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  1. As most of us already know, the Fuji image files look awesome. To be fair, image files from any camera these days will look really good, but there's something really special about the way the Fujifilm X Series cameras portray color and tone. While the Fuji image processors play a part in this, much of the Fuji mojo is due to the X-Trans sensor. With its proprietary non-Bayer pattern design, the X-Trans sensor reproduces color in a unique way that's different from the way it's done in just about every other digital camera. In my search to figure out what's really going on here, it occurred to me, (and was verified by a few of the Fuji reps and engineers), that the X-Trans sensor is actually very "film-like." It's much more so than most other sensors, and this is no accident. In designing the X-Trans sensor, the Fuji engineers looked back as much as they looked forward. Trying to preserve the heritage and legacy of traditional photography, they designed the "random" array on the X-Tran sensor so that it resembles the randomness of film. As we know, film was essentially silver halide glitter that was poured into a bowl of jelly and smeared onto a plastic base. There was nothing "regular" about the way grain looked in film, and although the X-Trans sensor isn't totally random, it does closely match the look of actual film grain, especially when it comes to the distribution of the green sensitive pixels. Compare that with an actually cross section of Autochrome Lumiere film from the early 1900s. It's amazing how close the pattern looks to the X-Trans sensor pattern. Also, compare the two image below, one is a scan from a Velvia slide, and the other is JPEG file from the X-T2. You can see an expanded version of this topic on my blog, along with more image examples. I've even got a side by side comparison of the grain in ACROS next to the old T-MAX 3200 film. I'm fascinated by this idea, let me know your thoughts! Below: An enlargement of the grain on an original Fujifilm Velvia slide film image. Below: An enlargement of an X-T2 JPEG file.
  2. Severe testing in the Arctic. X - The Digest 23-12-16&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Fujifilm Electronic Imaging Europe GmbH&dm_i=1Y2T,4OJ7A,G1XZFO,HHMKL,1
  3. Hello guys, I am currently using a Nikon D7100 with the SB-910/700 flashes and the Yongnuo YN-622N transmitter and receivers, usually controlling the power of the flashes in manual mode. Would it be possible to use the same flash/trigger combo on an XT-2 ? If not, could you recommend another option for wireless triggering of the Nikon flashes, with a possibility to remotely set the flash power ? Could a combination of YN560-TX/RF-603N II work ? Also, would it be possible to trigger the YN-622N TX from an X-T2 by attaching it to a roboshoot MX-20 transmitter via its hot shoe mount ? Thanks in advance.
  4. in my X-T1 I had used watson batteries without problems or difference in performance vs OEMs, so I'm hesitant to spend 3 times the cost of the new Fuji X-T2 batteries. Do any of you experienced any additional benefit besides "better heat management" as stated by fuji? the performance improves? do they last more? or at the contrary... using third party batteries decreases camera performance or they last less??
  5. Fujifilm has released the first and long awaited firmware update for the new X-T2 camera! The update can be found on Fujifilm's website: Detail of the update The firmware update Ver.1.10 from Ver.1.00 incorporates the following issues: 1.Tether shooting is available by USB connection. One of the application software below is required to use the tether shooting function. ・Tether Shooting Plug-in PRO for Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® Ver.1.3 or newer *1 ・Tether Shooting Plug-in for Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® Ver.1.3 or newer *2 ・Tethered Shooting Software HS-V5 Ver.1.3 or newer *3 [How to set the PC shooting] Before connecting your camera to a computer, set the PC SHOOT MODE of the CONNECTION SETTING in the SET UP menu to USB AUTO. *If the USB AUTO is selected, the camera mode will automatically change to tether shooting mode when the camera is connected to a computer via a USB cable. *If the USB FIXED is selected, the camera always work as tether shooting mode. Therefore, the camera doesn't work as normal shooting mode when the USB cable is not connected. *1: "FUJIFILM Tether Shooting Plug-in PRO" will be available from Adobe Add-ons website. The launch of the Mac version is scheduled for release around the end of November 2016, and the Windows version is scheduled for release around the beginning of December 2016. *Separately, you need to purchase Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® 6 / CC. *2:"FUJIFILM Tether Shooting Plug-in" is available from Adobe Add-ons website. X-T2 will be supported with Ver.1.3 upgrade. For Mac For Windows *Separately, you need to purchase Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® 6 / CC. *3: You need to purchase the HS-V5 and download the latest version from the site below to upgrade it. Tethered