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Found 56 results

  1. I've had my X100T for about 15 months now and I love it. However, today the on/off switch decided to stop working. The battery is fully charged and the camera did switch on once after I discovered the problem but I have not been able to switch on again since. Has anyone else had any similar problems, or any ideas on how to remedy this? And to complicate matters I'm in Brazil at the moment where Fuji cameras are not common at all - and all electronic equipment is extremely expensive. Thanks.
  2. Kauai, Hawaii, North Shore

    A nice misty morning walk on the beach. Wishing I was there right now.

    © Christopher Marks

  3. Hey guys I just got back from a quick trip to the Bigapple I settled on my Fujifilm X100T which has a fixed 23mm f/2 lens(35mm equiv) along with the Wide angle conversation lens Wcl-X100 and the Tele photo conversation lens Tcl-X100. This simple kit not only inspired me to see things differently but also made it a lot more exciting trying to capture the essence of the city. Would love for you guys to check out my shots in my blog link below. thanks for looking! http://www.ishriosphoto.com/blog/newyorkcity
  4. Howdy fellow X100 users.. I currently own a X100t and I was curious to know if any of you who have shot with the cameras that have the Acros simulation have been able to replicate the same type of image style just by adjusting the settings on the X100t? If so or if this is even possible would you be willing to share those settings? thanks!
  5. Please have a look at my eBay auction: http://www.ebay.fr/itm/Fujifilm-X100T-noir-complet-avec-accessoires-et-2-convertisseurs-optiques-/132189089520?mfe=si_fr-FR_itemClick&mpt=1494669362049&clk_rvr_id=1214208279179
  6. Let me know what you have to offer and how much. ?
  7. Headshot for JT

    Just natural window light, a little fill flash, and a handsome face.

    © Bob Marcotte

  8. I've just downloaded some images from my X100T using a cable and on most of the images you can only see part of the frame. The rest is blacked out. I thought at first this may be a memory card issue, but i managed to send one of the images to my iPhone using the remote app and it was fine. Has anyone out there experienced a similar problem? Could it be the cable? Thanks!
  9. As most of us already know, the Fuji image files look awesome. To be fair, image files from any camera these days will look really good, but there's something really special about the way the Fujifilm X Series cameras portray color and tone. While the Fuji image processors play a part in this, much of the Fuji mojo is due to the X-Trans sensor. With its proprietary non-Bayer pattern design, the X-Trans sensor reproduces color in a unique way that's different from the way it's done in just about every other digital camera. In my search to figure out what's really going on here, it occurred to me, (and was verified by a few of the Fuji reps and engineers), that the X-Trans sensor is actually very "film-like." It's much more so than most other sensors, and this is no accident. In designing the X-Trans sensor, the Fuji engineers looked back as much as they looked forward. Trying to preserve the heritage and legacy of traditional photography, they designed the "random" array on the X-Tran sensor so that it resembles the randomness of film. As we know, film was essentially silver halide glitter that was poured into a bowl of jelly and smeared onto a plastic base. There was nothing "regular" about the way grain looked in film, and although the X-Trans sensor isn't totally random, it does closely match the look of actual film grain, especially when it comes to the distribution of the green sensitive pixels. Compare that with an actually cross section of Autochrome Lumiere film from the early 1900s. It's amazing how close the pattern looks to the X-Trans sensor pattern. Also, compare the two image below, one is a scan from a Velvia slide, and the other is JPEG file from the X-T2. You can see an expanded version of this topic on my blog, along with more image examples. I've even got a side by side comparison of the grain in ACROS next to the old T-MAX 3200 film. I'm fascinated by this idea, let me know your thoughts! Below: An enlargement of the grain on an original Fujifilm Velvia slide film image. Below: An enlargement of an X-T2 JPEG file.
  10. Hi - Just acquired an X100T along with shoe mount flash (EF-X20). I cannot for the life of me get the flash (both internal and external EF-X20) to work. Also the in camera shooting menu (A5) the Flash Mode is "greyed out" Great wee camera but am at a loss :-( Any step-by-step advice/suggestions would be appreciated or who could I contact re this? Is there a Fuji advice line of some sort? Thanking in anticipation
  11. Good day everyone, Anyone can confirm if the Phottix Odin II (the new one) transmitter works on Fujifilm X cameras? At the very least, will it enable dumb triggering, or even better, manual remote power control? Understood that TTL will not work due to compatibility, but I don't need TTL. The old Odin TCU was confirmed not to work, and I'm hoping the second version fares better. Looking to use the Odin system for both my Nikon and X100S.
  12. No Escape

    A building facade found while wandering.

