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Found 7 results

  1. Fallen Leaf: 27mm + MCEX-11

    Experimenting with the Fujinon XF 27mm f/2.8 lens and MCEX-11 11mm extension tube.

    © Christopher Marks

  2. Baby Fly: 27mm + MCEX-11 Extension Tube

    Shot with an X-T1 while testing the Fujinon XF 27mm f/2.8 lens paired with the MCEX-11 11mm Macro Extension Tube at f/5.0. Original Velvia JPG with minor sharpening and toning in post with Adobe Lightroom.

    © Christopher Marks

  3. A little long-winded between photo bits but there is useful info there too. The various articles give a working photographer's view of his tools along with some excellent pictures. http://philippowell.uk/
  4. Fishing boat in grand harbour.JPG

    Experiments with my 27 mm pancake lens and XT-1. Part of a series of such experiments.

    © John Fiott, 2016

  5. Comes with body's box, all paperwork and CD. All in pristine condition, no scratches. Both lens caps and a body cap, spare 3rd party battery (works perfectly). Bought around a month ago but I decided I'm sticking to my GR. No box for 27mm, price includes postage, paypal only. Asking price: 430 GBP Can provide my eBay username if you want to check my feedback.
  6. Sunset in Goiás (Brazil)

    State of Goiás, Brazil

    © Doni Castilho

  7. Here is some information as a background for my question: (1) I am not a professional photographer but love to do good photography for myself (2) my main interests are landscaping mixed with some architectural (75%), plus street and portrait photography (mainly to my family)(25%) (3) I want to keep it simple and in a budget; for now, I can't invest additional money on more lenses, and anyway I want to have just the ones I will really be using (4) I love prime lenses and actually I have the 27mm and 35mm primes (5) I like the FOV of the 27mm (about between the 23mm and the 35mm) mainly for general purposes, but for landscaping (remember 75% ?) I think I would prefer the 23mm for its wider FOV (6) I know that the 23mm is a complete and excellent lens, and even when it's at the beginning of the wide focal spectrum, it's also very good for other type of photography (7) if I sell the 27mm and the 35mm lenses, I can buy the 23mm and have it for my main purpose as well as for the other general purposes (25%) Now, my question is: would it be worth to sell the two very good lenses in order to get the 23mm? Please help me to think about this in the perspective of casual use (mainly weekends, with or without the family) and photography preferences. Thank you all in advance for your input.