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  1. Thank you very much! I'm looking for digipac, but I'm not sure I will bring my X10 underwater! hahah! too scared!
  2. Lens Control Error

    hearing that I consider myself lucky to bought it from Amazon. Hope the new xf1 will not have that problem. The SN, is much more recent. We will see
  3. Lens Control Error

    I recently had the same "lens control error". Fortunately I bought that camera from Amazon and they sent me a new one. I'm just afraid that the new one will have the same problem. Anyway the xf1 (it was a present) did just 500 shots... Awkward Fujifilm...
  4. New X10 with old serial number/sensor

    Thank you very much guys!!!
  5. New X10 with old serial number/sensor

    Ok guy, now I can upload the picture. f11, 30sec, iso 100 f2.5, 1.5sec, iso 100 Am I wrong about orbs? Thank you for suggests!
  6. New X10 with old serial number/sensor

    Thanks Vic I'll do it on Sunday when at home.
  7. New X10 with old serial number/sensor

    Hi guys, new x10 user here. I bought this camera from Amazon 1 month ago with a good deal (249euros). I read a lot about it before buying and I was sure I received a new sensored camera. But in these days I'm in vacation in Florence and did very good day shots. I've also tried it by night and here's the question: the sn starts with 24M but the pictures looking like there's still a white orbs problem. I'm a newbie in photography, that's why I need your help. Here is the link for looking at a picture. It was taken by phone at the camera display because I haven't any computer now. Need to know if there are orbs or not. For me yes. http://dropcanvas.com/dqsup/1 thanks
  8. Hi guys! I'm the happy owner of an X10. I'm searching for a good protection for the camera from the dust, etc, but I can't find anything on the net. I need a protection like the "dicapac" for use the camera on the beach. Any suggest? Thanks