. I have also changed between the amount of focus points available. However this shouldnt really be the deciding factor in speed difference between cameras. I always shoot with the largest focus box on the XT-1 and it is still faster than the smallest/largest box on the xpro2. @JMA No problem I hope it helped. The HFV noise in the X100 series cameras are still much quieter than the pro 2. The x100 has a smooth swosh type sound as the pro 2 has more of a flick sound, the best way I can describe is that it sounds just as loud as the electronic shutter sound. But you are right its not a deal breaker. Im looking forward to using it on this trip. Ill keep you posted on my further thoughts .. thanks guys!
  13. Hey! OK here it is.. The camera first off feels really amazing in the hands.. It just sits perfectly without a hand grip, Its kind of weird but its very comfortable. The camera is quirky.. I can care less for the optical view finder as I never use them unless its a dslr. However the Evf is ok, I feel like the eye hole could of been larger like the x100t. It feels like the 100t has a larger EVF possibly due to the larger eyesight hole. However I can get used to it. With that being said the X-T1 EVF for me takes the cake.. Its just so much more comfortable to shoot with. The HVF is very noisy also.. Every time the sensor activates movement to the viewfinder if you have it set to evf or if you switch between ovf/evf with the lever it will click over the options and its a Loud click, louder than the X100t. The next thing I noticed is that it seems to me that the Pro2 has a slightly slower auto focus and not as responsive as the X-T1. The T1 seems to be that much snappier and consistent vs the pro2. Im not sure what it is maybe I have some setting off but I feel like the pro 2 is a tad slower than the X-T1. For example, I've had the 35mm f2 on both cameras and it tends to hunt a bit more on the Pro2 than the Xt1. Lastly the Shutter release button with a soft release screwed on feels a bit shaky.. There seems to be a bit more give on it vs the x100t. But this is minimal. Other than that I like the cam. Please note that im not in any way knocking the Xpro2.. I have owned a X-Pro1 and I can tell you the pro 2 is way beyond what the pro 1 was. However for the amount of money the Pro2 costs I feel there has been a few (Minor) things that were overlooked. These are just my first impressions. I bought it for my upcoming trip to Japan later this month. The trip will help me decide if I should keep it or sell it when I return home. Thanks for reading. Id appreciate any help or comments.
  14. I just sold my xpro1 to a close friend and used the money to fund a X-Pro 2.. I got a crazy deal on one so I figured ill keep it until the X-T2 is announced and if its for me selling the pro2 for the T2 then ill do it. If not then hey the Xpro 2 it is.