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  1. I had borrowed from Fujifilm Sweden one of the first X-T2 and I have encountered the same problem as you. Tested it with photographing ice hockey and basketball. After the first game, most of the images was blurry. If you shoot a lot (every day) you learn quickly how the camera and lens is reacting in different situations. So ... from the last hockey game that I used X-T2 on, I saved over 80% of the high quality images for later use. Wrote a report of the problems to Fujifilm Sweden, who replied that they have never received any complaints about this model. I chosed X-T2 as the best mirrorless camera 2016 on my blog, because I think it will be a winner in its class when it have been updated. I decided to not buy it. I will continue to shoot with the amazing X-T1 :-)
  2. You have captured a beautiful view, where I would also like to travel.
  3. Thank you for your comment @robthebruce! Nice! I have now send the large high resolution image file to NG and the bike riders got the copy of this one :-)
  4. The Icy Bike Track

    I was sitting on a rock in the woods when two men stopped and asked me what I'm doing. - "I'm waiting for bicycle riders to shoot them," I replied. - "What shall you do with the photographs?" asked one of them. - "I have plans to send one photo to National Geographic." - "Oh Boy!!! National Geographic!!! How many times do you want us to drive by?" - "Three times please :-) "
  5. The modern building style have moved from concrete and wood to steel and glass and gives a lot of new interesting to catch with the lens. Thanks for your comment, Christopher!
  6. The modern Maritime Museum Vellamo

    The modern Maritime Museum Vellamo by night, in my hometown Kotka, Finland.
  7. Thanks a lot, Dan! It feels good to get positive feedback and I like your work to! It should be great to get the possibility to visit Alaska in the near future :-) I have now announced the best mirrorless camera of the year 2016.
  8. A nice blog, thank you for sharing!
  9. FujifilmX-T1 and X-T2.jpg

    Two cameras, worth its price!
  10. I was also for the first time interested in the medium format via news of Hasselblad's X1D camera. I contacted the manufacturers representatives in Sweden and Finland, asking for the ability to test their new models but . . . The salesman for Hasselblad and Phase One had the opinion that as a full-time amateur photographer I'm too poor to buy their products. Focus Nordic on the other hand send me Ricoh Pentax 645Z to be tested during a three weeks period (more about this test on my blog later on). The medium format camera has an incredible capability to collect information and the photographs are very dynamic. Only problem, 100Mb RAW-files need a good and fast computer. If the price of the GFX wouldn't be more than € 5,000 (body), I think Fuji should be able to knock out the entire market. Here in Finland it's usually amateur photographers who buy the newest technology, but few are buying camera bodies over 5k. Pentax pic is taken with Fujifilm X-T2 and the Fujifilm cameras with Pentax 645Z More Cell phone friendly photos you can find on Instagram :-)
  11. My work horse is iMac/macOS Sierra version 10.12.2 and it display raw files taken with Fujifilm X-T1 but do not display raw pics taken with X-T2.
  12. I have noticed the same problem. The Mac Finder has not eather been capable to read the X-T2 RAW files. If I shoot both RAW and JPG can Mac Finder read JPG files. Solved the Lightroom problem with importing RAW files in 1:1 size (shoot both RAW and JPG) directly from the camera card. I have Adobe Lightroom CC. The 110% suport for Fujifilm X-T2 (and all Fuji lenses) is coming later on, I hope :-)
  13. Internet is flooded by photographs and all kinds of channels to publish all kinds of hobbies. I think people are quite tired to like and comment other photographers posts because they do not get any response for their own posts. One of the reasons for my writing and publishing is that I want to show my collaborators that my stuff has been published regularly. I'm not looking for comments or likes, but if someone take the time to like that I publish, I always return to like back. So if I get 120 hearts in Instagram for one of my photos I give at least 120 hearts back, often more (if the owners profile is disgustful, I will not give feedback on it).
  14. I have also considered to take a degree in the hobby I love most of all. Many here in Finland who has got a degree in photography have been very disappointed about the school training program. My wife suggested as an alternative to send my best photos to the National Geographic Your Shot community. And I got my degree, three pics have been published ;-) The best of 2016: https://www.instagram.com/p/BOu5Wz9giFq/?taken-by=irjalca
  15. _DSF3560.jpg

    Because of very bad weather here in Finland was the last chance to shoot supermoon 13 December 2016. I was very lucky and we got the chance to see the moon for two minutes.