Shooting Software HS-V5 for Windows® Updater *Tether shooting function of X-T2 will be supported with HS-V5 Ver.1.3 or later. *Tethered Capture Plug-in for Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® Ver.1.3, which will enable the tether shooting function of X-T2, will be available for free download to those customers who purchased HS-V5. Tethered Capture Plug-in for Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® Ver.1.3 2.Lock function during shooting mode is added. The update will let users prevent from the unexpected dial/button operation. [How to set] First, select the function you wish to lock in BUTTON/DIAL SETTING>LOCK>FUNCTION SELECTION" in the Setup Menu. And then, select the function in BUTTON/DIAL SETTING>LOCK>LOCK SETTING>SELECTED FUNCTION" in the Setup Menu. *Select "ALL FUNCTION" to lock all the buttons and dials. This lock function can be allocated to a function button. 3.The shutter speed will be displayed in a preview image with the setting of SHUTTER AE OFF, ISO AUTO and Aperture-Priority. 4.The phenomenon is fixed that overexposure could happen with the setting of AF-C mode, AF-C PRIORITY SELECTION and FACE DETECTION ON. 5.The phenomenon is fixed that AF function doesn't work well in the tele-photo area with XF18-135mmF3.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR. 6.The phenomenon is fixed that hung-up could happen when carrying out SELECT FROM NETWORK LIST of MANUAL SETUP in PC AUTO SAVE SETTING. 7.The phenomena is fixed that CH HIGH SPEED BURST (continuous high speed) doesn't work well with fixed exposure and fixed amount of flash luminescence (TTL-L or flash M mode) while used with FUJIFILM Shoe Mount Flash (excluding EF-X8) 8.The phenomenon is fixed that Flash i40 made by Nissin for FUJIFILM doesn't fire. I'll be updating mine shortly. I'm hoping it will address the freezing issues some people have been experiencing. Anyone else had a lockup that required battery removal to reset? Just one lockup for me so far, fortunately not shooting anything important. I couldn't find any sort of repeatable action that might have caused it.
  6. X-T2 half case is now available at
  7. Hello! This will be my first post, found this forum via google - so i tought, i will ask a question for you guys. I've got X-T2 for testing as production camera, for streaming live video (so working with video mode) - everything is cool - 1080p @ 59.94fps outputing to HDMI. My problem is that picture i am getting is little bit dreamy, people feels plastic there, it has nice color contrast, better than Cannon C300, but can't get rid of that "dream effect"... This picture is kind of small, but you get the idea. In Menu, tried to turn on Noise Reduction, but it is disabled / grayed out... Current settings: Highlight Tone: 0 Color: +1 Sharpness: +4 Bracketing: -0.25 SS 125 ISO 1600-2000 Should i wait for FW update? Any tips? Thanks.
  8. Hi fellow Fuji shooters… Yesterday morning (September 15) my camera bag with my entire kit was stolen from the Grote Markt outside of the Markthal in Rotterdam. My brand new Fujifilm X-T2 and five Fujinon XF lenses, Lee filters, etc were inside of a LowPro Event Messenger bag. All of my gear gone in a flash, not to mention all of the photos on my SD cards from four long days of work! I am devastated and heartbroken! I am really crushed and do not know what I can do. I know it is really a long shot, but I have to write anyway. I am simply trying to get the word out to as many people as possible. If you could possibly keep an eye out in case you see or hear about anything, and pass along word to anyone else you can think of, especially anyone in the Netherlands/Rotterdam, other Fuji X shooters, camera clubs, keep an eye on classified listings for anything suspicious… I would be very grateful for any small help you might be able to offer. In case you might see anyone trying to sell an unboxed Fuji X-T2 or Fuji lenses near Rotterdam in the next days or weeks. I want to ask you to please try and get any information that is possible and either contact me or else the Rotterdam Police directly. I have the serial numbers available for all items, and can describe exactly what was inside of the bag. Very generous reward and no questions asked if returned to me… Met vriendelijke groet, Jason Langley
  9. I have an unplanned trip to UK in September so I need to replace my X-T1 and x100s (that are already sold), but X-T2 or x200 may not be available for my trip, so my only option may be the X-Pro2 as I don't want to buy another X-Trans II camera. I prefer X-T Line EVF, handling, and flexibility (tilt screen, rumored 4k video, battery grip, more physical controls, etc) but love the rangefinder style of the X-Pro/X100 lines, and while I like the HVF, I may miss the huge EVF of the T. Also I have big hands and find uncomfortable to hold the X-Pro with heavy lenses like the 23 and 56, so I'm not that sure about getting it, but I need a camera for my trip! Have someone of you used both cameras that can tell me if I'll definitely miss the XT1 benefits...specially EVF/handling? PS: I mainly shoot street, portraits, landscapes, weddings and social events