    © Christopher Marks

  13. I've had the X100t from new, and am noticing that sometimes (and it appears to be quite random with no identifiable trigger) when I change batteries the camera is just dead, so I immediately try another one and get the same response etc. Then at some point the camera does indeed come to life after say the 4th or 5th battery I try, and then the really odd thing is the batteries I've just tried (and appeared to be dead) will now work if put back in! I'm using a mix of Fuji and cheaper "ebay batteries" I can't quite figure if the batteries contribute to the issue, or its some sort of camera glitch. I'd welcome your comments if you've experienced similar issues? Thanks in advance.
  14. A little long-winded between photo bits but there is useful info there too. The various articles give a working photographer's view of his tools along with some excellent pictures. http://philippowell.uk/
  15. New X100T user. The T did not come with software. I am a Lightroom user with Nikon. I want to test the various T settings including used in making jpegs on the camera and I want to view the images and all the metadata on my MAC. How may I do that, please? Thanks
  16. hello - looking for someone who might want to trade an x100T for x70 with external viewfinder. love the x70, but want the finder from the x100 series back in my life. the x70 is a super compact, wonderful tool, I've carried it everywhere all summer long and gotten great results, especially for candid and street stuff. x70 with external Fuji optical viewfinder, lens hood (comes with ring for conversion lenses) all boxes and documentation. I'll sell straight across for $750 (paid nearly $1k new with accessories), but would really love to do a trade email me jim at jimgoldenstudio dot com
  17. Hello! I am hoping that someone can help me to use my speedlight (Yongnuo 568EX) at shutter speeds faster than 1/500 sec on my new x100T. I am triggering with the Yongnuo 603C (version 1). I don't know if the problem is with the flash, the trigger or my settings. I set the settings as I'd read (turn off Silent Mode, turn off Preview Exposure, use Mechanical Shutter, set to External Flash, etc.) but I am loosing the flash once I set it to 1/1000 sec, and I don't know what else to do. I appreciate any assistance you all might be able to offer. Thanks in advance! Steve
  18. Hello! I am hoping that someone can help me to use my speedlight (Yongnuo 568EX) at shutter speeds faster than 1/500 sec on my new x100T. I am triggering with the Yongnuo 603C (version 1). I don't know if the problem is with the flash, the trigger or my settings. I set the settings as I'd read (turn off Silent Mode, turn off Preview Exposure, use Mechanical Shutter, set to External Flash, etc.) but I am loosing the flash once I set it to 1/1000 sec, and I don't know what else to do. I appreciate any assistance you all might be able to offer. Thanks in advance! Steve
  19. tofino sunset

    © cps

  20. dragonfly on my sons head

    quite impressed with the macro on the x100t

    © cps

  21. sunrise in the algonquin

    the mist hung around for a while giving me a chance to try out the x100t

    © cps

  22. Hello. I am struggling to find clear information on how to correctly use the Fujifilm EF-X20 in off-camera mode with the X100S camera. When the flash is mounted on the camera's hotshot, it is clear. Put flash in "X" mode and use either Auto or Manual on the flash, and set the camera's flash mode to Auto, Forced or Slow Sync as required. However, if I want to use the EF-X20 in off-camera mode it is less clear what the correct settings are. I understand the flash needs to be in Manual mode, as TTL does not work when the flash is off body? However, do I need to put the flash in N (no-preflash) or P (pre flash) mode to be correctly triggered by the X100S. Secondly, on the X100S itself, do I have to use Commander mode ( in which case I understand the flash on camera body is only used as a trigger, not to illuminate the scene) or can I also use the Auto, Forced and Slow Sync modes (and so benefit from both the on-camera and off-camera flashes)? Many thanks for any help! I am surprised there is so little information around on how these two work together! Paul
  23. I recently purchased an X100T and I have a few questions I could not find addressed in the manuals or on the fujifilm website. I'm hoping someone can help. 1) Regarding the ND filter. Selecting ON adjusts the exposure 3EV per the user manuals. How does this differ from using the Exposure compensation dial which, albeit, adjusts only up to 2stops down? Is it just an ability to go one more stop down? 2) In the playback display screen, there is an indicator that is not defined in the manual. It looks like a small sun with UP underneath it. It is yellow and it appears in upper area to the right of the "gift box" symbol (which marks frames taken with another camera). What is the yellow sun/UP symbol telling me? 3) On the front of the camera, between the flash and the rangefinder window, directly below the right-hand microphone, there is another small circular feature. What is this? (elec. eye for flash? Does the flash not read TTL? I love my other fujis and I bought the X100T for its retro rangefinder back-to-basics approach to photography, spiced with all the tech and features of a modern-day camera. Thanks in advance! Looking forward to learning from and contributing to the forum!
  24. Hi there When shooting with flash and the camera set to aperture priority I often get a dark shadow in the bottom left hand corner of the frame. Would anyone know why this is? Thanks in advance!
  25. Wedding with my Fuji's

    Hey Guys, I wanted to share with you my results from shooting a wedding this past month with my beloved fuji's! Did the whole thing with an x100t w wclx100 and a x-t1 with 18mm f2, 23mm 1.4, & 56mm 1.2. My Flash kit was the 2 Cactus RF60's with the V6 Triggers. You can find them here http://www.adorama.com/CACRF60A.html?gclid=CJWsk777gM0CFYpbfgodYn0PYg You can check out my gallery on my blog http://www.ishriosphoto.com/blog/2016/5/29/ryan-kelsey-monrovia-historical-museum-wedding let me know what you guys think. Thanks for checking it out. -Ish Rios