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  1. Nah! Just not good enough. Make sure that Fuji replaces this one. If they don't get on to these Fuji forums and let the world know!
  2. To Artuk. Yes I can certainly see that these were NOT taken on a Fuji Camera. You said that they were taken on a Sony A711 camera and that is where the difference lies!. What I merely said that these were superior and it shows. The A711 is a Full Frame, and the Fujis are a cropped sensor( Are'nt they?) Take compliments in the spirit they were given, not a post mortem. Thanks!
  3. Owl caught by 50-140

    A Morepork or German Owl?
  4. Hi artuk. Really like your selection of photos. You can see they were not taken on a Fujifilm camera. I like the rendering of these photos very much. It's got me thinking! They are really really good. Thanks.
  5. You would think after producing 4 models of this camera that it should be near perfect. Wouldn't you think so?
  6. homebound

    Really like the lighting in this shot. Like robthebruce here in New Zealand we do not get that soft lighting as the atmosphere is very clear. First thing that I notice when watching any programmes on TV on the UK is that soft lighting.
  7. DSCF0288.JPG

    Found this bloke under some wood. Raced and set my camera up. Got back and was still there and grabbed a few shots of him/her. While I was taking the shots of him it's eyes were following me around the whole time. Probaly the biggest spider I have come across. May have come in from Aussie.
  8. Smoking pedestrian. Photo: Ross Duncan

    Great photo! Fantastic lighting. Enjoy your photography Ross.
  9. Dirty ol Fly - Head on.

    Yes it is. I think it was a juvenile house fly.Quite small, but photographed pretty good. That insect world is another realm, especially when you get down to their level. Thanks! veejaycee
  10. Dirty ol Fly - Head on.

    Captured with my Fuji XE2 camera fitted with Nikon 105mm F2.8D Micro Lens.
  11. Petals

    Great photo and lighting. Inside job?
  12. Bodie California with X-T10

    Great photos Richard. Like the Black and White, plus the fact you used an old Russian Lens. Have been looking at the Soviet lenses and in fact ordered a Helios 44-2 from the UK, so should be here this week. Anyone in the forum using old Russian or East German lenses, lets know, would be interested to hear your comments regarding makes etc. When are comming down under Richard?
  13. Rainbow lorikeet

    A really nice photo Rob. I like the colours. Birds can be difficult to get a good photo of, as they seem to move around a lot. There's a few on this side of the Tasman too, the result of caged birds getting out into the wild. They are causing a bit of a problem around Auckland so I have heard.
  14. White Anemone

    G'day Heather. The adapter I used with this combination was a Fotodiox brand adapter. I purchased it from Amazon and was well priced US$15-$20. I know you can pay a lot more,but this works well. Thanks for your inquiry.