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  1. X-H1

    VJC, the X-H1 is just like the X-T1, half baked (IMO). The T2 IMO was what the T1 should've been, in terms of both video (even if you don't shoot it) and in terms of AF. Wait for the X-H2, you won't regret it, FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is a monster, but you can defeat it
  2. X-H1

    @artuk , OK now that Fuji has an IBIS camera, I hope you'll consider getting one Your biggest complaint against Fuji was this, if I recall correctly.
  3. X-H1

    I don't know if the X-H1 is selling well since it seems to be in stock, which wasn't the case for XT2. Could be a variety of reasons why it is not like the XT2 which was out of stock for a while at the beginning of its life. I won't speculate too much, but I think most XT2 owners don't feel the need to upgrade just to get IBIS in a similar package. There are some features on the XH1 that are interesting, the e-ink display is great IMO, I don't use my EV dial nearly as much as I thought I would. Besides the headline feature (IBIS) though, I'm not sure the XH1 is that much different from the XT2. As in the smartphone world, I wonder if camera makers are trying to release a new model every year to seem like they are innovating, when in reality the feature updates remain relatively tame.
  4. X-H1

    K1W1, I don't know what sensor they will add in the next iteration, but this feels like a repeat of what happened with the XT1, when they kept the 16MP (when others moved to 24). Of course, sensors are just one part of a camera and work in tandem with other components, so I'm not suggesting it is the only driving factor in a camera being considered current. The idea of price bumping is interesting. The XH1 is probably an indication that Fuji doesn't want to discount its wares in relation to its counterparts. In the same vein, we've already seen all the Fuji lens discounts slashed this past go around. I do like the IBIS feature, I returned my 16-55 because it didn't work well on my XT2 in low(er) light. Let's see how the real world reviews rate the camera. Personally I'll probably be holding out for at least the next iteration.
  5. X-H1

    The camera itself looks interesting, with some great features. Personally I'd wait for the next iteration of this one, learning from Fuji history. I feel that the XT2 was the camera that the XT1 should've been (AF + features), at least from what was available from the competition. XT1 felt like a beta model, and having seen the list of items on the XH1 (and what is missing), it feels the same way. The XH2 may be the one to have some of those more expected video features (8 bit vs 10 bit, for example) and better battery life. (I only shoot amateur video, so for me video features are largely not applicable). I'm sure the IQ in jpg especially will continue to impress, and I'm looking forward to seeing the Eterna film simulation on the XT2 via firmware update. If people on here buy it, consider posting your review after a few months of use, especially if you are coming from another system. (I am looking at you @artuk, who said he'd only consider a Fuji if it had IBIS ).
  6. X-H1

    I'm sure many of you saw the new X-H1, perhaps we can have a thread to discuss why we need (or want ) an XT-2 + steroids. http://www.fujifilm.com/news/n180215_01.html As expected, 'reviews' (or PR propaganda, however you look at it) are available on youtube, Fuji friendly sites etc. Perhaps Christopher needs to create a new forum category too !
  7. Dear fellow photogs, I have been (hardly) using an original Fuji x100 and I recently noticed some (minimal) dust in viewfinder, after nearly 5 years of use. Is there some general cleaning that I can perform on it? Can I send it in to Fuji to get it cleaned? Any other pointers on cleaning this camera in general? I'm sure this has been discussed in other forum topics, but I can't seem to find one related to cameras (I saw sensor cleaning etc). Thanks !
  8. My Fuji transformation

    Jaime, Welcome to the forum. Interesting blog entry, an enjoyable read. I see that you are a gen 2 lens fan, I haven't tried any of the second generation lenses, still using gen1 23/35/60 All the best with your craft.
  9. Lumens, Please don't be so quick to discredit a camera that hasn't come on the market yet ! It may be better than the T2 and then I will be very envious when some of you get it.
  10. VJC, without going too much into the weeds, If stabilization is not one's cup of tea, then I'm sure one can turn it off. But to say that the 16-55 or the body doesn't need it because we made do without it in the past, that may be a stretch. The limitations of stabilization notwithstanding, I think it is another feature to help some (perhaps not all) photographers. I am not a pro and any feature that helps my photos get better, I'll gladly accept (the 55-200 has saved my pics many times precisely because of stabilization). And I agree with you, my statement should've read "features are no substitute for good technique" .
  11. While your point is well received, others may say the same for AF, and a host of other photographic improvements, the 'back in my day' comment With regards to the the 16-55, it is of no use in low light situations without stabilization, and neither is it useful for video in good light unless using a tripod. The primes can go down (up) to 1.8 or 1.2 (the 56mm), so that can be very useful (in photo applications). Good technique is no substitute to features, but still many of us don't think about focusing techniques as much due to AF being available. I think IBIS is the one feature I would wish on my T2, especially for video. The lack of IBIS is also the reason I returned my 16-55, didn't want a large lens with no stabilization causing me trouble in lowlight situations.
  12. I concur, Walmart always had an excellent return service, I think they have even improved it further recently. All the best with the next camera purchase
  13. New firmware for XT2

    Interesting, I've not encountered this issue having used CH a fair bit, but I did notice some lockups under other (non-replicable) circumstances.
  14. Upgrade dilemma - XPro2?

    VJC, Not to point fingers, but I recall a certain someone mentioning that they won't be getting the XT2 nor the 16-55, instead making do with the XT1 and 18-55. As Fuji shooters, I think we should give in and buy everything they make. This way there is no chance we miss any incremental updates or omissions they make And the X-E3 looks very nice, reminds me of a sleeker X-E1 , if I was going entry level, I'd choose it in a NY minute.
  15. New 80mm f2.8 macro official announcement

    Kiwiana, good point and duly acknowledged. I use my 60mm as a portrait lens as well, that is what I was thinking of when I was referring to the AF. Should've clarified !