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Found 5 results

  1. Found this lovely raptor just outside my house. I was actually sitting in the living room near a big window and saw white flakes floating down out of the sky. At first I though SNOW! - but it's not cold enough, so I quickly realized they were way too big to be snow flakes and were in fact feathers. I found this lovely juvenile hawk having a meal of pigeon in a tree. I was super lucky - the sun broke out of the clouds and the bird gave me a perfect pose for a few seconds.
  2. A kestrel hovers above some potential dinner along the southern coast of Adelaide. Photo by Ross Duncan
  3. Fall ducks at the golden pond.

    © Life's Captured Moments

  4. This was photographed on Farewell Spit, one of the biggest sand spits in the world, extends approx 45 kilometres out to sea. Located at the Western tip of the South Island Now making a comeback after fur traders from Britain almost wiped them out in the late 1800's. Farewell Spit is now a wildlife sanctury and also home to thousands of seabirds as well. Went out in a 4wheel drive vehicle owned by the only company that has access to the area. Well worth visiting if you heading down to this part of the world. Its great that alot of wildlife are making a comeback.,
  5. Hi all, I am lucky enough to be going to South Africa for 3 weeks next year and was wondering what long lens would be best for me to take with me for safari wildlife shots? I could take my Canon 100-400 and my DSLR but if there is a lighter more portable version you can recommend for the x-t10 I would love to hear it. The range isn't that long, and the 1.4x teleconv is a bit pricy Thanks for your insight, Stu