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  1. Thank you, MarcoDebiasi :-)
  2. I am finding the position of the Q button, on the X100F, is the only irritating design flaw on the camera. The same is true, though to a lesser extent, of the Q button on the X-Pro 2. I'm wondering a/ Is everyone else irritated by this?, and b/ Does anybody use the Q menu? As far as I'm concerned it is unnecessary, and if it is used by some, I'm sure they wouldn't mind if the button was somewhere else.
  3. Mmn, that is rather nice. At the moment I'm using a Cordweaver, slinky round black rope which feels really nice. I bought a large "antique" real leather shoulder satchel style bag, It will take the camera plus my 6 primes, plus spare batteries, puffer etc. It's huge, I lugged it out on a shoot today, with just body + lens, + one lens, and it's quite heavy, the empty bag is pretty heavy. I set out with Fuji because I was fed up lugging my Canon rig around, but my decision not to use zooms, and this monster bag mean I'm not much better off now :-) Actually, that's not true, I fell in love with the X100. Everything else just happened.
  4. Well, both my parcels arrived, ii was 16 pounds for the second one (X100F thumbrest) I'm finding it much improves the handling of the X100, for me. As an added bonus, it prevents my continually pressing the q menu button all the time. That was becoming irritating, and seems such an obvious design flaw on otherwise perfect camera design imho. Now, with the grip, everything is easier, I can easily hold the camera one handed, and I can hold it quite steadily. When using the viewfinder, I can hold the camera very firmly to my face, and without taking my eye from the viewfinder, operate all my settings controls. The thumbrest has two definite detents, and it is very easy to move it out slightly to use exposure comp, or fully out to change shutter speed and ISO. I'm fully accustomed to the Minolta style ISO, lift to change, wheel, that we all complained about. I hated it at first, but now I feel natural using it. The thumbrest on the X-Pro 2 is also great, and improves handling, in my view. The camera feel very steady in the hand. It's not as transformative as it is on the X100, which did not feel safe in one hand, but I'm feeling it does add to the handling, I also have a grip, plus L bracket on the camera, and this too really improves the handling in my opinion. Obvious there is a weight penalty I also got two extravagant soft shutter releases from Lensmate, one is silver colour, with seahorse design, and electric blue enamel, which exactly matches my silky rope camera strap, for the X100. On the X-Pro 2 I have one that is brass, dull old brass, with a bright shiny seahorse design. It looks fabulous, the whole camera is pretty pimped up now. I feel that I have two beautiful cameras. It's not going to improve my photographic skills, but I think being really pleased with your gear, both in terms of image quality, and the way it looks, helps motivate me, and just might lead to me taking better pics, who knows :-)
  5. I was already feeling half daft for not being satisfied with a cheapo thumbrest, so that was the straw that broke the camels back. The thing is I've always had a concern about thumbrests. That they would exert rotational force on the hot shoe, and that might cause it to sheer off. That was compounded by reading about someone who done exactly that with a flash gun. He had said it was riveted on, although this was referencing a Canon. The fact that the Lensmate has that extra length, is articulated, but most importantly has a peg at it's right end, with a teflon pad, to stand against the camera body, made it worthwhile, to me, paying the hefty price tag on them. I'm not an engineer, or a physicist, but wouldn't that peg, at the thumb end of the grip, take most of the force (or at least half), of the force, exerted by the thumb. The force of the thumb would be largely on the body line parallel to the lens, rather than pulling sideways on the hot shoe, although it must less than 50% of the force, or it would pull the thumbrest backwards parallel to the lens, causing it to dismount (I hope that isn't the case) I have now received a demand for 24.99 GBP, and paid it online. So the package should arrive Monday. This will be my second order (chronologically), and contain a black thumb rest, a blue/silver lizard design shutter release, a a brass lizard design shutter release. At the same time my first order has arrived in Manchester, so I should soon be receiving a demand for duty on that. That parcel will be a silver thumb grip for the X100F. So, I'm wondering if that will be 25 bucks also. I'm guessing yes, I doubt they look inside them, or do they? After all, they could be very expensive watches in similar boxes. Would a thousand pound watch cost 25?
  6. I ordered Lensmate Thumbgrips, for my X100F, and my X-Pro 2, and in a moment of madness paid 20 dollars each for two fancy shutter releases. I ordered from Lensmate, about two weeks ago. Yesterday I received notification that my stuff had been delivered, and it had not. So I contacted Lensmate, and they replied saying that USPS sends those notifications when they have delivered to my local Royal Mail Depot, and that I should receive my delivery today Today I contacted my RM depot, they say that I have a 25 GBP customs charge to pay. On top of that the order was sent in two packages, and one of them is stuck in London, the trail stops there. Even more annoying, I can't pay the duty until I receive a demand, and I haven't. So, it's looking like two thumb grips, and two shutter releases, are going to cost me 200+ pounds! That stinks.