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    • Guillaume REBIERE

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      I am supposed to shoot videos today with my Fuji XT-1. It is the first time I try this.

      Unfortunately, I forgot the jack adapter for my external microphone and I will have to use the internal microphone.

      When I film, the sound is intermittent and broken when I playback.

      Can you please help me?

      Thank you in advance.

    • Sharma33k

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    • The Fujifilm app to transfer photos to smart phones doesn't work for Windows phones. Apart from buying a new Android or iPhone, are there any easy options that don't require a computer?

    • paulbroad

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      Best bet is o do a factory reset from the menu, but you really should not need to. You obviously have the focus select lever on the front set to A or C and not M? Have you changed to focus setting to back button auto? The normal release will not hen trigger auto focus. Try pressing the A-E button on the top right camera back and see if it focus's then.

      You are using a Fuji lens of course and not a third party/manual lens?

      If at a loss, as above, do a factory reset. Shouldt ake you back to square one.



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