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    Abstract expressionist painter, writer, musician, hiker, kayaker.

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  1. We set out for an adventure on this warm and beautiful day. Rather than follow the well-marked trail, we went off in a southwesterly direction, climbing up and skirting the base of cliffs and rocky ridges. There were many wonderful rock formations, large boulders, and gnarled trees. Footing was fairly treacherous in many parts, with steep drops in case we got careless. Near the end we had to scramble up and over a rock slide, almost on all fours, to get to the top of the mesa. But the views were extraordinary! With nary another soul to be seen, other than the soaring resident ravens, the stillness and solitude were deeply nurturing, and as always the magnificence of nature uplifting and inspiring.
  2. Thanks, Marco. I agree about the microphone, but given the venue, there was nothing I could do about where I was seated, and therefore the view.
  3. Thanks, Marco -- much appreciated!
  4. Thanks for your suggestions. Here is a more recent one.
  5. X-T1, 16mm f/1.4
  6. Thanks very much for commenting! I did not use a polarizing filter. The day was partly overcast, so that accounts for the differences in the colors of the sky. There are more photographs from this trip at
  7. Thanks very much for your kind words!
  8. Thanks for your feedback. I obviously disagree. One rock formation does not look like all others, for example. There are many differences discernable, as well as the foreground, POV, composition, exposure, light, etc.
  9. Thanks, Christopher, for all the energy -- and resources -- you put into the forum. I wish there were more feedback for posted images, however, but I have no problem posting them in 1600-pixel size from both Flickr and SmugMug.
  10. Ghost Ranch is about 20 miles north of Abiquiu. Georgia O'Keeffe lived and painted here. It is now an educational and retreat center with gardens, museums, galleries, and hiking trails. Much of the land remains unspoiled wilderness. It has incredible rock formations, towering 500-foot cliffs, huge cottonwoods and other trees, sagebrush, wide vistas, and a year-round stream. Most of the rocks are more than 200 million years old, and dinosaur skeletons have been discovered on the land. Hiking and spending five hours immersed in the majesty, vastness, and stillness was a most welcome balance for the ever increasing madness gripping the so-called real world.