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  1. Don't bother. I used screen protectors for years on digital cameras and all they do is degrade the view of the image without actually doing anything as far as protection is concerned. If you damage a LCD screen you have probably done other damage to the camera anyway so either your insurance or your pocket will be hit regardless of whether the so called protector was installed or not.
  2. Is your version of LR 6 up to date? Unless you have downloaded a recent update to camera RAW you won't be able to manipulate the RAW files in either LR or PS. Unless you have a financial reason not to go to CC or are just bloody minded and don't like the concept of software as a service the best thing you could do is update from LR6 and PS to the Abode photographers package of CC that includes both products for around $10/month depending on where you live. That way your software will be up to date you won't have issues with new cameras and the speed enhancesmnets Adobe have built into the last few releases will assist with your editing.
  3. Lug Covers

    I packet of 10 small O rings from the hardware costs cents and will provide the same benefit on 5 caneras.
  4. I think if the OP is comparing sharpness with RAW against jpeg he should at least confirm that he is comparing images from the same camera, preferably the same image shot as RAW+jpeg. The way the first post is written it appears that RAW X-T1 photos are being compared to jpeg X-T2 photos which if correct is a ludicrous thing to do.
  5. Migrating from DSLR to X-Series - advice?

    You are going on a honeymoon not a photo shoot. Unless your fiancé is also a photographer taking a heap of photo gear is probably not the best way to start the marriage. In 5,10, or 20 years you will be wanting memories from the trip and the honeymoon not a gallery worthy photo series. The D90 is an excellent although now somewhat outdated camera but my suggestion would be to take that along with two reasonable lenses say a 16-85 DX Nikon lens and maybe something like a 55-200 DX lens. This kit would not be substaintially larger than the Fuji equivalent. Add a X100 series as your walk around take everywhere/backup camera and you will be set. Something else to consider in NZ and Polynesia is the outdoor element. You say that you are keen on outdoor pursuits and NZ would have to the the capital of the world for that type of activity with Polynesia a place of sun, sand and lots and lots of water. An option to use instead of the X100 would be a ruggedised camera from any of the manufacturers. Fuji make a very good XP series (XP120 is the current model) but Olympus, Nikon and Canon also make products. No standard camera be it X series or any DSLR will be able to be used whitewater rafting, jet boating, sailing, snorkeling, mountain biking, or any other of the outdoor activities you may wish to do on the trip.
  6. Fuji 200mm will be f2

    All lenses are significantly larger today. They all have focus motors, electronics and in Fujis case maybe OIS motors built in. I have a 135mm f2.5 Tamron from the late 1970s that is smaller than most 18-55 kit lenses these days.
  7. Fuji 200mm will be f2

    Just under half what my Nikon 70-200 2.8 weights (1489 gm).
  8. The camera is not something that can defy the laws of light tranmission. In this situation if you are going to shoot at f1.8 and want to underexpose you need filters.
  9. Thanks for the link. I actually find many of those photos to be much more real to me that a lot of the super processed unnaturally sharp digital shots that are prevalent today. Sure some are bombs and I'm not sure Danny would like his portrait but overall its an interesting take on the event that does remind one of bygone days and technology.
  10. If the camera thinks it has v3.10 firmware the OP will not be able to do an update or reinstall until Fuji release v3.20. The first thing that the camera does is look at the version number and if it is the same or older than what is installed it will not proceed. If a reset does not work I think a trip to Fuji is probably the only solution.
  11. Fuji x-a1 sensor clean error

    I suspect they use a variant of the ultrasonic cleaning that Olympus developed years ago that is what most other manufacturers with fixed sensors seem to be doing.
  12. Surely if this was correct and the reason why your camera is behaving that way you would want to know that information.
  13. The X100 series have a leaf shutter in the lens.
  14. It's happened before. Take the battery out and leave it out for an hour or so then put it back in. Make sure it's charged. Sometimes that seems to reset the curtain.
  15. I use the original type and have not used a lens cap on the X100s since the day I put the hood on.