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  1. I just took a closer look at the PC Sync cap, and the other covers that you've shown. It's impossible to tell how big it is, especially as we seem to be looking at the outside of the cap. It needs to have a fairly narrow plastic tube, to push in the gap, if it's going to fit, but we can't see that side. This is really frustrating, they absolutely must have spares, it would be impossible to exactly estimate how many caps you need. I might start bombarding Ted Viera with mails saying "hi man, it would be really cool, if you could speak to Fuji for us, man" etc :-)
  2. Well. I had begun to think they were unavailable, after numerous searches, on Fuji websites, and on various forums. I read in three places that some Nikon caps would fit, but after extensive searches of numerous Nikon sites, I can't see any that look small enough to fit the X-Pro 2. So, I've emailed Fuji's support team, asking them to advise me what to do. It must totally negate any chance of the WR saving the day, in a heavy shower. Also, I doubt Fuji themselves make these caps, they'll be supplied by some plastics factory, so they could easily order a few more than needed, to provide support to their loyal customer's On the other thread, regarding these type thumb grips, with L plates. I got the impression that these accessories are quite popular, so, if the bracket pushes the cap out every time, there will be a lot of people without a cap. So, I'd suggest you email Fuji, as I have. As I say, all they need to do is order an extra thousand, on a projected production batch. and then offer them on their spares page, for a couple of quid, which is probably a 99% profit margin, and they would show, once again, that they are an honourable company, which supports it's products etc
  3. Christopher, I purchased a hand grip with an L bracket. When attaching it to the camera, the bracket knocked the pc cap off. I didn't notice at the time, and it was lost. Elsewhere I read that Ebay had caps for a Nikon camera, that would fit. I am not one of these, "it's just a tool, it's supposed to have a few dings" types.I want my beautiful camera, to remain beautiful, so not only is it compromising the WR, but it should have a cap! I want a cap! I waited for weeks, for two caps, and they are both too big. Are these caps obtainable? Please say they are. :-) I also posted about this issue on the L Shaped bracket thread, but that's an old thread, so I don't suppose anyone will see my post, but they will know to disassemble the bracket, or take care when first attaching it. Cheers, John
  4. I'm not sure if anybody's going to read this on an old thread, but it doesn't seem worth starting another for. When attaching the above mentioned grip and L plate, I accidently, knocked out the PC Sync cap, and lost it I read elsewhere, that a specific Nikon pc sync cap, could be obtained from Ebay. I ordered this Nikon cap set, for a couple of quid. It came today, and there are two caps, both of them too large to fit in an X-Pro 2 pc sync socket. Can anybody suggest where I can get one, that will fit.? Cheers all, John
  5. some lovely tones there
  6. Thanks Vic, this my favourite also, and it was just a chance shot, from the hip. Always the way :-)
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    Some snaps, a variety.
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  13. I've just got Affinity, and it converts Fuji X-Trans RAF's. The software seems nicely laid out. It's a layering system, so you retain the original. It comes with lots of tutorials etc. Obviously, it's as complex in it's own way as PS, or Lr, and I haven't actually done much with it yet. Iridient, which is highly rated, have released a RAW file converter, for Windows : This will convert Fuji RAF files into DNG's, which can then be edited in Lr, or PS.