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  1. The Shutter speed not displaying in Aperture priority mode is normal on mirrorless cameras and fully explainable. The shutter speed appears when you half press the shutter not before. The reason for this is the the camera does not meter the scene until you half press the shutter so it can't display information it does not have.
  2. The $30 is not duty of any sort It is a DHL rip off. If you have been stung by them complain to Digital Rev and next time insist they use a courier other than DHL who doesn't charge the unnecessary fee.
  3. And I'm sure they will be more than happy to spend some time with Grandad showing him how to work them. If you want to get a jump start on them so you can ask some really difficult questions try here first. http://help.apple.com/ipad/10/
  4. The MAC OS and iOS differed from Windows in that they are largely intuitive rather than the old structured DOS based legacy. The good thing with this approach is that unlike Windows it is almost impossible to stuff things as a user. The best thing to do is clear your head, channel your inner child and simply play. Touch things on the screen, tap on them drag them and low and behold after a pretty short period you will be a convert. iIf there are Apple stores near you they run free basic training courses in store several times a day. If there are no Apple stores near you then YouTube will no doubt have instructional videos available in both the operating system operation and also how various apps work. BTW I started using Macs after staring in PCs in the DOS days and survived. I did have withdrawal symptoms for a while with things like file management but got over them pretty quick.
  5. I think its a fashion thing more than anything else. In the carburettor days that is where HD and Indian had their filters and buyers just like the idea of them being there. If Honda put that same engine on a different style of bike I bet the filter would not be there.
  6. On most V Twin Cruisers that is the air filter. The horn would usually be either above the radiator or under the headlight.
  7. We have recently been able to buy them in Australia for similar amounts by utilising various offers that have been around from local resellers. I'm just waiting for Fujis traditional (Australian) end of year rebates as the X-T2 should be included in them this year. Digital Rev maintain third party warranty service centres in most major countries. If anything goes wrong you will probably only have to ship the camera to a US address rather than back to HK.
  8. Put the camera on a tripod and take a series of shots at a static subject and see what happens.
  9. The internal workings of Fuji cameras are proprietary and very closely guarded. That is one one of the reasons why software manufacturers have had so much difficulty getting the demoisacing correct with X-Trans. There is no and I suspect never will be any sort of public API for Fuji cameras. I'm sure any direct inquiry will simply be met with a polite negative response.
  10. If it works for you that would be great but I actually can't think of anything worse than having a whole bunch of different file names. What happens if you go from CART to BARC and forget to rename your files as I know I would? If you want you can take a small paper notepad and write the name of each town or location on it and take a shot of the notepad at arrival then you will know all images until the next notepad shot are at the location. When you import images into LR if you use LR it is easy to add tags for each location on import.
  11. I originally posted that I had the same experience but then I noticed that the OP is talking about the digital teleconverter not the WCL and TCL. In that case I have no idea. As its a digital teleconverter and all the camera is effectively doing is cropping the sensor image then with software boosting the size again there is no change in the focal length as far as EXIF is concerned because what is being done is all software related.
  12. Battery swelling generally happens during charging when the charge current applied is to great for the battery circuitry. This could be because the battery is not up to spec or because the charger is suspect. With Fujis rotten reputation for poor quality chargers you would generally suspect the charger first if the OEM one is being used. My suspicion with many cases of in camera swollen batteries is that the battery may well have been swollen when it was put into the camera but the owner did not notice. It's very easy to push a slightly swollen battery into a camera but considerably harder to get it out.
  13. Use it and enjoy the savings. You are not likely to be creating a lot of video footage on the X100F so the battery swelling issue is unlikely to occur as you will not be working the battery hard. Fuji do not manufacture their own batteries they are made by contract battery manufacturers in China just like almost every other battery other than the ones made in lower cost Vietnam so there is every chance the one you have may have been manufactured on the same assembly line as the one marked with Fuji sticker.
  14. The Nikon camera business is a relatively small albeit signifificant part of the overall Nikon business. Fuji are already a supplier of camera components to Nikon anyway due to the way the whole industrial system in Japan works with many companies actually being dependent on direct rivals for componentry. In Japanese terms a Govt engineered acquisition or merger or investment by Fuji in Nikon would not even raise eyebrows. It's only fanboy sites in the west that are likely to give it more than a brief mention.
  15. The only time I use an auto camera is the one on my phone.