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  1. Really like the lighting in this shot. Like robthebruce here in New Zealand we do not get that soft lighting as the atmosphere is very clear. First thing that I notice when watching any programmes on TV on the UK is that soft lighting.
  2. Found this bloke under some wood. Raced and set my camera up. Got back and was still there and grabbed a few shots of him/her. While I was taking the shots of him it's eyes were following me around the whole time. Probaly the biggest spider I have come across. May have come in from Aussie.
  3. Great photo! Fantastic lighting. Enjoy your photography Ross.
  4. Yes it is. I think it was a juvenile house fly.Quite small, but photographed pretty good. That insect world is another realm, especially when you get down to their level. Thanks! veejaycee
  5. Captured with my Fuji XE2 camera fitted with Nikon 105mm F2.8D Micro Lens.
  6. Great photo and lighting. Inside job?
  7. Great photos Richard. Like the Black and White, plus the fact you used an old Russian Lens. Have been looking at the Soviet lenses and in fact ordered a Helios 44-2 from the UK, so should be here this week. Anyone in the forum using old Russian or East German lenses, lets know, would be interested to hear your comments regarding makes etc. When are comming down under Richard?
  8. A really nice photo Rob. I like the colours. Birds can be difficult to get a good photo of, as they seem to move around a lot. There's a few on this side of the Tasman too, the result of caged birds getting out into the wild. They are causing a bit of a problem around Auckland so I have heard.
  9. G'day Heather. The adapter I used with this combination was a Fotodiox brand adapter. I purchased it from Amazon and was well priced US$15-$20. I know you can pay a lot more,but this works well. Thanks for your inquiry.
  10. How did you get on with this problem. My XE2 done much the same. I bought it new. It had Version 1.0. I upgraded it to the latest firmware, worked fine for about an hour, then could'nt turn off, had to take the battery out. Put the battery back in but would not turn on properly. No image on the LCD but the information was there, so was partly working. Tried everything but to no avail. Sent it to Fuji New Zealand then had a phone call from Fuji to say there was no problem. Told them to hold it for a few days so they they could check it now and again. The only explaination they could come up with it may have been a corrupted card. Got it back and I works as it should. Thank goodness!
  11. I don't think I would like it myself, but certainly do admire it. Good on the blokes that do it. Saw a set of photos a while ago, (You Tube I think.) Street photos in a city or town, low light and wet streets with just the odd figure in the distance and done in black and white. Gee they were nice!
  12. A great set of photos. Really like the black and white. You must be pleased with these! 35mm?
  13. I wonder how much the 23mm F2.0 will be. May just get it to pair up with my XE2,and presto then I will have an X100 or something like it! Yes, should be a populay seller.
  14. Nice and sharp and it's not Owtafocus. Our garden at the moment is in dreary winter mode. (New Zealand) Like the Dahlia too.
  15. Hello Saichiez. I have 2 3rd party lenses. One a Nikon 105mm macro lens Series D F2.8 lens and the other is a Canon 50mm F2.8 Series FD. Both have manual aperture (Have to set aperture manually, the same for shutter speed) Both lenses perform well and I for one cannot see anything wrong with the two brands and series. They work great. You can see some of my photos posted on this forum. As regards adapters I have the Fotodiox brand for the Nikon lens and a K&F Concepts brand for the Canon FD. Both were bought off ebay $15-$20 each. You do not have to spend a fortune for these. If you do go ahead a buy a 3rd party lens just make sure you get one with a manual aperture. That's important. Just remember using other lenses will slow you down because you are manually changing shutter speed and aperture, plus focusing All the best!!