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  1. Xpro1 and 18mm just arrived.
  2. Here where I live it's difficult to find a new one and I really don't even how if it's convenient.
  3. I understand your feelings. It's a love affair with xp1 so I think I'll just get one, used maybe then decide if/or I will sell another body.
  4. Hi all. I'M new to this forum and writing from Italy. I have an X-T1 and X-T20 but The more I look at it the more I'M intrigued by the X-Pros (xpro2 is out of my budget and not necessary for me). I really would like to get an xpro but wondering if it is worth it. I mean is the IQ and handling the same as the xt1? I'M asking because I read mixed feelings about it. I would use it mainly with primes and for travel. I guess it's just gas but it takes me in a way I cannot explain.