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  1. Agreed!
  2. I never understood why anyone would object to something like that. But it happens. I could give a rats-ass what someone uses. I don't own shares in any of the companies with a personal effort to push people to that brand to strengthen their market share, and thus the stock value. Many people seem to lack confidence in their decisions and need re-assurance from others that they made the right choice or lash out at them for not following what they did. Odd human behavior.
  3. I have the Rokinon 8mm/2.8 and have been quite happy with it. The one I have has a Fuji mount, so no adapter needed.
  4. I have 2 of the 50mm/F2 FD from my grandfathers old camera bag. Both perform great on my XT2.
  5. I've had good results over the past 2 years with Watson batteries that I purchased through Amazon or BH Photo (can't recall which place I got them from). I have 10 batteries that i use across 2 camera bodies when I shoot weddings. 4 are Fuji and 6 are Watson. I can't tell which battery I'm using as I work through the day. I find I burn through 3 batteries in one body and 1.5 - 2 batteries in the other body (simply because I'm using one body more than the other) at a 10hr wedding gig. I rarely do large bursts/high volume ... when I take a pic my goal is I'm taking one and that one is the keeper and I don't chimp very often. That helps the battery life. But I do bring all 10 with me to have extra. For the low cost, the Watson have been great. And from what I've heard the Wasabi seem equally as good.
  6. 16-80 f4 OIS enough said!
  7. I believe you may have discovered a legitimate problem with the XT2. Most will pass off the odd blurry image as photographer error. I have myself. I have shot several weddings since getting my XT2 (Sept 2016) and there have been a few times that I said to myself "I didn't have this many out of focus images on my two XT1's". I thought that simply going from 16mp to 24mp (image sensor being more dense) camera shake was simply more evident and my technique was a bit rough. I know this was an issue on other brands when people jumped from their 10mp cameras to 24 - 36mp and learned camera shake was more noticeable. I'm sure my technique could use some tweaking. But I believe you may have uncovered something.