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    • Christopher


      On 4/29/2021 at 9:39 AM, Timacn said:

      I just bought an X100V and  want to charge it.  As Fuji did not include a charger with their expensive camera (!), I ordered one off Amazon.

      Until it gets here, I know I have the option of charging it via a computer USB cable, but the instructions are unclear.

      The instructions say you cannot charge an X100V  from a USB hub (WHY?) and also this:

      USB charging is available with computers with a manufacturer-approved operating system and USB interface.

      What is a "manufacturer approved operating system?"  I would call and ask Fuji these questions, but I couldn't find a phone contact number.

      Any ideas what these instructions ( computers with a manufacturer-approved operating system and USB interface) refer to?  Any idea why you cannot use a USB Hub?

      I would be charging it from a 4 year old Imac.

      Thanks for your help.

      It is not recommended to charge a camera from a USB hub, because the power draw may exceed what the USB hub is able to deliver, particularly if there are additional devices plugged into the hub and also drawing power.

      Your X100V will charge just fine plugged into an iMac, just be sure to plug it directly into the computer's USB port, rather than a USB hub. Don't worry about the 'manufacturer-approved operating system' requirement.

    • Christopher


      On 5/5/2021 at 10:26 PM, harrisonjr98 said:

      Hey all! This is someone else's picture of the same issue, but mine looks exactly the same. The question is - to service? CAN I even get it serviced? I'm in the eastern United States. Should I check out third party repair options? If it's something that can be done for ~$150 or less I'd definitely love to get some more mileage out of this old guy image.gif.65b4c350d4781d91bf3c1add901fb039.gif Tried the usual tricks people post to remedy this issue - firmware, sd cards, light tapping etc, nothing fixed it.



      Fujifilm USA should be able to repair it without issue. They are located in New Jersey, you'll just have to ship the camera to them after talking on the phone with support.

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    • iSilentP


      Way to show the world Fujifilm!!!

      Good for #Fujifilm. Proud supporter and very happy to see that they did not crumble to #Ransomware hacker demands. More companies should do this. The best way to eliminate these type of attacks.

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    • Photo Shooter


      Do Kenko make TC's for Fuji cameras?

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