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  1. I intend to give them my custom, thanks for your input. :-)
  2. Thanks K1W1_Mk1, veejaycee, and malboni, for their input. That's very reassuring, thank you :-)
  3. An early poster, maybe the OP, talks of DigitalRev, as a UK company. It's not, it's based in Hong Kong, I believe. I'm just thinking about the X100F. None of the UK retailers have it in stock, and when it is (not sure if it has been) is over 12 hundred pounds. Meanwhile, I can buy it from DigitalRev for two hundred pounds less than I would have to pay to pre-order it from Amazon, or other retailer. That's too good to be true. Is it straight?, or are you relying on the unlikeliness of HMRC opening a small package like that. I'd like to know if any of you have made purchases from DigitalRev, and are they ok? Cheers, J :-)
  4. great pic, really got movement
  5. Just seen this. The company are doing a Kickstarter, and only making the device for three camera brands, initially. This strikes me as something that would be absolutely invaluable on a lot of different types of shoot. I do a lot of performance photography-my kit for that 23mm1.4, 56mm f1.2, 90mm f2, monopod. If I could safely secure all three lenses to my belt, it would save a lot of time and effort, and, I would have thought reduce the chances of dropping a lens if you fumble a change. I'm going to back it, if they'll guarantee making a Fuji mount item. Fantastic idea. I was going to shell out the rather high price of 11 pounds, for the Op-Tech, double rear cap. That's a lot for two pieces of plastic stuck together. This looks likes the mutt's nuts
  6. Yes, I'm aware of that. Think of it as a GFX50 substitute ;-)
  7. The "always on lens", on my X-Pro 2 is the 23mm f1.4. My most used lenses are the 23mm 1.4, 56mm 1.2 and 16mm 1.2. I love these focal lengths, and the speed of these lenses enables to take pictures of local bands performing, in gloomy bars, without a flash. If I get the X100F, I'm not sure that will be able to compete with the X-Pro+fast primes, on those kind of shoots. What do people think, as I say I currently use the "holy trinity", of fast primes for these kinds of rock gig photography. I normally shoot Acros plus RAW, and find that is improving my work flow, many of the jpgs come out of the camera ready to go. So, do people think I will be able to do that with the X100F? I know it is F2, and effectively slower than the three primes, but I normally find that a lot of bands use coloured lighting, so I have some wriggle room on the exposure. I don't always have to be wide open. I shall get the X100 regardless, as I feel it is the only camera for street photography, especially the silver/black version. I shall be a harmless old guy with a vintage looking camera, taking harmless snapshots, rather than an incisive reportage photographer, staring post democracy straight in the face ;-) As we speak, a copy of the 90mm is winging it's way to me, then I shall have every Fuji prime, apart from the 18mm and the 35mm F1.4. I'm looking forward to feeling it, in my hands, and putting it on my camera and going shooting. At the same time I'm just started to think about a smaller, much lighter, kit, based around the X100F. This is a decision I can avoid, I'm retired now, and I don't need to sell any of my X-Pro 2 rig to finance this. However, I shall see whet happens, it would be a shame to sit on all that good glass and not use it. What do other people think, will the X100F at F2 give me good band shots (of our local Black Sabbath tribute band "Slack Babbath") under gig lights?
  8. Normally I would agree with what K1W1_Mk2 has said, but I intend getting this camera myself. As such, I've done what I always do, lots of "research". I bet I've watched every video out there about this camera. As yet, there aren't that many out there, but I'd suggest you check out both Big Head Taco, and The Angry Photographer, on the X100F. There are lots of drooling unboxing videoes, plus the Angry Photographer going on a hilarious rant about how good this camera is. There may well be more serious reviews appearing now, as the camera becomes more easily obtainable. I shall buy it it, because I sold my original X100. about 2 years ago, to finance an X-T1. Not a day has gone by that I haven't wished I still had it. It is a unique camera, and that lens is fine with me, it's some kind of magical. Whether you should buy it, is another question, one which both these guys, and several other Youtube reviewers I watched, would answer yes, the addition of basically the X-Pro 2's innards, take it into another ball park. It's now a compact version of the X-Pro 2 with a superbly matched fixed 35mm lens. I'm seriously wondering whether, if I buy the tele, and the wide angle adapters, for the X100F, I will still be bothering with the X-Pro2, as often. Would it make it redundant I wonder. I have every prime lens, up to 90, (and excluding the new XF 50mm f2,) that Fuji makes. With the fixed 35mm equivalent on the X100, plus the option to pull out an adapter, and do some nice portraits with the 75mm equivalent, or take some bigger landscapes, I'd still have everything covered. I'd have virtually everything I have now, every shot I could possibly take now (almost), with my full X-Pro 2 rig covered with the camera round my neck, and the adapters in my pockets. Have to say, that's quite an attractive proposition, as the years roll by, and the beat goes on. PS What are people's thought's about this? I'm 63, and have acute osteo arthritis. I no longer drive so I cannot physically carry my Camera and 8 primes. Obviously, I don't take them all everywhere, but with X100, plus both adapters, I'd have a similar sort of range in one small bag. easily transported. This would be useful in things like visits to new towns etc. Where you bot sure what you'll be shooting.
