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Found 4 results

  1. A swimming club contacted me to photograph a competition for children. "Do something that is different from traditional sports photography" was their wish. So . . . then I had to take with me the best camera I have (Fujifilm X-T1) and only one lens (XF 35mm) :)
  2. I was sitting on a rock in the woods when two men stopped and asked me what I'm doing. - "I'm waiting for bicycle riders to shoot them," I replied. - "What shall you do with the photographs?" asked one of them. - "I have plans to send one photo to National Geographic." - "Oh Boy!!! National Geographic!!! How many times do you want us to drive by?" - "Three times please :-) "
  3. XT-10 XF35MM F1.4R
  4. Hey Guys, Had the chance to shoot a cool behind the scenes style shoot with a local musician in a local recording studio. The results were fantastic. The Xf35mm 1.4 was phenomenal .. kinda bummed I sold it. However hope you guys enjoy. Nick Walker Shoot -Ish Rios