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  1. I love the old-fashioned felt-lined steel "Leica-like" lens cap on my X100S. My 35mm f/1.4 has its hood and hood cap In place all the time. Aside from these, Fuji-supplied lens caps are crummy! When the one on my 18-55 jumped off and hid, I bought an excellent Chinese product on ebay that snaps into place quickly and positively for .99US with free shipping. Likewise for my 27mm, for the same reason. When I found the original cap for my 18-55, I put it where it belonged, the nearest dumpster. I don't think I'm the only one, because the prices are going up.
  2. By all reviews I've read, your experience is consistent with others. I have no interest in that FL for my use but I'm glad it's on the short end of the 18-55 if rarely needed.
  3. Good one for people who don't believe in coincidence. BTW, isn't John Chapman the name of the founder of Lotus Cars?
  4. The vendor shipped my X100S by Fedex, whose national US terminal is at Memphis International Airport, only about 300 miles from me.
  5. Still a great buy it seems to me.
  6. A few days after my X100S was delivered(US) I received a multiple-page customs document that alluded to $50 US, but at the bottom of the last page it said, "Amount Owed 0.00".
  7. I have a $15US LG fliphone from Walmart and I pay $30 for 60 days anywhere US service.
  8. Adapters are cheap Canon made the entire pro FD series system obsolete overnight, going all-electronic with the EOS system. Nikon wanted to make good on their sales promise of non-obsolescence and future-proofing by constantly modifying the F-mount system. Old FD adapters might a little more expensive;the FD mount was a bayonet secured by a threaded ring.
  9. I have an XT20 and an X100S and an XM1. My XE1 is still my standard unswapped platform for the 18-55. At some time I might look for a deal on an XE2 because of more advanced firmware I've read about here.
  10. The cosmetic concerns are understandable even if nobody cares about the shaft drive and the small radiator to cool the SOHC heads. For me the greatest appeal of the type, which I never owned, is the seat height. I have short legs and could never put both feet down when stopped.
  11. Maybe I should be encouraged that my 6-year-old twin grandsons have ipad minis.
  12. Thanks for yet again valuable advice.