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  1. Landscape lens

    If I were I probably wouldn't be puzzled by such descriptors as 'landscape lens".
  2. My "old" XE1 and the 18-55 I bought with it. They still have never been separated. I have since acquired an XM1, an X100S, and an XT20. I don't really use interchangeable-lens cameras as much as interchangeable-camera lenses. Camera/lens pairings are only disrupted when I want to use a less-used lens rather than a more-used lens.
  3. Landscape lens

    If I were I probably wouldn't be puzzled by descriptors like "landscape lens".
  4. Landscape lens

    A "landscape lens" is any used to shoot a landscape, ever.
  5. As with a restart demand for any computer, the message is a catch-all "try this". Did your camera report a successful upgrade?
  6. Lug Covers

    Supplied with x-cams that have conventional lugs(not XA).
  7. DSCF7479.JPG

  8. My impression is that it is very sharp. I have uploaded to gallery a shot resized to 4.89Mb. Ford pickup at motel.
  9. DSCF7428.JPG

  10. Free X Series Tips and Tricks Guide

    thank you.
  11. Free X Series Tips and Tricks Guide

    Is the link perhaps linked to ads?
  12. From the beginning, my D810 would not format from menu, only from the top deck switches. I sent it to Nikon Service twice and it was not repaired. I was sent a letter stating that the camera was in full compliance with its functions. They ignored the fact that my D7100 formatted from menu cards from the D810. I gave up.
  13. I meant the settings/expectations of the OP indicate severe lack of user preparation/study. The considerable knowledge base of the forum does not necessarily make it a good teacher. A lot of people are more willing to invest in hardware than learning, even to ignoring the user manual.
  14. Fuji 200mm will be f2