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  1. artuk, Its interesting you mention consumer perception. All that over sharpening and smoothing to look plasticky has an appeal, partly because photogs have been using those techniques, albeit in measured amounts, to make portraits look nicer. Of course, layers of foundation are also used by many individuals (in real life) to cover up imperfections, akin to 'smoothing'. So culturally, 'smoothing' has crept into our daily life, and the apps are just facilitating this. Personally, I like to keep things as organic as possible, and so I find even the oversharpened quality of HD video (at least demo videos at the stores, I don't have any HD panels) that is shown these days to be artificial. Technology in the future, visually, may no longer be trying to show us a representation of the actual reality, but rather an enhanced (artistic? cartoonish?) view, one that loosely conforms to reality. And that is perhaps why consumers want ultra smoothing algorithms, over sharp images, and next generation apps that can deliver this without intervening photogs like yourself getting in the way.
  2. I saw this on Amazon (a W126S), but there are no reviews, so I am reluctant to take the plunge at this time. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XTNXQJM/ref=psdc_11041791_t2_B01I4RNPQ6 Its a 126S battery, apparently. Anyone using this one (or another after market 'S' battery)?
  3. Thats interesting. I have seen this issue in bright areas when there is a strong mix/contrast of light (green seems to cause it most , from what I've seen) when using Auto WB. I asked a related question on this forum a while ago. Here it looks nothing of that sort, that dumpster looks like a shade or purple, dead on. I'd assume you could shoot another camera to confirm (like a cell phone even) that this is or isn't a camera error. Unless they've already moved the dumpster, it looks quite full.
  4. I would hope that this information is not entirely dire as the blog makes it sound. A world without Nikons ! who'd have thunk They have a lot of industrial and commercial products outside of retail imaging and we can hope that these can pull them through. I'd prefer competition, it constantly drives innovation. Otherwise we will get things like American cars from the 80s. Of course, on a related note, larger cameras are probably a dying proposition as people move towards 'smart' phones. Though, I would hope that purists would be able to keep the market alive, thereby allowing companies to create better tools that a smart phone can never match with software. (Recently I saw a google Pixel phone photo that can simulate shallow DoF quite accurately to most eyes). Interesting days ahead !
  5. artuk , Space is an issue, but also processing lag (with current hardware) is another problem with large files. I haven't used recent versions of LR but Iridient takes a few cranks before it can start processing my files (pulling in initially from SD card) on a fairly recent (1.5 yrs old) Macbook Pro.
  6. Glad you are enjoying the XT20, its a good bang for the buck camera if IQ has the higher priority (when compared to handling/ergonomics). I concur with VJC on the Raw files, the compressed raws from my XT2 are around 20-25 MB. Iridient takes a few seconds to load them on a recent MacBook Pro (from the SD Card/external storage), but I've learned to live with it for now
  7. Personally I think Google bought Nik to update its photos application with interesting algorithms. They may buy other innovative companies in the future to augment their capabilities, but I don't seem them diluting their google photos brand to add another piece of standalone software. I don't think they would want to support plugin compatibility with Adobe etc. which doesn't yield them any benefit. But in any event, signing a petition doesn't cost anyone anything, except a few minutes, so I'd say pursue it, hope for the best, but expect the status quo.
  8. Zoeker, You can use the software that comes bundled with the camera (modified version of Silkypix) or use other (paid) software for a Mac that converts raw to jpeg such as Lightroom, Iridient, ON1 etc. Here is the link for Fuji's free product. http://www.fujifilm.com/support/digital_cameras/software/myfinepix_studio/rfc_2/mac_01/ I have not used this software, but as of version 4.1.2 it supports the X-T10. Personally, I use Iridient on a Mac with excellent results.
  9. farrell, I think you have convinced yourself on an XT20, and it was/is not my intention to talk you out of it. What I was trying to say is that, I had the same thought process when I got the XT10 over the XT1, since IQ etc. remains the same. Though, after having used an XT2, I can see how the XT10 is a bit cumbersome to use. If I had to do it again, I'd probably have gotten the XT1 instead of the XT10.( I also had the X-E1 previously, so I can somewhat relate to your camera ownership evolution. ) That is why I said to try out the XT2, it is quite possible that the 700$ difference is not worth it (and one could put a couple of hundred bucks more and get two XT20s ! ) All the best with your purchase, please do update the thread after you work with the XT20 for a bit. It would be interesting to hear (and perhaps see) your experiences.
  10. Farrell, If you are considering the XT2/20, I would also recommend looking at the ergonomics/handling. I have both the X-T10 (which I believe is the same form factor as the XT20) and the X-T2. I find myself using the XT2 mostly, not necessarily for its IQ but for its handling and button/knob placements. I second Christopher's sentiment, the focus point knob is key, I really like it, now I don't have to focus and recompose, as I did with the XT10. Even if budget is a limiting factor, as K1W1 suggests, an intimate fondle is not a bad idea
  11. Rolocollie, I don't know if this forum can assuage your fears, because anecdotally we all have had great experiences and also some issues with Fuji gear. I can't comment on the (higher or lower) incidence of QC problems on Fujis though, a true measure would require a thorough study with a relevant sample size. For every user on a forum that complains about issues, there may be many other satisfied users that remain silent, so you may be hearing the squeakiest wheels, perhaps. Again, this is my opinion, more erudite persons than I may have substantially tangible information. I can attest though, that when I experienced an issue, Fuji fixed it in a timely manner with minimal hassles. (Also Fuji repair facility is very close to me, so I can make a trip).
  12. I concur with Fred G. Unn, I have found DR to be a major culprit in bumping up the (Auto) ISO (albeit on an XT2).
  13. Artuk, I liked the following pictures - I felt some of the other similar pics were a bit too symmetrical (even the ones below have some symmetrical elements, but there is a depth, or its broken up by something else e.g. the moped). R.-A7ii-FE-16-35mm-f4-ZA-OSS-1-20s-f7.1-ISO1250.jpg II.-A7s-FE35mm-f1.4-ZA-1-60s-f5.6-ISO10000.jpg LL.-A7s-FE-16-35mm-f4-ZA-3.2s-f11-ISO100.jpg I am not a photo critic, this is my amateur opinion. As for using the word 'bashed', it was probably a stronger word than I intended. I was just saying that you may want to reconsider your reference to how a previous generation of a product didn't meet your needs, perhaps (in my mind) implying that the current iteration may be deficient as well. No worries though, as I said, I felt it was out of context.
  14. Artuk, I read this article and it is well written. I liked the pictures posted, especially a couple that were quite interesting, both compositionally and color wise. Personally, I like the PP that you do, keep it up. The one part I didn't quite understand is how you find a way to bash an X-Pro 1 in response to an article on a newer generation X-Pro 2. But that is just a minor gripe
  15. AdamW, I haven't used the latest version of ON1. I did use the previous one, from December 2016. I found it to be OK for the most part, though it didn't support the XT2 compressed raw import from what I recall. Its algorithms tweaked the files too aggressively though, that is why I didn't pursue it further, it required a level of fine motor skills I couldn't muster. All the best with your experience, let us know how you make out.