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  1. Fujixpro1

    Many thanks for your help much appreciated
  2. Fujixpro1

    I have never bothered updating my firmware currently my fujixpro1 has 2.1 what firmware update do I now need to download ??
  3. Fujixpro1

    Well thank you ever so much for such a helpful and detailed reply. Much appreciated many thanks !!
  4. Fujixpro1

    I have had my Fujixpro1 for around two years. And and I have never updated the camera body or the 35mm and 18mm lenses. I feel I should but sheer panic has prevented me from doing so. What version of firmware will I need to download? Any advice will be most appreciated.
  5. Fujixpro1 ( cable release )

    Many thanks Richard ..... Most helpful
  6. Fujixpro1 ( cable release )

    Many thanks for your input do you have the model number ?
  7. Fujixpro1 ( cable release )

    I need a good cable release for my xpro1 ideas and input welcome
  8. Long exposures

    Thank you for your reply. I guesses that it had to the old faithful cable release. Just wondered if I was missing something !
  9. Long exposures

    Is the cable release the only way to carry out exposures of several minutes using the xpro1 camera ?
  10. Firmware ??

    Thank you for your help i will visit the fuji site.
  11. OVF Problems

    Many thanks for your help and advice i see your point. I am used to an single lens reflex and OVF Totally fooled me. Once again thank you !
  12. Fujixpro1 viewfinder problem

    My apologies i am like a blind bull in a china shop ! Thank you
  13. Firmware ??

    What is the firmware update exactly and how do you obtain and install it. I am new to digital photography and i am not well versed in computers. Film camera photography i grew with.
  14. OVF Problems

    After switching viewfinders several times( OVF TO EVF EVF TO OVF etc ) using the selector and also using the selector to use the magnification feature i have found a problem. When i now use the OVF to compose an image i notice i can see a part of the lens ( the aperture ring )in the bottom right corner of the frame . Can anyone help? Is it a fault or problem inside the viewfinder ?
  15. Fujixpro1 viewfinder problem

    After familiarising myself with the hybrid viewfinder switching between the ovp and evp finders i tried using the selector switch to zoom in using the 35mm lens it worked great. But after several times i noticed i could now see my lens aperture ring in the optical viewfinder window ! This is disconcerting whilst trying to compose an image. I had a clear viewfinder before i tried the magnification feature using the ovp something is wrong can anyone please help and explain whats happened!!!