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Found 6 results

  1. Summer offer on X-Pro 2

    Fuji making a good offer, X-Pro 2 + a couple of lenses : http://fujifilm-email.com/1Y2T-51JRY-69FYLEQ6EC/cr.aspx
  2. Well, more bad news about my X-Pro 2. I've just returned from a nights shooting, checking my gear, and putting it away. I noticed that the entire shutter assembly has fallen off, and I can see down inside the camera. So, I can't turn it on, let alone take pictures. A few months ago, my entire eyepiece assembly fell off, that was two weeks repair at Fuji UK, now another crucial part of the camera has fallen off. Not what I expect from as supposedly "professional" camera. Have to say, I am getting really fed up with this camera falling apart on me.
  3. I am finding the position of the Q button, on the X100F, is the only irritating design flaw on the camera. The same is true, though to a lesser extent, of the Q button on the X-Pro 2. I'm wondering a/ Is everyone else irritated by this?, and b/ Does anybody use the Q menu? As far as I'm concerned it is unnecessary, and if it is used by some, I'm sure they wouldn't mind if the button was somewhere else.
  4. DSCF8034.jpg

    The highly unusual feeling of being looked down upon by John Cooper. A man of small stature. and here is Alastair, who looks remarkable foe 72, and loves colourful shirts, doing his one eyed pointing gesture

    © John Williams

  5. Crepuscular rays over Red Dykes

    Just wanted to counter the notion that you can't do landscapes with a 90mm ;)
  6. From Fuji rumours but the pictures are from Magnum photos. 6000x4000 px in the exif. http://www.fujirumors.com/see-the-first-images-taken-with-fujifilm-x-pro2-documenting-the-day-after-the-terror-attacks-in-paris/