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  1. I don't believe there is a thread for the Pentax/Asahi Optics Takumar line of lenses. I have created a page on my website to summarize my experience with the 55mm f1.8 Super-Takumar (~ 1970) while mounted on my XT2. I have read online that many of the old Takumar focal lengths are great performers, well built and quite affordable. Thought this forum could use a thread for people to share the Takumar line.
  2. ON1 tech support contacted me and asked for more details on my system, for me to send the behind-the-scenes LOG file and detail what I was doing when the problem arose. They indicated in the email that this is a known bug in the latest release and they are working on it.
  3. Thanks for the link. I've already read many reviews online however I could not find any feedback on the new release from the start of this month (April 2017). I spent an hour with it yesterday (the just released version from start of April 2017) which is version and it was a pretty big failure. Performance on my old MacBook Air was so bad on a folder with 6 JPGS in it I had to stop using it (when on this laptop LR and PS both work quite well). Performance on my iMac workhorse was pretty good but when I exported to PS to do some heavy pixel manipulation it did not export to PS with my edits. You can export with ON1 edits or without, both did the same thing! Then I exported to JPG my final edit and my JPG export had only 1/2 of the edits I did!? Plus there were squares on the image where I did cloning That part was epic failure. I reported this last issue I had to ON1 via their website. Because I could not even export the few images I wanted to work on, I ended up going back to LR to continue this small batch of images.
  4. Anyone give the latest ON1 release a try? Was curious what your experiences were thus far.
  5. I have both and when I go out to shoot landscape/city and general outdoors walk-around it is the 10-24/4 every time. Love how sharp it is and the IS is great for me pushing longer shutter speeds when handheld. The 16/1.4 is strictly for when I'm indoors and need fast glass. And that is when that lens (for me) really shines.
  6. Looks to me like option #2 is the way to go because you then have your ultra wide for landscape, and your classic 35mm (EFL) for your casual/street use. If you are considering option #1, then you have a $1800 budget, so the used XT1 with two used or new Fujifilm lenses at the desired focal lengths is a good way to go (if you are OK buying used, I'd go with the used lenses first before invest in new). From my experiences, buying used camera bodies is more risky than the lenses due to their amount/type of prior usage and greater chance for malfunction. Buying used lenses is a good $ saver. To-date, I've had to get multiple camera bodies repaired, but not a single lens yet.
  7. Agreed!
  8. I never understood why anyone would object to something like that. But it happens. I could give a rats-ass what someone uses. I don't own shares in any of the companies with a personal effort to push people to that brand to strengthen their market share, and thus the stock value. Many people seem to lack confidence in their decisions and need re-assurance from others that they made the right choice or lash out at them for not following what they did. Odd human behavior.
  9. I have the Rokinon 8mm/2.8 and have been quite happy with it. The one I have has a Fuji mount, so no adapter needed.
  10. I have 2 of the 50mm/F2 FD from my grandfathers old camera bag. Both perform great on my XT2.
  11. I've had good results over the past 2 years with Watson batteries that I purchased through Amazon or BH Photo (can't recall which place I got them from). I have 10 batteries that i use across 2 camera bodies when I shoot weddings. 4 are Fuji and 6 are Watson. I can't tell which battery I'm using as I work through the day. I find I burn through 3 batteries in one body and 1.5 - 2 batteries in the other body (simply because I'm using one body more than the other) at a 10hr wedding gig. I rarely do large bursts/high volume ... when I take a pic my goal is I'm taking one and that one is the keeper and I don't chimp very often. That helps the battery life. But I do bring all 10 with me to have extra. For the low cost, the Watson have been great. And from what I've heard the Wasabi seem equally as good.
  12. 16-80 f4 OIS enough said!
  13. I believe you may have discovered a legitimate problem with the XT2. Most will pass off the odd blurry image as photographer error. I have myself. I have shot several weddings since getting my XT2 (Sept 2016) and there have been a few times that I said to myself "I didn't have this many out of focus images on my two XT1's". I thought that simply going from 16mp to 24mp (image sensor being more dense) camera shake was simply more evident and my technique was a bit rough. I know this was an issue on other brands when people jumped from their 10mp cameras to 24 - 36mp and learned camera shake was more noticeable. I'm sure my technique could use some tweaking. But I believe you may have uncovered something.