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  1. Love it.
  2. I agree with Marco. I shoot musicians often on stage and those mics are a pain in the ass.
  3. Followup to the mishap. I received my XPro2 back from Fuji New Jersey all better and working. They replaced the main PCB. Including shipping time, the camera was gone for 1 month. Even though I bought it used privately online, they honored the warranty and it was no cost to me. Great service!
  4. Thank you Artuk. I think the toning is close to being too much even for me.
  5. The first impression of this image is good as well. I love the straight lines and the soft light. Great composition, too.
  6. Thanks again, Marco. I'm experimenting with toning with this series of portraits. That's why there is a variety of approaches used, most of which are not posted here yet. Yes, this is a strong sepia type tone. I believe sepia (reddish) would be referred to as warmer while a bluish or more neutral tone would be called cooler.
  7. Thank you for viewing and commenting, Marco. Agree with the distracting lanyard around his neck. I cropped a good bit already to minimize it, but can do more. That was a problem with many people I photographed down there.
  8. Man in Havana

    A man I met in Havana, Cuba.
  9. Man in Trinidad 2

    Another person I met in the neighborhood of Trinidad, Cuba.
  10. Man in Trinidad 1

    A person I met in the neighborhood of Trinidad, Cuba.
  11. Thanks, guys. It was all about those shoes!
  12. Hi Chris. I took two bodies as anyone who understands backup would do. And it was going to afford me the luxury of having two lenses mounted thus saving precious time swapping. Of course I ended up swapping but it all worked out. The story.... Upon the first days arrival, a bear of a traveling day, with the grueling experience at the visa, immigration and security clusterf*cks at the airport, we stopped at a nice viewpoint for sunset on the way to our hotel. I made exactly FOUR frames on one of my XPro2's and upon changing the ISO setting, the camera became unresponsive. Couldn't get it to come up alive. I wasn't going to waste another minute while the light was good so I swapped bodies and continued on. Back in my room I took the faulty body out of my bag and noticed how warm it was, especially around the battery compartment. I tried everything I could to reset it or get it going again, and although I saw a small flicker of glow on the rear screen, it refused to cooperate. I did not use that battery again since perhaps it was a problem. I had 5 others. I made about 6300 frames on my working body and the trip was a success. I sent the faulty unit in to Fuji last week and am still waiting to hear back about repair estimate or warranty status. Either way, I'm really curious to know what the problem was, and if they tell me, I'll let you know. Meanwhile, here's one from the roof of my hotel at sunrise.
  13. Artuk, you need to take a break from looking at all the images you do and reading about countries with horrible politics. Some of the world has always been like that and is not about to change. Personally I choose to photograph beautiful landscapes, nature, and various interesting cultures. I want to enjoy my image making. It help me cope with the rest of the hate in the world. When I need to update my worldly views, I get enough of that crap on TV, reading or the Internet. And, thank you for your comments on my photographs.
  14. Cliches are only significant to some people. I'd like to see those monks.
  15. Your street work is inspirational.