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  1. The X-E2s syncs at 1/250 sec though Fuji continues to mark 1/180 with 'x'! I found that accidentally the other day!! Fuji does not permit flash with electronic shutter!
  2. Just bought an XF 27mm. Works fine except in manual focus mode. The focus ring is pretty tight compared to other Fujinon lenses (XF and XC). Would be difficult to focus manually given the small size of the focusing ring and its tightness.
  3. Ranjan

    Flash for the X-series

    I have been hearing good things about the Yongnuo 560-IV and the compatible TX commander module which allows radio-triggered flash setup for Fuji cameras. Anyone gave it a try here?
  4. Ranjan

    Fuji XC 50-230mm mini review

    Folks, when using a tripod, how does one turn off OIS? The XC 50-230 does not have a OIS switch :-?