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  1. I have the X100F with the TCL attached and I have found the ONA Bowery to be the perfect size.
  2. I have found my strap on x100f from deadcameras is amazing. Made in Portugal, very well made.
  3. Morepork. We have a resident pair that follow us around
  4. X-T2, 50-140 with 1.4 TC. This breed of owl is rarely seen at night let alone during the day. Over the moon to get it. The pair are residents on our farm. This is the reason I got the 1.4 TC
  5. X-T2, 50-140, 1.4 TC this is the reason I purchased the 1.4TC. For me ( and that's all that matters 😀) this shot was possible because of it.
  6. Have both, love both. I would definitely choose the 23mm. There is something magical about that lens. I've just won a national photo comp with it. The 56 is THE lens for dof. But I found that it takes time to get that right shot, whereas the 23mm just grabs the subject in any condition. I went overseas earlier this year and took my 16 instead of the 23. That's a mistake I'll never repeat again. 23, you won't regret it.
  7. X-T2, 50-140, 1.4 TC
  8. $300 of the 90 is very impressive. I see one retailer offering it for $774 AU with cash back. That is a good price.
  9. It's getting worse not better. The attitude is if it's out there - grab it, be it an image,or music etc. it must be getting worse as iStock are collectively taking on Google. The problem is that google images went hi definition in 2013 making stealing images easy. I read though one case where a photographer had his image of Waikiki stolen by a travel agency who put his image on the front of their brochures. He was from Australia and it was a US travel company. He said he would have to pay $25K to sue the company who could drag if out ( read : not worth it ). I guess watermark is the way to go, but it does detract from the image. My advice is try and put it out there against the non profit. They're getting money from honourable donators who expect the charity to have principles. Hit them where it hurts!
  10. First impressions - wow! I came from the XT-1, which I will forever acknowledge returning my joy of photography after losing it with Nikon. If a camera doesn't give you a slight thrill everytime you pick it up then move on until one does. My first lens I threw the XT-2 was the legendary 56mm. For those who have this lens know that it doesn't suffer fools. The DOF is incredible but easy to miss. My XT-1 often hunted with focusing so for me it was an easy test. Wow....it grabbed my subject, an unsuspecting Labrador ( see attached ). I used the Acros mode which I find almost hypnotic. The T2 is slightly heavier which I love. If you loved the T1 then I'm going to say there's a 30% improvement. It is the most beautiful camera I've ever owned
  11. I got mine, but I have to be honest and say it was not easy. I preordered, then went to the XT-2 launch on the 7th sept. Fuji guy there basically giving a dead pan description of what we already knew. Hit him up and the store owner for one. Kinda got promised one the next day at 9:30am...and yeah got it. I feel a bit for some who thought being on a preorder list meant certain delivery. It didn't. this is my 3rd day with it and I'lol say its for me a massive improvement from the T1, which considering I regarded that as the camera that brought back the joy of photography after being in the Nikon desert -is high praise for me
  12. Statement from Fuji. "Thank you for your continued patronage of Fujifilm products. The Mirrorless digital camera “FUJIFILM X-T2” is, received a reservation of more than assumed, production has become a situation that does not keep up with the orders. For this reason, you may be asked for a while before we can deliver the product you ordered. And we apologize for the inconvenience to our customers, actually there is no excuse. We will continue to work to increase production, I would like to humbly thank you for your understanding." Ran out of boxes apparently 😀