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  1. X-T2 autofocus problems

    thanks, yes i had the new firmwares
  2. X-T2 autofocus problems

    Yeah.. I am familiar with general DOF rules. But this is about AF acurracy here =). If i point the camera at a tree, then it's about that tree being in focus, not 1/3 stuff =)
  3. X-T2 autofocus problems

    this sky is certainly not very bright, so that should be no issue yeah, but i'd just expect it to work decently on contrasty objects now, come on
  4. X-T2 autofocus problems

    I also had this problem with the 35 f2. Which really is not wide. Well, and i didn't have such crass problems with the Canon 5D II and 6D - about which they all say, that Fuji AF is on par with, or better ...So it looks like fine structures require manual focus. Unheard of, to this extent. Which really really sucks. i mean, never autofocus on woods? Frightening if you ask me. Didnt consider these branches to cause delicate issues, i mean come on. A camera chould be able to tell that blurr from sharpness. If it finds it once, it should always find it. oh boy it was Off. But anyway, at 1/1000 sec, if that would be a problem, THEN we really would have a problem.
  5. X-T2 autofocus problems

    thanks Vic. I don't know the details of the AF System. But no AF can usually focus on the sky, there's no contrast. So any system will pick what it will find, that being twigs/branches here, very distinct. And it does "find" them, very quickly. Just very erratic und inaccurate, which is weird, because the contrast is pretty high. Also had that problem with contrasty mountain pictures. I should note the Distance to the trees is about 70 meters, so it does not have to decide between close/distant branches. I mean in this case, the trees as an object are rather 2-dimensional than 3-dimensional. I do have a few shots that are very sharp at 24 mm! 18-55, yes its regarded rather good. Still lots of complsints about many samples. And since i tested 2 copies here, it is very weird how much the sharpness differs between them - depending on focal length, and position in the frame. On is a lefty, one is a righty, so to say. Heavily off centre, to say the least. Attached, 2 samples of the 18-55 in comparison. It's the right border (on the left the other sample is slightly better, but okay-ish with both). Tripod setup, yeah. While a remote shutter should not be a point at 1/1000-2000s like i used. regards, huck
  6. X-T2 autofocus problems

    I'm having the same problem. Two problems, that is: 18-55 seems to be very strongly varyying quality between the copies. The first i bought was totally soft, really rubbish. How did that ever pass the test, i have no idea. Repaired twice, still bad. Exchange lens still very soft - on one side. Now my dealer offered me his demo lens, because i had tested it as very sharp at 18mm. But at 55, it's also weak, on the left side. So...the 18-55 lens seems to have many severe problems. Big shame on Fuji, from my experiences so far. Autofocus XT-2. I got many blurry images. So, set it on a tripod, with the 10-24. At 24 mm i get many blurry images. The AF is very inaccurate or erratic. I will have it repaired/exchanged, and HOPE there's a fix. I'm wondering if maybe the AF System can not "see" fine structures, like fine branches, even though high contrast against the sky. That would be serious problems with landscape photography...attached you see a 100% crop.