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  1. double00

    Lenses for X-T20

    Thanks - good suggestions. I am going to take my time on deciding my next lens purchase. At the moment, I am leaning toward a fast prime for low light conditions and use the 18-55 for awhile and see what happens.
  2. New owner of an X-T20 here and wondering what lenses those with this camera are using. I am coming from Nikon D7100 with 35mm, 16-85, 300mm lenses and mostly shoot general photography, i.e., travel, street, and I enjoy some macro, etc. I like the Fuji size and image quality much better than Nikon. The X-T20 is rather small and some of the larger lenses would seem to be unbalanced on the smaller body. Although I have not tried any of the larger lenses on the T20, so I can't say for certain. I currently have the 18-55 that came with the camera. The 27 pancake, to me, is a natural for the T20. Curious what other lenses those that have this camera are using and believe work great with this size body?