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  1. Beautiful buds about to bloom. I thought you must live in Arizona!
  2. Great! I can actually some of that on my XPro2.
  3. Spring green coats the valleys and hills of this national monument now. Then it's dry and brown the rest of the year. First outing with my new 50-140. Used my XPro2.
  4. Thanks, Marco. I look for that 'compromise' of DOF and background with one aperture setting. I'm happy with these results. I am not in the church of always wide open and the blurriest background your can get. Sometimes I can't achieve what I want. I consider focus stacking then, tho I have little experience with it.
  5. Bulbs are blooming in the garden now!
  6. More bulbs a'blooming.
  7. Early morning delivery to a vendor in Havana, Cuba. XPro2 handheld.
  8. Thanks, VJC. No, I don't use LR. I'm a PS guy all the way...
  9. Please excuse my ignorance, but what is Xformer compared to Developer, which I use all the time?
  10. I often use a shutter release cable successfully. I believe the Fuji app for smartphones will do that and a lot more wirelessly.
  11. Love it.
  12. I agree with Marco. I shoot musicians often on stage and those mics are a pain in the ass.
  13. Followup to the mishap. I received my XPro2 back from Fuji New Jersey all better and working. They replaced the main PCB. Including shipping time, the camera was gone for 1 month. Even though I bought it used privately online, they honored the warranty and it was no cost to me. Great service!
  14. Thank you Artuk. I think the toning is close to being too much even for me.
  15. The first impression of this image is good as well. I love the straight lines and the soft light. Great composition, too.