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  1. RawTherapee

    At 76, like to think of it as an enhanced sense of what to disregard.
  2. I see nothing remarkable about the switches on my XT20.
  3. X-H1

    I have the XE1, X100S, and XT20. It seems most of us are doing what Fuji wants us to do;look ahead to their next offering. I'm currently working at learning to use my unactivated Iphone SE camera though my well-published disdain for =28mm is as strong as ever.
  4. X-H1

    In the beginning.......... 35mm cameras were called "miniature" cameras. What I would like see is a minimalist, compact, APS-C product with basic photometry electronics for photographers who know what they are doing.
  5. Cable Release on X10

    The threaded tip of the standard mechanical cable release is tapered. The engagement is deliberately limited by design.
  6. X-H1

    Undeniably intriguing but I can't buy them all.
  7. X-H1

    Creates a buyer's market for used xcams. The only item on my wish list is the 80mm macro
  8. I'm seeing that the latest high-end Iphone offering has an additional rear-facing camera with a 6mm lens as well as the standard 4mm. i would have happily opted out of 4mm as being crazy-wide for my preferences but as as the user of a great-performing(as a phone) $15 US LG flip-phone I can't afford a phone THAT smart anyway, being so heavily invested in Fuji X products.
  9. Having publicly bemoaned the demise of of this very basic editing program, I think I've found and downloaded an apt replacement. IrfanView is said to be very popular in Europe. At a glance, it appears to be capable of much more advanced edits than photo Gallery, but the opening screen looks very user-friendly. I haven't taken the time to play with it yet. My impression is that most members here are very serious image editors who would justifiably view such programs as beneath them, but I think It's all I need.
  10. The lens was obviously and very conspicuously defective. The autofocus worked but the lens was overall very unsharp. I examined the packaging very carefully looking for evidence that the unit was a return, but found none. My X100S is here to stay.
  11. getting a prime lens

    I've always been puzzled by this kind of question. @mano36, if you have no opinion of your own strong enough to support a buying decision of your own, this may not be the right time to make a buying decision. My problem has never been not knowing what I wanted to buy but how to find the funds to pay for it.
  12. Shutter synched to helicopter rotor

    The organic equivalent is the scanning(sampling)frequency of the visual cortex of the brain. We all have a non-selectable, "always on" vision editing system that causes aircraft propellers to appear to reverse direction several times as they are throttled up or back or to appear to stop when running at some order of resonance(in sync)with the scanning frequency. We would all be fools to believe our lying eyes.
  13. Upgrading Lens Firmware

    I wasn't clear to me at first that your trouble was only with the lens. I'm sure you are tired of suggestions that you have tried already, but have you tried a fresh download of the FW on a different card formatted in the camera? On you first attempt, did you get the expected OK? screen?
  14. Upgrading Lens Firmware

    I'm not sure, but hopefully Fuji Service has a system that can reprogram the camera. A call to the service number should determine that. I haven't had a firmware mishap(yet), but someone who has may be able advise you. The procedural warnings are explicit;even so, I may rethink any plans to buy more products from a company that cannot clear a 'tron jam nor devise an on-board sail-safe recovery.