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  1. Lovebirds making a home in one of our datepalms.

    Thanks! We couldn’t figure out where they came from but, apparently, they “escaped” from Arizona State University research facility, I found out. I am glad they found home in our backyard. Very vocal bunch, too!
  2. Afternoon Visitors

    Great photos, @merlin!
  3. Bright Angel Trail

  4. Grand Canyon

  5. Grand Canyon from Mather Point

    if you closely, you can see people on the trail…..
  6. Plateau Point in the distance

    if you closely, you can see people on the trail…..
  7. Bright Angel Trail

    if you look closely, you can see people on the trail…..
  8. Lonely Hiker

    On the way down to Indian Gardens and Plateau Point.
  9. Saturday morning. 5:35AM.

  10. Another storm is coming

  11. The morning after...

    …massive storm that ripped through the northeast Valley last night. At one point, it was directly over my house, dumping incredible amounts of rain, with lightning and thunder all around….
  12. Crazy clouds...

    ….rolled over the neighborhood last night. No rain, unfortunately.
  13. Lily

  14. Old Town

    Olomouc, CZ.
  15. In a land far far away

  16. The Narrows

    Thanks, @Owtafocus. One of my very favorite in UT. I come back every year.
  17. The Narrows

  18. Blooming cereus.

    Thanks, @robthebruce
  19. Blooming cereus.

  20. Kunsthistorisches Museum

    Fine Arts Museum, Vienna, Austria