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    • I think this is a great image, nice sharpness and detail, alone with the nice  bokeh, well taken.

    • Selling my gears to fund an upcoming Japan trip.

      I'm new here but have ~200 positive feedbacks on ebay under the same username.

      Up for grab is the legendary 23mm f/1.4 for Fujifilm X cameras. Agreed by both general concensus and...DPreview as the best prime lens for general use (https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/buying-guide-best-lenses-for-fujifilm-mirrorless-cameras)

      This thing is an optical do-all, small and light, optically excellent lens but I guess you know that already.

      Condition is 9/10. Pretty much like new except for 3 tiny EXTERNAL scratches (pictured) that can only be spotted when you pick up the lens and have a very close look at it. Comes with stock lens cap, back cap and the tulip hood.


      View: original size


      View: original size


      View: original size

      FREE GIFT INCLUDED! I will throw in a Gordy's leather strap with neck pad that priced for $50.

      Price is $550 + $29 worldwide shipping, you pay paypal fees.

      2/ X-T1 body:

      Might still just be the best value in the entire Fuji body lineup.
      9/10 condition as well, rubber all intact, comes with 1 after market battery and the stock flash unit, plus the bigger and better eyecup. Only flaw I can spot is a scratch at one corner. Brand new, recently purchased body cap.


      View: original size


      View: original size


      View: original size

      Price is $350+ $29 worldwide shipping, you pay paypal fee

      Shipping will be from Vietnam (recently moved back from SF) with Federal post, tracking number, insurance is available if you pay for it). Arrival days = 9-14

      If you buy all two, I will throw in an ONA Bowery bag, 6/10 condition but hey it's usable and retails for $150++.

      I can film videos with all items to make sure you know what you're getting as well. NO TRADES please.

      Contact me here or via trung.td.nguyen [at] gmail dot com

    • 2 hours ago, PeterRockysdad said:

      I'm curious what happened with yours, I have the same issue now. I got quotes from Fuji for $380-700. Ridiculous methinks. See my post "Xpro 2 EVF repair issue".

      I sent the camera to Fuji repair service. I was lucky because my camera was in the last two months warranty. They fix mine for free.

      Good luck!

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