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  1. update XT-2 firmware to 3.0 problems

    Also, do not expect Lightroom/Photoshop capabilities out of the X RAW Converter.
  2. Neighbor’s Rose

    Image processed with FujiFilm X RAW Studio in Classic Chrome. Originally shot in RAW, in Provia/Standard film simulation.
  3. update XT-2 firmware to 3.0 problems

    I drink Vodka! With the XT2 still attached and after you have found your photo folder, you can choose you film simulation…etc and save it as your custom profile. You can apply the custom profile to the photos of your choosing.
  4. update XT-2 firmware to 3.0 problems

    Did you transfer the photos onto your computer? You should see “SOURCE IMAGE FOLDER”. Expand it and look for the photos. See screenshot below. Hope this helps
  5. update XT-2 firmware to 3.0 problems

    Alrighty then. It is actually not bad to use. Read my reply above.
  6. update XT-2 firmware to 3.0 problems

    Go to the Menu on your XT2 -> Setup (looks like a wrench) ->Connection Settings->PC Connection Mode->USB RAW Conv. / Backup Restore. It should work.
  7. In the neighbor’s front yard

    @MarcoDebiasi - thank you for your comment.
  8. Distorted by Gehry

    LA Symphony Hall, DTLA, CA.
  9. American Art

    at The Virginia Steele Scott Gallery of American Art, Huntington Library and Gardens, San Marino, California.
  10. The Broad, DTLA

    at 221 S. Grand Avenue in Los Angeles, California
  11. Virgin River flowing through the Narrows.

    Zion National Park, Utah, USA.
  12. Arizona landscape

    Around Canyon Lake, east of Phoenix.
  13. Lake Mead

    On the Arizona/Nevada border, shot from the Hoover Dam.
  14. Lonely Pine

    South Rim of the Grand Canyon, Arizona.
  15. The Cosmo

    Las Vegas Strip
  16. Morning light

    Zion National Park, Utah, USA.
  17. Lonely Pine

    Thank you for your comment, Rob. I have the 10-24mm F/4 lens that was used for this shot.
  18. Grand Canyon

    South Rim of the Grand Canyon, Arizona.
  19. Angels Landing.

    Hi Rob! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. The sad reality of the Angels Landing trail is that many people fall to their death trying to hike it. Zion Canyon has many other beautiful hikes including one where you hike in the creek flowing through so called Narrows. I have done this hike several times and it has always been fantastic experience! As for the Grand Canyon - it is MASSIVE compared to Zion.
  20. Angels Landing.

    Zion National Park on a gloomy winter day. Angels Landing is one the strenuous hikes in the park, with 500+ drop-offs on each side of the trail. I never completed that hike but I wish I had - the views from the top are quite stunning, I heard. Video courtesy of SoCal Attractions (I have no association with them).
  21. Bryce Canyon, Utah, USA.

    I just completed a road trip through Zion, Bryce and Grand Canyon National Parks. 1500 miles round trip through some of my favorite parts of the American Southwest.
  22. Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA.