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  1. Only because that the adapter I have at present.
  2. So as bit of fun I've bought the K&F concepts Canon FD to Fuji adapter and a cheap Vivitar macro off of ebay. And this got me thinking, Is there any old FD mount lenses that I should look at? More toward macro and portrait lengths? Cheers Mark.
  3. As I've move to using a normal hiking back pack and an insert I no longer need this back pack. Although it shows signs of use (mainly a bit of dirt on the straps) it's still in great condition. £70 delivered anywhere in the UK.
  4. Surplus to requirements. Very good condition. Will also fit a 9.7" tablet, I've had my Galaxy Tab S2 in it, fits like a glove. £50 delivered anywhere in the UK.
  5. Don't Fuji have software that will convert for you? I too get the XT-20 soon and wasn't aware Adobe wasn't able to read them considering that it's the same sensor as the XT-2 and Pro-2.
  6. So after my much loved XT10 took a swim in the sea the insurance company are sending me the XT20 as a replacement. Got a couple questions. Will the XT10 batteries fit the XT20 I have a arca-Swiss style L-bracket, is the 20 the same size and shape (Like this) as the 10? Thanks.
  7. Many moons ago I made my own camera cover from arm of an old rain coat, fitted the Canon 7D+Grip and 70-200mm like a glove and cost nothing really.
  8. I've had this camera since its release having paid a grand for it. I used to love it but I haven't used it in nearly 2 years. So it has to go. Excellent condition, a few signs of use and it has a scratch on the top by the hot shoe. Comes with: 4 batteries (1 Fuji) Lens cap Lens hood (not Fuji) Double battery charger (Original lost) Strap Boxed but no manual. £420 Will only ship to UK, collection in person is acceptable. Album. Would also consider a straight swap for a Fuji XT-1 body.
  9. Not hijacking the thread, just confirming that this lens is awesome. by Mr Drizz, on Flickr
  10. Put the camera manual focus assist to peak. Shooting menu 4 MF Assist Peak.
  11. Old thread I know but I've recently taken possession of this lens and while it is slower then Christmas to focus it's optically superb. XT-10 + 50-230mm
  12. Where you using the 100-400 by any chance? I'm going to the Air tattoo is a couple weeks and I'm hiring the 100-400, just wondering how well it focuses, is it fast to lock on? I'm using the X-T10. I currently have the older 50-230 and paint dries quicker then that thing focuses
  13. I'm a little surprised that Sigma haven't made some of their lenses for the X mount, I'd have thought the market was big enough now to justify the R&D costs.
  14. I wished they'd give us better bracketing, 3 stops in 1/3 increments rather then the piss poor 1 stop.