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  1. Amongst the Rock Cliffs

    Very nice;thanks merlin.
  2. getting a prime lens

    I've always been puzzled by this kind of question. @mano36, if you have no opinion of your own strong enough to support a buying decision of your own, this may not be the right time to make a buying decision. My problem has never been not knowing what I wanted to buy but how to find the funds to pay for it.
  3. Shutter synched to helicopter rotor

    The organic equivalent is the scanning(sampling)frequency of the visual cortex of the brain. We all have a non-selectable, "always on" vision editing system that causes aircraft propellers to appear to reverse direction several times as they are throttled up or back or to appear to stop when running at some order of resonance(in sync)with the scanning frequency. We would all be fools to believe our lying eyes.
  4. Upgrading Lens Firmware

    I wasn't clear to me at first that your trouble was only with the lens. I'm sure you are tired of suggestions that you have tried already, but have you tried a fresh download of the FW on a different card formatted in the camera? On you first attempt, did you get the expected OK? screen?
  5. Upgrading Lens Firmware

    I'm not sure, but hopefully Fuji Service has a system that can reprogram the camera. A call to the service number should determine that. I haven't had a firmware mishap(yet), but someone who has may be able advise you. The procedural warnings are explicit;even so, I may rethink any plans to buy more products from a company that cannot clear a 'tron jam nor devise an on-board sail-safe recovery.
  6. Thanks for the hopeful wishes raagamuffin. My gray-market X100S I bought 3 and a half years ago for 1049 USD with free shipping and delivery in 29 hours from Hong Kong is still performing beautifully.
  7. Because I wanted to divide the cost of the camera into two or three payments, I used a retail store credit resource to pay for it. There are no "serious" cameras in those stores, so I ordered online. When I discovered that My X100F was undeniably a lemon, I expected that I would have to ship it back to the vendor. Consulting the order documents in the package, I was referred to a website to see how to proceed. It said I could return the camera to any of its stores, which I did this afternoon. I can't say "No questions asked", because I was asked if there was was something wrong with the item. I was not even asked to take the package to Electronics for inventory, which I expected. I haven't told the whole story until now because I didn't want to say I bought it from Walmart!
  8. Not FW-related;the lens itself is clearly defective. It is on its way back to the vendor. I don't think I'll try another one. My X100S is SO good and my XT20 has 24mpx, like I need that.
  9. Artemus

    Clearly born to be a model.
  10. I considered my decision to buy an X100F for a couple of months before ordering up. The one I received yesterday is clearly defective. It indicates focus on an infinity-distant target but is very, very unsharp. It also seems to exhibit a left/right focus disparity, difficult to confirm given the nature of my primary complaint. Withal, I can't really see myself re-investing in the model. My X100S is nothing short of amazing in terms of sharpness a unique visual quality of its JPEGS, As a non-pro, I will certainly never need the file sizes possible with 24Mpx. It;s Friday;i will spend most of the weekend shooting and scrutinizing the bad results.
  11. Are we to understand that you always use f/2 regardless of the the other settings discussed here? Maybe I've been doing something wrong for 50+ years but I can't get optimal IQ except at mid-range apertures, conditions permitting of course. The 90/2 is a remarkable exception, already about as good as it gets by f/2.8.
  12. My last shred of fiscal responsibility failed and I expect delivery of a new X100F mid-week.
  13. X100F or XE3?

    Comparison is valid in terms of size. Irrelevant to the different essential nature of the models. Sales of X100-series cameras is not driven by its size, but the very properties that set it apart from the generic interchangeable-lens milieu.
  14. The X100 series is a very special package. It is not a replacement for an interchangeable-lens system, nor was it intended to be. I'm fairly certain most owners of an X100-series camera also own a lens-swapping system. To encumber an X100 with FL conversion devices defeats its conceptual purpose without providing an adequate FL range.
  15. X100F or XE3?

    Neither is an apt replacement for the other. Q: Should I buy an X100F or an XE3? A: Yes. My next buy will be an X100F. I am quite satisfied with my XT20 so I have no interest in the XE3. I love my X100S. I don't "need" an X100F. But I want one.