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  1. I considered my decision to buy an X100F for a couple of months before ordering up. The one I received yesterday is clearly defective. It indicates focus on an infinity-distant target but is very, very unsharp. It also seems to exhibit a left/right focus disparity, difficult to confirm given the nature of my primary complaint. Withal, I can't really see myself re-investing in the model. My X100S is nothing short of amazing in terms of sharpness a unique visual quality of its JPEGS, As a non-pro, I will certainly never need the file sizes possible with 24Mpx. It;s Friday;i will spend most of the weekend shooting and scrutinizing the bad results.
  2. Are we to understand that you always use f/2 regardless of the the other settings discussed here? Maybe I've been doing something wrong for 50+ years but I can't get optimal IQ except at mid-range apertures, conditions permitting of course. The 90/2 is a remarkable exception, already about as good as it gets by f/2.8.
  3. My last shred of fiscal responsibility failed and I expect delivery of a new X100F mid-week.
  4. X100F or XE3?

    Comparison is valid in terms of size. Irrelevant to the different essential nature of the models. Sales of X100-series cameras is not driven by its size, but the very properties that set it apart from the generic interchangeable-lens milieu.
  5. The X100 series is a very special package. It is not a replacement for an interchangeable-lens system, nor was it intended to be. I'm fairly certain most owners of an X100-series camera also own a lens-swapping system. To encumber an X100 with FL conversion devices defeats its conceptual purpose without providing an adequate FL range.
  6. X100F or XE3?

    Neither is an apt replacement for the other. Q: Should I buy an X100F or an XE3? A: Yes. My next buy will be an X100F. I am quite satisfied with my XT20 so I have no interest in the XE3. I love my X100S. I don't "need" an X100F. But I want one.
  7. When I first saw the announcement of the X100, I was convinced that it was conceptually invalid, market-wise. The days of high-end fixed-lens cameras like the Kodak Retina series and its Zeiss counterpart were gone forever, weren't they? Who needs a fixed-lens Flintstone-looking camera in a lens-swapping world? A lot of people, eventually including me, became convinced that they did. I own a lot of very sharp lenses, but the fixed lens of my X100S may be the sharpest I've ever owned, That's why I would include the entire camera in a kit rather than buy the 23/2, which I view as a lesser optic. Now my GAS pressure is rising for an X100F, not because I'm convinced that 16 Mpx is obsolete but for the new features that enhance the concept of the one pound system.
  8. Question about RAW files

    What has been presented to me SOOC on Win pc's is an apparent image named RAW, The thumbnails show much larger file size labels than the same-numbered JPEG. 16-mpx X100S, for example, 4-6mb JPEG. "RAW" uniform at 32Mb. They are saved alongside the JPEGs in whatever media I choose and they open as ordered. Not wishing to be perceived as challenging your superior knowledge of the subject, I withdraw the question.
  9. The devices are compatible but conceptually invalid for my intended use. The X100 system is monolithic by design and i will keep it that way so it will maintain its barely over one pound weight and need no luggage. I do have the Fuji never-ready case, quite ready without its top, which is only used when the camera isn't.
  10. Question about RAW files

    If a RAW file written by a digital camera is not an image but just a packet of raw data before it is presented to an editing program, what is the correct descriptor for the non-JPEG image named RAW and produced by the camera's own editing program to make the file visible?
  11. My X100S stands up to pretty aggressive cropping very well. Also the JPEGS it produces are nothing short of spectacular.
  12. Refurbished 35mm f2 IQ issue?

    I'm an old guy and I've been doing this for a long time. I don't remember ever seeing such localized unsharpness or such a relatively "fast break" between sharp and unsharp.
  13. What is meant by "layers" in PS and GIMP?

    Thank you for your advice. I don't expect ever to do any advanced editing, and my stopping point is long before photographs stop looking like........you know,....like photographs. I have flushed the Corelle trial and I've decided to stick with the included software for the X system if I see any need beyond the range of the Retouch menu. Likewise for Brands N and C.. Thanks again Farrell
  14. Refurbished 35mm f2 IQ issue?

    I would treat the lens as radioactive and dispose of it as soon as possible.
  15. X-T2 autofocus problems

    Be forewarned! There is a huge volume of uboob "sport" videos that are utter and complete fecus taurus. (sounds nicer than bullshit, doesn't it?). Sadly, the "comments" often indicate that some viewers are totally conned by video vandalism.