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  1. Hi Vic, thank you for reply. Just one clarification, the restricted ISO was related to the film camera.
  2. I meant, the forum should be democratic to accept multiple views. I'm saying it already for long time, the camera manufacturers should make the firmware configurable on PC/Mac so every user could upload his own version to camera.
  3. Darryl, did you heard something about "democracy"? It's a Greek word, seems to be very rare those days in the US....
  4. Darryl, my request is to remove some 90-95% of features! It is about shooting with a photo camera not with a computer. Think film era: shutter sped, aperture and restricted ISO range
  5. Thank you for your thoughts. I feel that the 10-24 zoom wil fit my needs. @robthebruce very nice pictures!
  6. I need some input on this question. After long deliberation the final lens candidates are the 16mm and the 10-24 mm zoom. I know that both are big and heavy - not a problem. I intend to use the lens on small aperture - above f5.6 - exclusively for landscape. I would like to know landscape shooters opinion. Thanx!
  7. Nice thing...
  8. Ha, I'm the first candidate. I cannot find a DS7 manual in pdf. I found a DS7 PRO pdf manual, but the Pro version is quite different.
  9. After many years with DxO Optics, I purchased the Silkypix DS7 to convert my X-PRO2 files. The Silkypix is far better with X-trans files then any other converters - don't know the Capture 1. With a bit of patience you can get used with the software interface...
  10. I can sell you mine if you'r in EU
  11. Thank you now it is clear. Initially I assumed that u use some preproduction sample... I have a very new X-PRO2 and debating to sell it, because I'm used and satisfied with the result achieved with DxO Optics, but this unfortunately does not support x-trans demosaicing..
  12. Now if F means not FF but just 4 then Fuji wil have a problem at generation 5. Maybe then X100FF? but with 50mm please!
  13. Hi Artuk, could you elaborate a bit this statement, I'm curious or I misunderstand something...? Thank you