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  1. Rolocollie, I don't know if this forum can assuage your fears, because anecdotally we all have had great experiences and also some issues with Fuji gear. I can't comment on the (higher or lower) incidence of QC problems on Fujis though, a true measure would require a thorough study with a relevant sample size. For every user on a forum that complains about issues, there may be many other satisfied users that remain silent, so you may be hearing the squeakiest wheels, perhaps. Again, this is my opinion, more erudite persons than I may have substantially tangible information. I can attest though, that when I experienced an issue, Fuji fixed it in a timely manner with minimal hassles. (Also Fuji repair facility is very close to me, so I can make a trip).
  2. I concur with Fred G. Unn, I have found DR to be a major culprit in bumping up the (Auto) ISO (albeit on an XT2).
  3. Artuk, I liked the following pictures - I felt some of the other similar pics were a bit too symmetrical (even the ones below have some symmetrical elements, but there is a depth, or its broken up by something else e.g. the moped). R.-A7ii-FE-16-35mm-f4-ZA-OSS-1-20s-f7.1-ISO1250.jpg II.-A7s-FE35mm-f1.4-ZA-1-60s-f5.6-ISO10000.jpg LL.-A7s-FE-16-35mm-f4-ZA-3.2s-f11-ISO100.jpg I am not a photo critic, this is my amateur opinion. As for using the word 'bashed', it was probably a stronger word than I intended. I was just saying that you may want to reconsider your reference to how a previous generation of a product didn't meet your needs, perhaps (in my mind) implying that the current iteration may be deficient as well. No worries though, as I said, I felt it was out of context.
  4. Artuk, I read this article and it is well written. I liked the pictures posted, especially a couple that were quite interesting, both compositionally and color wise. Personally, I like the PP that you do, keep it up. The one part I didn't quite understand is how you find a way to bash an X-Pro 1 in response to an article on a newer generation X-Pro 2. But that is just a minor gripe
  5. AdamW, I haven't used the latest version of ON1. I did use the previous one, from December 2016. I found it to be OK for the most part, though it didn't support the XT2 compressed raw import from what I recall. Its algorithms tweaked the files too aggressively though, that is why I didn't pursue it further, it required a level of fine motor skills I couldn't muster. All the best with your experience, let us know how you make out.
  6. Christopher, Thanks for the update. I plan to do this later this week. Your experience leads me to believe nothing will break, I have it currently set up just the way I like it.
  7. gurcemzekai, Welcome to the forum. You make $$ from your photography, so I will defer to the pros steer you. I will say that as a amateur, Fuji gear has made me enjoy photography even more. One lens I will recommend is the 60mm 2.4, which is slow (AF wise) but the rendering on it (IMO) is excellent and one can find used copies for quite a bargain, perhaps one of the most underrated lenses in the Fuji lineup (IMO). All the best with your switch !
  8. VJC, You broke down and got an XT2. Welcome to the club
  9. I haven't upgraded to the latest firmware on my XT2. Have other users encountered any bugs that one should be aware of in this new firmware now that it has been out for a while?
  10. VJC, artuk, This is the feature I was referring to - Pre-AF http://fujifilm-x.com/af/en/af_guide/point03.html
  11. This is interesting. I can't offer much more than what others have said. But there is one thing on my XT-2 that I initially had turned on which caused a somewhat similar effect. (I don't have my camera with me, so I don't recall the exact setting name). I used to have something like the 'focus helper' feature turned on where the camera would keep focusing incrementally when turned on to achieve faster focus. I found that sometimes (more often than not) it missed focus when I clicked the shutter. It could be that the older lens I used could not keep up with the minute adjustments that were occurring. This probably isn't your issue, I just thought I'd mention it.
  12. artuk, VJC, Christopher, I don't doubt your word on the F4. I just wish the 18-55 had similar quality (IQ) as the 16-55 and I might have considered it. When I owned a copy, it was mediocre at best. Perhaps they will launch a better quality lens in some of the other zoom FLs that you mention.
  13. LMMiller9, One can hope for the OIS version. It is a bit curious though that the lens is out of stock. I did check the rumor sites and I haven't seen anything to indicate a new lens in the pipeline. I did see some patent news regarding how Fuji has a patent on a 16-55 OIS. It would be interesting if one is released !
  14. VJC, I take a number of pictures but since they are of people I know well (a good number are my kids), I am reluctant to post them to public forums. I will definitely consider sharing with you privately (not because my pics are great, but because I don't feel that comfortable doing so).
  15. VJC, Interesting insights into PP. I rarely do heavy PP, but your tips give me some ideas to try in conjunction with what i currently do.