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  1. Yup---as I get older I find that I"m bumping buttons and changing dials accidentally. Fuji takes care of it on the ISO wheel and shutter speed wheel with the lock button---when I remember to engage it!
  2. Yup, and thanks---posted it on DCR too---
  3. I must have inadvertently changed a setting, but now, when I shoot an image, the image remains frozen on the LCD and I am presented with three options--Next, Retry or Exit. Next if I hit the OK button, if I press the left part of selection circle I get Retry, and if I press the Display button I Exit the frozen image and go back to regular shooting mode. Nothing is wrong other wise--still getting the same quality Fuji performance. I know its something stupid, but I went through my menus and still can't figure out how to change this behavior---Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Cant get the Command wheel ISO to work.
  5. X-T2 autofocus problems

    I know this is perhaps a reach, but have you all checked the list of Fuji LENS firmware updates. Many were originated to deal with focus issues---I suggest you look through the list and make sure your lens doesn't need it.
  6. Fujifilm X-T20 & Lightroom

    Never been happy with Lightroom and Fuji X raws--Iridient is the way to go---and I just read that they have a new beta that supports the X-20, 100F, and the new medium format camera.
  7. Fujifilm X-T20 & Lightroom

    I'm a big fan of Iridient short of the slow rate of processing. Question, since my computer is an old IMac, and definitely underpowered, has anyone had a good experience with RAR files and Iridient or at least a tolerable one. I just don't want to spend a bunch more money on a new computer and find that the improvements in processing are minimal at best.
  8. EVF Lag

    Sounds like something that might be handled with a firmware update. Maybe contact someone as a professional photographer and find out if its possible.
  9. XT-2 and Lightroom

    I agree. Nothing beats LR for organizing and accessing your photos and for processing most raw files---FUJI X FILES EXCLUDED! I've messed with most of them and Iridient really has no peer. Good luck.
  10. Have an old Markins Ball Head and the camera mounting plate I own is a bit big for the Fuji. I need something that will work on their knob release Q Ball style ball head and will fit the Fuji well. Any ideas. I'm wondering if this Acratech would work? http://tinyurl.com/j92fqks Thanks in advance, really enjoying this camera!