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  1. Memory Card Size

    The maths is really complicated and way too hard for a dummy like me to figure out. If you use 4 x 32GB cards and you lose one you lose 500 images but still have 1500 images usable compared to using 1 x 128GB card and if you lose the card you lose all 2000 images. However, statistically and this is where the maths gets hard if you are using 4 cards you will in theory be far, far more likely to suffer a failure than if you use only one card. They are your cards, your customer photos which presumably generate an income for you and it has to be your decision. Go with the option that makes you most comfortable. BTW. Discount theft as a problem. If somebody is going to steal your gear they will steal all your gear not just one SD card.
  2. Memory Card Size

    Very roughly that is going to give you around 2000 RAW+Jpeg shots per card. How often do you have 2000 photos on a card that have not been downloaded to a computer?
  3. Image Display

    If it says OK next it sounds like you have one of the advanced film modes enabled on the dial on top off the camera. Set the dial to single shot and see what happens.
  4. Are you half pressing the shutter? On Fujis (older ones at least) the histogram only stays on until you half press the shutter button. It then disappears.
  5. Lens Advice

    So are you saying that your son purchased the X-T20 without a lens or that he has decided to purchase the X-T20? This thread sounds to me more like the OP justifying buying the 16-50 for himself on the basis that he gives his existing 18-55 to his son than anything else. Nothing wrong with that at all if the OP wants and can use the 16-50.
  6. X-E3 raw files can't be read on my Mac OS 10.12.6

    Take it up with Adobe then they say it does.
  7. X-E3 raw files can't be read on my Mac OS 10.12.6

    According to Adobes support pages it does. Have you upgraded ACR to v10? Check the list from Adobe here
  8. Double on forums is considered poor manners.
  9. Fujifilm XT-2 Digital Camera

    27 UK pounds including delivery to Australia,
  10. X-E3 raw files can't be read on my Mac OS 10.12.6

    Apple have not yet updated ACR (Apple Camera RAW) so anything like iPhoto that uses ACR will not currently work with X-E3 RAW files. Apple are very tardy about updating their ACR you need blame them not Fuji. RAW support in High Sierra is listed on this Apple support page. The October 2017 Lightroom update added support for the X-E3 so you need Lightroom cc 2015.12 or LR 6.12 if you have the non subscription version.
  11. X10 failure to save photos

    Select copy form the playback menu Choose to copy from Internal memory to SD card Select All frames To delete the images in the internal memory. Take the card out of the camera Select Erase from the playback menu Select all frames
  12. X10 failure to save photos

    Is the write to memory LED blinking after you take a photos? It is just to the right of the viewfinder on the rear of the camera and blinks or is solid in different colours to give different warnings. Solid orange means it is recording to the memory (or card). Is the memory card locked? I know you should get an error message if it is but its worth checking. I don't believe that there is any setting in the camera that allows you to take pretend pictures (not recorded in other words) so either the picture is not being taken in the first place or there is likely to be an issue with the camera hardware.
  13. If you are using the OEM Fuji battery charger do not discount the charger itself as a possible source of the problem.
  14. 11 November

    I was expecting a post referencing the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month that ended with "lest we forget".
  15. Yes Lexar cards are an ongoing issue with Fuji cameras. They should work but in the real world everybody I know who has tried one with a 24MP sensor Fuji X camera has ha lock up issues that have gone away when a SanDisk card is used.