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  1. Vic, I can understand the editorial choice of the local paper. I hope you will have some other "good fog" days during Winter which will allow you to further explore and exploit such magical weather condition.
  2. Vic, thank you for sharing this series of fog captures of which I find this the most interesting because of the curious pose of the canine subject. Pity this dog is somewhat out of focus otherwise I would have suggested to crop the right 2/5 of the image to emphasize it as the main subject. The previous image is also quite nice (in spite of the trash bin), whereas I find the successive ones less so as I am not enticed by the back-captured peoples.
  3. Very nice indeed! It reminds me of Orange County in Southern California where I had the fortune to live for some years.
  4. StockTrader, I find this image chromatically captivating, but less than ideal in term of composition. I guess it is because the road was captured off center which makes it looks somewhat skewed (even if the horizon appears to be level). Also, I think that the image would have benefited by selectively lightening the darker areas (e.g. the grass) as to reveal more of their content. As they are these areas are just murky without being a silhouette.
  5. Rob, thank you very much for your prompt reply and the exhaustive explanation. I believe that emulating the work of other people is quite innate (after all we photographers do this quite often, either consciously or unconsciously). Still, in this case the resemblance of the patterned components covering the two building is quite stunning.
  6. Rob, interesting architecture. This image in particular recalls the Esplanade-Theatres on the Bay of Singapore ( ). Same architects?
  7. Vic, I am glad you are enjoying your new lens. Based on the two bird pictures above, it looks to perform well in term of sharpness. Personally I find its rendition of out-of-focus details somewhat nervous (see the cages in the background but also the foliage in the parakeet image). However, this may be not just because of the lens but also because of the background's distance. Probably smoother results would be obtained with backgrounds further away from the camera.
  8. Jeffrey, thanks for the first installment on your X-Pro2 mishap. Even more thanks for the beautiful image above. It is, I would say, a truly "glorious" picture.
  9. scharfsi, this is unfortunate, but I think there is not too much we can do. Digital technology has hugely popularized photography. This in itself is an excellent thing. However, we have to keep in mind that the overwhelming majority of those who own a digital imaging device (camera, smartphone, or else) have likely little interest in photography itself and are more fascinated by the technology behind it. Aren't these new exciting electronic gadgets, after all? So the majority of blogs, sites, forums, posts, and replies just reflect this dominant aspect of the interest in photography. Coming to us, of all the Fuji X cameras forums (as well as other photography forums/sites) I find this to be one of the most "comfortable". The level of trolling/aggressiveness is lower than in other sites, and while in the past months the participation has somewhat declined, I much appreciate the effort by Christopher to facilitate the sharing of pictures and the feedback that some users provide to them. I feel that for a "formally" or "mainly" technical forum the level of photography sharing is quite good and I would certainly be glad to see and support its further expansion.
  10. +1. Really well done. Thank you for sharing it.
  11. Jeffrey, there is something intriguing about this and the other urban-decay pictures you are sharing with us. Definitely not the stereotypical pictures of Havana, they convey a strong sense of the struggle Cuba has to keep itself up. If you have some more, it would be nice to see them collected together in a dedicated photo gallery.
  12. Jeffrey, thank you for your positive comment. It means a lot to me.
  13. Jeffrey, I am sorry to learn that one of your X-Pro2s died during the trip (and I am curious to know why), but glad the other one allowed you to make some beautiful pictures. I am particularly attracted by the second one, both for its composition and for the sense of desolation it is able to convey. Thank you for sharing.
  14. +1 Thank you for sharing. Good luck!
  15. Merlin, this one is really arresting. His eyes have such an intensity! Thank you for sharing.