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  1. Raf to Jpeg

    I know, but it is easier to edit the picture outside the camera in a seperate program.
  2. Raf to Jpeg

    Thanks, I installed The software of Silkypix and it works.
  3. How can I convert the raf files to jpeg files on my Mac? Does exist special software? My camera is a X-T10
  4. Misomatic

    Marco Debiasi thank you for your explanatione and Kw1W1_Mk2 I shall follow your advise and contact Flysurfer.
  5. A few time ago I bouht the book of Rico Pfirstinger "Fujifilm X-T10 115 X-Pert Tips" On the pages 82 and 83 he describes Misomatic. However I do'nt understand this article. I am dutch and my English not so good. Can somebody explain me this mode.
  6. Thank you, I am very happy with yourr answer.
  7. A couple weeks ago I bought the X-T10 and therefore the book "FujiFilm X-T10 of Rico Pfirstinger. In this book he refers to the pdf file mentionned by veejacee. However this page is not found. Does somebody knows where to find this handbook?