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        I am the original owner and  bought it at that Big Store on 34th Street here in New York City.  Unfortunately (for me!) I soon found that really did not need a bag that big, so it has spent most of the last dozen years in my closet.  I figure it is time to sell it so I can buy something else I don’t need.

       This Domke F-2 is in great shape – no holes, showing just a bit of wear – with proper care it should last another 20 or 30 years.  Use it well, sell it then and make a huge profit. 

       It comes with the 'GRIPPER’ SHOULDER STRAP, CARRYING HANDLE, 3 PADDED INSERTS as shown, also the PADDED BOTTOM PROTECTOR.  You even get the original  DOMKE ORIGINAL LUGGAGE TAG that came with it. 

      These are actual shots of the Domke Case offered here, not stock shots or something copied from another source.

      $85.00 and it is yours.

      Add shipping cost for 5 pounds weight.

       Please note that I cannot provide tracking to any address outside the U.S.A., nor be responsible for any customs or import duty or seizure by your customs folks if you are unfortunate enough to be living in a place where that might happen.

       Please do not ask for a fake invoice or customs declaration.  It is illegal here and probably there too; I have enough grief from my government without looking for more from yours.

       Payment via PayPal or US Postal Money Order

       Thank You!

    • Pros will buy it - in fact they'll welcome it for fashion, sports and action.

      The Nikon 200mm f2 is £6000 but for that you get a true FF 200mm f2 rather than an equivalent 300mm f2.8.

      People are speaking of the 8-16mm f2.8 as great option for landscape but IMO it's what I call a special purpose lens. Tiny fine detail in a landscape with no composition is not for me. Pick out the individual compositions with a standard/tele length lens. This lens can be used for close landscapes or at least with a close object in the foreground, but more so in skate parks with a board whizzing past a couple of feet away or close to a racehorse jump maybe - in short - a lens very much for the creative photographer IMO.

      Either way I can't afford to buy either or to carry the weight which I read is greater than the 16-55mm f2.8 (the 8-16mm f2.8 that is). There is already competition to name this lens the breeze or cinder block - I favor - the Rock.

    • On ‎7‎/‎20‎/‎2018 at 5:41 PM, veejaycee said:

      WEX/Calumet are taking pre-release orders. 200mm f2 @ £5,399 and the 8-16mm f2, 8 @ £1,799. I've decided to buy a car instead.


      I know all cameras are expensive these days, but the 200mm seems REALLY expensive.  I used to have a Minolta 200mm f2.8 G HS, regarded by some as one of the finest 200mm primes ever made, and used they seem to sell for around £500.  The ultra wide price seems to be about the going rate these days for a high quality ultra wide. Ouch.

    • One year ago I made a clip to show how versatile an X100 series camera can be. 

      As I have been shooting with nothing else than an X100F for the past 3/4 of a year I thought I´d do a runner up of the video. The second one is focused on pictures taken with the X100F.

      I hope you enjoy these two short videos.




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