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  1. I still like my "old" 35/1.4. My 27 has been paired with my XM1 since I received it. I have the 18-55, but sometimes I just want to work within the framework of "one camera,one lens" and be neither beast of burden nor draft animal.
  2. When architectural verticals are parallel with the frame sides the camera is level and the actual, real horizon bisects the top and bottom of the frame. What could possibly be simpler? Certainly not trying to dope out unneeded electronics.
  3. I'm going to hold off responding to this but I will be watching with rapt attention.
  4. You're quite correct. I meant that being able to use smaller apertures without apparent loss to diffraction enhances DOF at close distances. At typical distances it is irrelevant. Fuji JPEGS with in-camera sharpening look like trash to me so I don't engage it.
  5. LMO is amazing in my X100S;I'm generally small-aperture resistant for the well-known reasons. One very useful purpose would be to enhance DOF at relatively close focusing distances, which LMO does very well. i don't use any "sharpening" in X-cam JPEGS. That doesn't rule out any autonomous action in JPEG processing. As an aside, "snake oil" sales were halted in the US because it was found to contain no actual snake oil.
  6. Thanks, Christopher! i was uncertain because Fuji doesn't publish it in ads anymore as it did when LMO was new as on my X100s.
  7. LMO works great on my X100S;amazing autonomous editing of JPEGs shot at apertures so small I historically avoided them, always shooting at the optimal aperture whenever possible. Is it standardized on high-end models like the XT2 or is it only in the X100 series with a known fixed lens profile?
  8. For best flare protection, lens hood dimensions are critical for crazy-wide lenses. I would not not buy the 16 but if I did, I would live with the ugly plastic Fuji hood.
  9. Uboob is full of all manner of crappola.
  10. 190 proof ethyl alcohol(ETOH)was used by a team of Nikon techs visiting a Chicago dealer and offering free cleaning many years ago. It is a commonly used reagent in lab tests and is sold by lab supply houses and liquor stores. The relevant value is that it leaves no residue when it evaporates(very quickly).
  11. Uninteresting as a fixed-lens buy;my X100S didn't need to be replaced and still dsoen't.
  12. Seems to me the xa3 at its price is a better buy. I had no trouble selling the mandatory throw-in lens for my xm1 for what I paid for it +shipping to a guy in the Czech republic.
  13. i may be mistaken, but I would expect that a Fuji dealer could order it for you. If I decide I don't like the fuji hood supplied with the 35, I'll use a rubber Nikon hood.
  14. Windows 10; I For browser I use Chrome, Firefox, or Edge, all pinned to my taskbar. Maybe I overlooked something; I see the the "Drag files here" again, so i would expect to be able to do that again.
  15. Since the last revision I can't drag my Windows image files directly to the bottom of the page. All that happens is an undesired copy added to Windows.