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    Nikkor 18mm f3.2, Soligor 28mm f2.8, MIR 1b 37mm f2.8, Nikkor 50mm f1.8, Minolta 50mm f2, Industar 50-2 f3.5, Mamiya 55mm f1.8, Konica Hexanon 57mm f1.4, Soligor 135mm f2, Minolta Celtic 135mm f3.5, Vivatar Komine 135mm f2.8, Jupiter 9 85mm f2.
  1. Fujifilm X Pro 2 Video Setup Guide

    Hey Dismason, If you click the hyperlink that I provided in the post above, I believe the price is definitely printed there, 20% off for Fujilove subscibers. Click the 'BUY' button! No, the original manual isn't even close to what I cover in this ebook regarding video, as depicted in the screenshots of the table of contents for this ebook. Thank you!
  2. Fujifilm X Pro 2 Video Setup Guide

    Forgot to add these in my initial post!
  3. Hello, I wanted to let all Fujifilm X Pro 2 owners know that I have written a 60 page ebook that covers how to setup your X Pro 2 to shoot video. This guide is written for the photographer that owns the X Pro 2, and is wanting to learn the video side of this camera to add that skill set to his or her arsenal! This guide covers all aspects of setting up the X Pro 2 to shoot video for any occasion. I appreciate all your support! Here is the link: https://fujilove.com/fujifilm-x-pro2-video-setup-guide/