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  1. This time of year, you will see and enjoy some very very beautiful scense of dandelion field every where in US
  2. In this time of year, this area is covered pink by this kind of flower.
  3. On my opinion, I love the 35mm f/1.4. I did try both of them, the one with f/2 had brighter color.
  4. They still stayed together when going down the Mall stairs but after that, they went on their own way. I found it interesting because everything happened in front of the "girl"
  5. Thanks so much! I will try next time.
  6. I took this shot in Columbia Mall, MO. When I was trying to shoot a photo just the face of the model on wall in order to troll my friends that I can take some good indoor portrait with such a small camera like Fujifilm X20. After that, I found If I walked back some steps, something might happen. I shoot this photo with fujifilm X20
  7. The alleys in Saigon and many City of Vietnam are not only the small read to get somewhere, also the community space for low-income people. They, the low-income people usually gather to tell story about them or someone else, do some small business such as selling cigarette, coffe or food, etc.
  8. Spring 2017 in Comlumbia, MO
  9. A couple hours after it stopped snowing, the flowers looked so beautiful
  10. Holter này có phải là Holter Mai không nhỉ?