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  1. I am selling a mint condition Fujifilm 35mm F2 WR lens - Comes with original Box and Lens Caps. I'm also including the B+W 43mm UV Haze Lens Filter($20 value). Lens has hardly been used. Everything is in Mint Condition!! Asking $360 Ships from California I have a very very good reputation and 100% rating on eBay. My Seller name on ebay is Rivers5757 if you want to look it up. I will accept payment through PayPal Buyer Pays for Shipping $10
  2. Hey, Guys just wanted to post this and let you know that I just got my Meike X-T2 grip for my X-T2. I was looking for a third party handgrip because the OEM Fuji grips are ridiculously priced. And the current third party grips that are available look cheap and cheesy. I saw this Meike was new on Amazon so I gave it a go @ $45 it looks just like the OEM XT-2 model. The build quality is solid and it feels great, the grip also works as a tripod plate! The Grip part is made of plastic, not rubber, I like this because it looks like it can hold up very well long term. Anyways for the price, this is a must for any XT-2 User. Enjoy. Meike X-T2 Grip www.Ishriosphoto.com XT-2,XT-1,X100T
  3. X-T2 @ DigitalRev

    I actually had to pay the $30 or DHL wouldn't release the package. But I had no problem with it the camera arrived 48 hours after I had ordered from China. Still worth it for me.
  4. X-T2 @ DigitalRev

    Hey guys I'm back with an update on my experience. I was bummed out to find out that there was a $30 fee for international Duties through DHL. I was under the impression that Digitalrev covered the duty fees but they do not, This makes sense why the X-T2 is priced at $1269 bringing the total to $1299(Still not bad!) Otherwise the camera is great! Came in a sealed bag very well packaged with bubble wrap. I haven't had a chance to go shooting with it yet but here are some photos of the XT2 with the 23 1.4 lens. Thanks guys!
  5. X-T2 @ DigitalRev

    I actually owned a X-pro2 I bought it for a trip to Japan, and while it was nice I didn't like the size of the ovf/evf. I felt that the one on the x100t/Xt1 was heaps bigger and more comfortable than the x pro 2. Luckily I also took my XT1 and used that for the remainder of my trip. When I got back I sold the Xpro 2. Wow sounds amazing!!?? Thankfully I have not had to return anything. But from what it sounds like hopefully it's no biggie.
  6. X-T2 @ DigitalRev

    oh man my anticipation level just jumped ten fold!! haha cant wait!
  7. Hey guys hope everyone is doing well. First off I'm super excited because I just ordered myself an X-T2. Being one of the first among my peers in my area to jump into the Fuji ecosystem with the X-E1, X100/S/T & X-T1 I'm excited for this new camera that is on its way! With that being said I ordered it from Digitalrev.com this will be my third order from them over the span of 4 years, I live in Orange County California I don't know how they do it but they have super fast shipping from China (2days). Yes, this is a grey market camera but my experience with Digitalrev has been amazing, every order ive placed with them has arrived in pristine condition and with very good packaging protection. I picked up the X-T2 body for $1,269 USD. Not sure how long this pricing will last so if you have been looking for a deal here it is! I will be posting photos of my X-T2 and from my X-T2 as soon as it arrives (Tomorrow) Take care now! www.Ishriosphoto.com
  8. Thanks guys I definitely appreciate the info. Thanks for also taking the time to check out my stuff and reply!?
  9. Hey guys I just got back from a quick trip to the Bigapple I settled on my Fujifilm X100T which has a fixed 23mm f/2 lens(35mm equiv) along with the Wide angle conversation lens Wcl-X100 and the Tele photo conversation lens Tcl-X100. This simple kit not only inspired me to see things differently but also made it a lot more exciting trying to capture the essence of the city. Would love for you guys to check out my shots in my blog link below. thanks for looking! http://www.ishriosphoto.com/blog/newyorkcity
  10. Howdy fellow X100 users.. I currently own a X100t and I was curious to know if any of you who have shot with the cameras that have the Acros simulation have been able to replicate the same type of image style just by adjusting the settings on the X100t? If so or if this is even possible would you be willing to share those settings? thanks!
  11. Hey y'all, I was shopping around and noticed the rediculous low prices on the Xe1 used market and was wondering who here still uses an Xe1? I used to own one but sold it right when the X-T1 was released. Although the Xe1 served me well the T1 was leaps better. But now I'm thinking of picking up a E1 since they are selling for so low. Has the latest firrmware updates affected the performance(not sure what version it's up to)? And would you still recommend it or is it worth spending the extra couple hundred for a second hand Xe2? Anyways would love to hear from you E1 users out there if there are any. Take care!
  12. I think i may do what you said.. However now is the time to sell my T if i decide to go for the F. lol ahhh decisions. thanks for the reply
  13. Hello Bjorn, My question is if the new X sensor on the X100F make the lens any better than before? I have a x100T and debating upgrading to a F. If the sensor makes it a better lens (as far as sharpness and quality) then I may do it. Let me know what you think.
  14. My Japan Photo Journey..

    Thanks Chris!!! I flew into Tokyo visited friends in Yokohama. Our stops were Shizuoka Prefecture and Lake Yamanaka, we then went to Kanazawa, Kyoto and Okinawa. This was my second time to Japan and the exchange rate was not as good as the first, This time $1 = 100yen. vs $1 = 110 yen the first time. As far as the X-Pro 2 the form factor is nice however. I did not like the EVF it was way too small, smaller than my x100t evf and the viewing angles were horrible. lastly the Iso dial slowed me way down. The X-Pro 2 is an amazing camera but for me it just didnt work. Thanks!!