  9. That sounds like something that's not going to go away, and might even get worse. I wouldn't have thought you're going to lose the battery, as that is kept in by the little spring clip. However, it would definitely spoil my enjoyment of my new camera. I presume this has to be a very recent purchase, so, if I were you, I'd get it returned and fixed, as veejaycee says, these locks aren't very good anyway, I've just crossed the room to get mine, (an X-Pro 2 but I bet they're the same), and it does seem to have quite a complex plastic mechanism. I'd get it sorted out before something happens. If it were hanging open. and you were not aware, it wouldn't take much to mess up and knock the whole door off.
  10. This is Alan Hargreaves
  11. Just had a better look in full daylight, and it must have been put front down on a surface, presumably with beer, or tea, on it. This is only a guess, as it formed a milky, tenacious, coating. It responded to the lens cleaning fluid, but it was mainly my vigorous finger nail scraping, that removed. Some of it, at the middle area of the element, looked as if it had already been semi cleaned, or wiped off, whilst still wet. This gave me a start to removing the rest. As you say MarcoDebiasi, it is entirely possible, that it entered the lens, as it was also on the rim, and surrounding area. My other suspect is milky tea. I have been known to spill tea on my desk area, simply by overfilling cups, and making a spill, when I put it down. This seems quite likely as tea+milk would leave a similar residue (I assume). Hard to believe, I've done either, but I must have. Just took a jpeg of a piece of plain cloth, with the 16mm, at f16, I can't see anything on it that shouldn't be there, I normally use a similar method, to see if I have dust on my sensor. I used cloth so that I can see the weave, all the fine detail is there, and no blemishes at all, so I think I've been lucky, also the 16mm is a WR lens, so maybe that prevented ingress. Just now gave it another polish, with the carbon pad end of a lensmate pen, and it looks ok, shiny and clear. I'm leaning toward the tea theory, I often put lenses on my desk, when sorting through which ones to take with me. Perhaps, I've put it down in spilt tea. noticed, moved it quickly, and thought no more about it. Thanks for your response, Marco :-)
  12. Yes, it is strange, it wasn't a uniform coating, it looked like it had already sarted to flake off Sort of rough, milky coating. no misty environments I've had a good look at iy this morning, and I seem to have got rid of it. Time will tell. I'll take some shots with it later :-)
  13. Hi Christopher. I thought I had most of it off, but saw some with a different light. Something similar on the rim of the lens. I need to get that overpriced hood :-) I have had to give the front element plenty of serious finger pressure, and a fair amount of it, easily 30 minutes to sort of scrape this stuff off the front element. So I hope that hasn't done anything to the actual lens coating. I seem to recall, the delightful, Angry Photographer, ranting about how useless protective filters were (unless you pay a fortune), as they did nothing to protect the lens, in the unlikely event of some kind of small point impact. The reason he gave for this was that a front element is extremely sturdy, and a cheap piece of glass (ie non B&W filter) was unlikely to be useful in some instances, and might affect IQ. He also said that coatings were put on by some misting, and baking process. Virtually part of the glass. If that is the case, my front element should be ok. I'll be able to see it better in daylight, to see if is completely clean, also, have some pics to take tomorrow, and I can use the 16, and see if it still make a good picture. Still can't figure out how it got there, seems likely if someone spilt a drink, but I don't drink, am usually very careful on those kind of shoots, in my local with a good band, or solo artist on. I shoot a load of both B&W, and Colour (+RAW), of the band, and also I do sort of indoor street portraits, and candids. On those easy nights, I only take the 56mm and the, up until recently, only other fast prime, the 23mm 1.4. I only got the 16mm, a couple of months ago, but It's okay for that stuff you can isolate one particular player, on a side shot of a pop group ;-) Also, I keep one lens on the camera, and the other in a neoprene bag with a dog closer through my jeans belt loop. I've just checked and it's not wet now. Thanks for your response :-)
  14. Hi all, Just been out on my first real shoot, since getting my X-Pro 2 back, from repair, It was shooting a theatrical production, in rehearsal. So, knowing the venue, I only took three lenses -16mm F1.4, 23mm f 1.4, 56mm f1.2. Shock horror! - 16mm lens front element covered in what looked like a shabby coating, that was flaking off! I've just got home, and immediately tried to clean the front element. I've used a lens cleaning fluid (supplied with spectacles), and a brand new, lint free cloth (also from spec's). It seemed really stuck on front of lens, I've applied lens spray a few times, and with much polishing, using my, fingernail, through the cloth. This has taken over half an hour, and now the front element, seems free of the stuff, another clues is that there was some staining, on the lens, edges, and surrounding the front element. So, I'm thinking it's a fluid, such as beer (last shoot was in a pub), and that it has coated the front of my lens. It has required strenuous cleaning, use of fingernail, as a scraper. through cloth. My lens now looks clean, and blemish free. Have I just removed a coating, or some gunk?