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    • Might there be issues/problems using glass rectangular graduated filter/holders (e.g. NiSi/LEE/H&W/Kase) on the Fuji XC plastic lenses?

      Not sure if the plastic lenses can handle the weight of the glass rectangular filter.

      I'm also not sure if the PZ (power zoom) can work with filter holders.

      Thank you.

    • Hello, I have an XT 20 and I just got a new lens the Meike 28mm F/2.8.

      With the kit lens all good now with this new one it doesn't shoot. 

      I've already tried to remove the lens, the sd card, the battery but still the same.

      What can I do?

      Thank you


    • Hello,

      Found this thread from searching for that exact problem of being able to shoot photo but not video. It turns out I can shoot FHD, just not DCI or 4K. Check on yours if you can do this. Then it might be related to... hmm, the SD card perhaps? It might detect it might not catch up the writes? Haven't tried with my faster SD cards yet.

      Play with the settings a bit and report back, please :)




    • YosemiteJack


      5 hours ago, Photo Shooter said:

      EXR died with the X10 series as far as I know.

      Was it replaced by anything similar? I have not been following the news about advancements in Fuji's technology for a few years.

      Does Fuji still make any prosumer P&S cameras with zoom lenses? The closest thing I see to the X10/X20/X30 in the Fuji lineup now is the X100 but all the variants on that design have fixed lenses.

      To add to that, I would like something I can use mostly for vacation action shots of my family but also occasionally portraits. So while th X100 would work wonderful for an everyday vacation camera the lens is just too short for portrait photography.

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