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    • Thanks James, useful info!

    • Yes the XH1 is exactly the same and has the good 1 second delay and the same cycle through buttons/modes. 

      Yes thats a good point about switching to the live view on the back for up high and low down shots.  If the EVF is always on, then you have to cycle through the display options again to turn this off, then switch the back onto live view so you can then hold the camera up/down to get the shot.  Then switch it all back again for EVF shooting.  I forgot about this and yes its another issue.  

      Hmm I didnt use the AF assist on my Nikons (didnt like the red light shining in people's faces telling them i was going to take their photo) so didnt use it.  This has continued on the Fujifilm setup and to be honest, I dont really have a problem with my prime lenses and AF locking.  When using flash, most of the time its off camera and the only thing on my hotshoe is the wireless trigger.  I use Nissin flashes.  

    • Thanks James, that's interesting info and yes I am a little late to the discussion... google brought me to your post! My original plan had been my XT20 to be my testing the water and to build up my lenses using it and then switch to the XH1 or it's successor down the line but the lag issue really puts me off. I suppose the LCD probably does help, but I take it the XH1 has a similar eye sensor lag time then?

      The other thing that is a shame is that I do find that shooting with LCD has a role to play in the reportage environment... occasionally it's really handy to be able to lift the camera high up or down low, or to shoot discreetly.

      It worked really well on my old Nikon because the default was viewfinder (obviously) but by pressing a button you could quickly switch to LCD live-view and back when needed

      On the XH1, what's it like switching between view modes? Is it still a slow cycles? (EVF only, EVF + eyesensor, eyesensor, LCD only...)

      I have one other question for you that you may or may not be able to help with as a wedding photographer...
      I shoot events occasionally and another massive weakness I've found with Fuji (coming from DSLR) is speedlight support when mounted to the hotshoe... Fuji cams don't seem to be able to utilise the speedlight AF assist lamps which on DSRL's I've always found to be essential for quickly grabbing focus in low light. Do you know if this also true with the XT2 and the XH1?

      Perhaps you don't shoot any of the dancing etc with a mounted speed light at weddings, although I did used to sometimes keep it mounted with the flash turned off, just to use the AF assist when shooting with fast primes in low light...

      Thanks again for the info!

    • Hi Richard, 

      With other a year since i posted this thread Im glad i switched on the notification email if anyone replies.  

      Well I did sell all my Nikon DSLR gear and switched to Fujifilm.  Im a wedding and event photographer if it matters.  I now own the XH1, XT2 and X100F, as well as the 16mm 1.4, 56mm 1.2 and the 80mm macro. 

      The EVF blackout is still the one thing i cant work with and my work-around is to just leave the EFV on all the time.  For weddings, every second counts so cant have an unresponsive camera when i bring it up to my face.  The trade off for this is battery life (i take 10 fully charged with me to each wedding and the chargers) and no data on the rear LCD screen.  The no data on the back isnt really a problem on the XH1 due to the top LCD showing everything I need at a glance, and this is my main body so just deal with it on the XT2.  

      The X100F I do break out at weddings some times but mainly i use this for personal stuff.  I use the OVF on this but even still, like you said there is still a delay when looking through it as i still need the electronic overlay for framing etc.  So i leave the X100F's EVF on all the time as well.  

      The main thing that bothers me most is that no one else (apart from you) is effected?!  I just dont understand it. 

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    • Nice fine detail on this one, the reds come through nice too.
    • @MarcoDebiasi - thank you for your comment.
    • Well done. You aptfully captured this attractive rose (pink/peach-coloured roses are my favorite and this one has a beautiful symmetry of its 3 inner petals). The exposure in particular allows to appreciate the tonality of the rose while popping it out from the darker background. I think the "old" 60mm is the perfect lens for such pictures not requiring very high magnification: it is small and light for easily carrying it around and it produces very sharp images married with pleasing out-of-focus rendition. Thank you for preserving and sharing such fleeble beauty.
    • Nice shot. I like the perspective in this picture and the light/dark interplay. 
      I do feel that the canyon looks over sharpened (at least in the limited size that I am seeing this in). I prefer more organic relief features (this is a preference thing, so let it not detract from the merits of your photo!). 
    • Nice shot.
      To me this is interesting, from a  sense that it can also be mistaken for a rock face. In my opinion, monochrome adds a layer of interpretation to a picture which I think full color photos do not afford as readily. 
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