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  1. X-T2 autofocus problems

    Hello @veejaycee! I have been using the back button for one month now and I am loving it! For many situations it is very convenient! When high contrast or when I am waiting for my subject to come, this back button is very clever. I could not say whether it is quicker or not.
  2. X-T2 autofocus problems

    I just tried to back button AF, and it does not do the same sound when focusing than with shutter button !
  3. X-T2 autofocus problems

    Hello Guys ! A few updates, since I realized that I had these problem, I change much more often the AF mode (single, square, wide). I used to shoot a lot with the single point, I almost never do now. I now understand much more when the fuji xt2 struggle to focus. If one uses the wide AF mode, one can see that it can be very silly (never had this problem with X100 first generation)... So I keep changing AF mode depending on the situation. It is very good to learn and "get closer" to its fuji I get less blurry pictures now. About the youtube video/beep/Review : I just had a look about my settings and I don't use the image review BUT when I take a picture using the eyeviewer, if I remove my eye, then the last picture appears on the screen... (!) I don't find any way to remove that. It is not the first time I want to remove that because since I have my focus problems, I prefer to check my pics by zooming in the eyeviewer. Do you have an idea how to remove it ? @veejaycee : You say that is better and more sure to use the back button. Why do you think it is more sure ? I am going to try to see if I like it. Never tried before. What are the pros and cons ? Thank you again for sharing and discussing : it is nice to progress all together
  4. X-T2 autofocus problems

    I downloaded today the v2.11,i will try in the coming days and let you know. I took a few shot at the same position, and I have a lot of examples like this. The misty impression comes from the underexposition. I managed to get a few ones which are orrectly focused. I know how to focus 1/3, the problem comes the AF. I had a Nikon d90 and a fuji x100. I used to take pictures exactly as you described (Focus point where I want the focus and sometimes reframing). But if the AF is not correct, no need to use the button AFL, or shutter button. Do you know what I mean? I understand perfectly the DoF theory, but to my mind this is not the problem. Unfortunately I erased all my blurry pictures (I am traveling so I need to sort quickly my pictures) , I had dozens of examples! The xt2 says it is focused, you take the shot and you realized it is blurry. Here is a page which describe the problem : https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/59776315
  5. X-T2 autofocus problems

    The problem is about the AF, on the picture there is no focus point. All the image is blurry whereas the fuji "managed" to focus... The DOF /Aperture is supposed to control the sharp area. The problem we face is that the AF does not work properly... OK, that is the way I would like to use my xt2. But AF is not working correctly. If you use wide AF mode, one can see it struggles to find a location to focus.
  6. X-T2 autofocus problems

    How do you manage to focus 1/3 of the distance? Manually? (So it means you don't use the AF), or otherwise you need to use point or zone AF which is exactly my problem ;-) I cannot trust it. Before the problem I used to shot only with point or zone AF. I have never had any problems with my x100 with "wide" aperture. I tried to shoot at f11 event smaller, but it does not solve the problem...
  7. X-T2 autofocus problems

    Hello again ! Since I identified the problem and posted on the forum, I tried to pay much more attention when the xt2 focuses. I change more often the AF mode (single point / zone / wide). I am on a bicycle trip so I take much more landscape now, but I realize the XT2 can have a lot of difficulties focusing on a landscape. I have a moving subject (my wife on a bike) in the landscape so I don't have so much time to wait until the XT2 decides to focus properly. By using the wide AF mode, one can "understand" the camera and where/how it focuses. And one would realize that it sometimes really struggles to focus on something in a landscape... I used to mainly use "single point" focus, and I now understand why it can be a bad idea in a landscape... But I am still not happy because even with wide AF mode, some pictures are still blurry... I am very disappointed.... Every time I take a shot now, I check it by zooming a lot and even with that technique, I cannot check 100% of my pictures.... argghhh ! I need advice because I will be back in France in april 2018, but I would like to send it back to Fuji or to have it checked. But I really need my camera to achieve my bicycle project. We are going to China, Thailand, might go to Australia and finally Japan (but it would be the last country). Do you think I can have it checked/replace quickly in those country ? For me, traveling without the camera is not an option. Do you know how long last the Fuji warranty ? When I am back home, the camera would have been bought for more than 1 year. Thank you all Attached file (jpg from xt2) : the kind of pictures, my XT2 struggle with... so annoying because it is a mix of landscape and bike, so bikes don't stop for the "perfect picture and framing"...
  8. X-T2 autofocus problems

    Hello @Christopher ! I use it handheld (traveling light). I never had such problems with my fuji X100 (first gen) last year on a 3 months bike trip... I have to wait until mi october to send it back to Fuji.... it is very fustrating Thanks for your answers !
  9. X-T2 autofocus problems

    Hello Guys, I am french, using the XT2 since april 2017. I am on a bicycle trip from Turkey to China, so I have an intensive use of my Fuji XT2 (firmware 2.0) and 18-55mm. I used to have a Fuji X100 (first version) and I never had such a problem. I do have the exact problem as Daniel and I am very sad since some of my shoots are very blurry... I realized that the focus indicator was very random. It seems that when the camera focuses at "infinite", the pictures is blurry. Sometimes, the indicator is jumping from 1m to infinite for a landscape.... I never focus on sky, and I try to focus on a contrasted area. I usually take contrasted landscape. It also happens when I took close subject. I did not make such an accurate analysis as Daniel, but I tried a lot of different combinations : central, square and wide AF, and it does not seem to correct the problem. I cannot send back my fuji to my local dealer. Do you have some updates about this problem ? https://lespralinesenvadrouille.com/