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  1. X-T2 Freaking out

    Right you are. Thanks!
  2. X-T2 Freaking out

    Sorry! It was late last night and I was in the movies with my wife. I have SanDisk Extreme Pro cards. This was not under burst firing. So yeah, I am also hoping it was just overheating... but it was a cold day here and the camera wasn't hot at all. Guess we won't know until it happens again.
  3. X-T2 Freaking out

    Only genuine batteries and Verbatim high speed cards. New ones too. I'm that guy. Original and the best where possible.
  4. X-T2 Freaking out

    Perhaps hey? It was a kids shoot with high action. The pace of the shooting was the only unusual factor. Once I’d calmed myself down (hehe) the problem went away. Perhaps for those 3 minutes something cooled down enough?
  5. X-T2 Freaking out

    Yup, the title is justified. In the middle of a shoot today, the flash (EF-X500) stopped firing, then the electronic shutter enabled itself (no, it is not enabled in the menu, at all), so I turned the camera off and on again. Problem went away, for 5 or so frames. Problem came back. This went on for ages and ruined the shoot. Eventually I noticed that sometimes the flash would only fire in portrait mode and not landscape mode. So... I swapped the flash (I have 2 EF-X500s), same thing kept happening. This was a serious disaster and my shoot was ruined. Very disappointed.
  6. EVF Lag

    James, I am with you on this one. I love using EVF only mode, but then I should be able to have the info display on the LCD too. Seems like an oversight to me. Hoping for a feature update in a firmware sometime.
  7. Mechanical v. Electronic shutter

    Yeah, not to overstate what has been said, but the flourescent "barring" is bad with ES.
  8. XT-2 and Lightroom

    Yeah, I have both Iridient products now. Insane quality.