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  1. Firmware updates 8 August

    VJC, Actually I saw it on the Fuji site, not fujirumors. http://www.fujifilm.com/support/digital_cameras/software/firmware/x/xt2/index.html?i&c&o&P&y&f&r&
  2. Firmware updates 8 August

    I wonder if this firmware update addresses the AF issues that people have been facing as discussed in another thread for XT2. The relevant item in the update is below: The phenomenon is fixed that in the AF-S mode, repeated halfway shutter pressing can shift the focus point with SHUTTER AF setting OFF.
  3. X-T2 autofocus problems

    While I'd prefer to really not delve into this topic with a raised hand saying 'me too' , I think I have some anecdotal evidence that, after this thread, made me look into my picture library a bit more closely. There have been instances where the focus seems to be off, even when I know I tried to focus on a certain artifact in the frame. While I see estimates of 25-30% here, looking at my shots I have a lower number, around 8% is the number I see to be out of focus. I mostly attributed that to my technique rather than any AF issues, but there have been a couple of instances where I distinctly couldn't figure out why the shot was off kilter, since I used (AFAIK) correct technique or at least, no different technique than other pictures in the same series. I think this may be correctable in a firmware update (perhaps) and, so, given my current (non) hit rate, I am not concerned. I wonder if certain settings exacerbate the problem, but I will let you pros do that analysis. And Artuk, buy a Fuji XT2 already , you are here on this forum, you clearly like our company, whats a couple of thousand dollars for having a good conversation with friends?
  4. I think IBIS is a great feature, especially if one takes photos (of stationary subjects) in low light. One of the reasons why I returned my 16-55 was for the lack of stabilization. It also helps with video, I like the video I can get (handheld) out of my 55-200 unlike the jittery mess on the 16-55. Having said that, I am a little unhappy that, if the rumor is true, they pooh-poohed this feature not too long ago. I recall reading/listening to a Fuji exec who said it is impossible to add IBIS (I presume this is active IBIS, where the sensor itself moves) to the X mount because of the flange size. Given this authoritative statement, I bought the XT2, otherwise I may have waited to buy another Fuji body. In any event, this is a good feature to add, and I may yet plunge more money into another Fuji body.
  5. Sorry to hear about your predicament ! You may have gotten a lemon that escaped QC due to a jittery employee who just quit smoking and badly needed a cigarette . My gear has been banged about and it has held up quite well. All the best with your repairs/replacement. Please keep us updated, I'd be curious to hear how Fuji responds.
  6. I've had some issues with Lexar cards (some plastic stuff ffalls off), but compared to the Sandisk it was cheaper; so far those issues haven't affected its usability and performance. I haven't had the best of luck with Transcend. PNY and Kingston performed OK, but I feel its slower than advertised (maybe its just perception, I haven't run any tests on it). I haven't seen Samsung, Panasonic or Toshiba cards here in the US (Amazon or BH for example). I have used Sony cards and they are quite good (actually I like all of Sony's products that I have purchased/used) , but it is pricey. I guess choices are limited for us in the US.
  7. This is a bummer, they were cheaper than the Sandisk cards (for the same ballpark r/w speed) and were good enough for my use. We may now have higher prices for pro level cards.
  8. japan asks Fuji to step in to help Nikon

    artuk, Its interesting you mention consumer perception. All that over sharpening and smoothing to look plasticky has an appeal, partly because photogs have been using those techniques, albeit in measured amounts, to make portraits look nicer. Of course, layers of foundation are also used by many individuals (in real life) to cover up imperfections, akin to 'smoothing'. So culturally, 'smoothing' has crept into our daily life, and the apps are just facilitating this. Personally, I like to keep things as organic as possible, and so I find even the oversharpened quality of HD video (at least demo videos at the stores, I don't have any HD panels) that is shown these days to be artificial. Technology in the future, visually, may no longer be trying to show us a representation of the actual reality, but rather an enhanced (artistic? cartoonish?) view, one that loosely conforms to reality. And that is perhaps why consumers want ultra smoothing algorithms, over sharp images, and next generation apps that can deliver this without intervening photogs like yourself getting in the way.
  9. I saw this on Amazon (a W126S), but there are no reviews, so I am reluctant to take the plunge at this time. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XTNXQJM/ref=psdc_11041791_t2_B01I4RNPQ6 Its a 126S battery, apparently. Anyone using this one (or another after market 'S' battery)?
  10. puzzled

    Thats interesting. I have seen this issue in bright areas when there is a strong mix/contrast of light (green seems to cause it most , from what I've seen) when using Auto WB. I asked a related question on this forum a while ago. Here it looks nothing of that sort, that dumpster looks like a shade or purple, dead on. I'd assume you could shoot another camera to confirm (like a cell phone even) that this is or isn't a camera error. Unless they've already moved the dumpster, it looks quite full.
  11. japan asks Fuji to step in to help Nikon

    I would hope that this information is not entirely dire as the blog makes it sound. A world without Nikons ! who'd have thunk They have a lot of industrial and commercial products outside of retail imaging and we can hope that these can pull them through. I'd prefer competition, it constantly drives innovation. Otherwise we will get things like American cars from the 80s. Of course, on a related note, larger cameras are probably a dying proposition as people move towards 'smart' phones. Though, I would hope that purists would be able to keep the market alive, thereby allowing companies to create better tools that a smart phone can never match with software. (Recently I saw a google Pixel phone photo that can simulate shallow DoF quite accurately to most eyes). Interesting days ahead !
  12. First impressions of my XT20

    artuk , Space is an issue, but also processing lag (with current hardware) is another problem with large files. I haven't used recent versions of LR but Iridient takes a few cranks before it can start processing my files (pulling in initially from SD card) on a fairly recent (1.5 yrs old) Macbook Pro.
  13. First impressions of my XT20

    Glad you are enjoying the XT20, its a good bang for the buck camera if IQ has the higher priority (when compared to handling/ergonomics). I concur with VJC on the Raw files, the compressed raws from my XT2 are around 20-25 MB. Iridient takes a few seconds to load them on a recent MacBook Pro (from the SD Card/external storage), but I've learned to live with it for now
  14. Petition to keep Nik suite going.

    Personally I think Google bought Nik to update its photos application with interesting algorithms. They may buy other innovative companies in the future to augment their capabilities, but I don't seem them diluting their google photos brand to add another piece of standalone software. I don't think they would want to support plugin compatibility with Adobe etc. which doesn't yield them any benefit. But in any event, signing a petition doesn't cost anyone anything, except a few minutes, so I'd say pursue it, hope for the best, but expect the status quo.
  15. Raf to Jpeg

    Zoeker, You can use the software that comes bundled with the camera (modified version of Silkypix) or use other (paid) software for a Mac that converts raw to jpeg such as Lightroom, Iridient, ON1 etc. Here is the link for Fuji's free product. http://www.fujifilm.com/support/digital_cameras/software/myfinepix_studio/rfc_2/mac_01/ I have not used this software, but as of version 4.1.2 it supports the X-T10. Personally, I use Iridient on a Mac with excellent results.