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    Fujifilm X-T2
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    XF 16-55mm F2.8 R LM WR
  1. Pondering

    “For I have always been a seeker, a dreamer, and a ponderer on seeking and dreaming...” ― H.P. Lovecraft, Night Ocean et autres nouvelles
  2. Yes it should work. I can do HSS with cactus vii to rf60 and v6ii to RL600B (with another v6ii attached) HSS no problem. I even went as far as updating to the latest firmware for the xt2 and it works with no issues.
  3. FOR SALE: BRAND NEW 16-55mm WR Lens

    On another note, lenses are not like camera bodies. They hold their values. Maybe $100 off would be a killer deal but you're dreaming if you think you can get this lens in this condition for under $900.
  4. X-T2 Dreamy Video

    What is this? A picture for ants?