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    • On 5/13/2017 at 9:55 PM, Ianmac said:

      I have experienced a problem with Lightroom and the XT-2.

      In the last week I shot 4 to 500 images of the Scotish Six Days International Motorcycle Trial with a combination of my XT-1 and XT-2 . Processing these in lightroom threw up some issues with exposure of images from my XT-2. Some images appeared underexposed with before and after images in the shooting sequence perfect.

      After a lot of  plodding I found that XT-2 images shot with AUTO DR, and DR 200 selected by the XT-2, were needing around +1 stop of exposure during lightroom develop processing.

      Delving into google revealed this as an issue.


      It appears Lightroom does not process the Fuji XT-2 Raw files correctly

      Fortunately I had purchased a copy of Iridient so I reprocessed the Fuji raw images through it to DNG and then DNG into lightroom. Iridient  processes the Fuji Raw files perfectly into DNG.

      Anyone else experienced this.?

      Apologies I initially posted this in the wrong thread XT-20 and Lightroom not XT2 and Lightroom

      I bought Thomas' ebook and sharpening presets for LR about 18 months ago with IXT Beta. I don't actually use any of the presets though. I run my files through IXT with no LR NR or and no LR sharpening. I then process the DNGs as usual in LR 6 standalone and export tiffs to PS CC 2015 standalone where I size and sharpen using the high pass filter at lowest settings (0.3) and that is all the sharpening I need from the 24mp sensor. The main thing (IMO) is not to sharpen in LR but use one's chosen sharpening method on a tiff copy. Smart sharpen and Nik output sharpener are quite good but keep the settings low.

    • I had the same experience recently. Also found out (to my embarrassment) that the front switch had gone to "c" when up or down in my bag, hehe. 

    • seriously good info and very inexpensive tutorial for Iridient Transformer + LR processing





      and no, I do not work for TF nor do I know the man.

    • 15 hours ago, artuk said:

      Why do you suggest that?

      because of longer focus throw?

      modern mirrorless lenses are often internally focusing, to reduce the mass of the focus group to work better with low inertia CDAF systems.

      therefore I don't know if longer focal lengths have a greater focus throw or not. 

      Point taken I was thinking of older designs.

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    • Nice fine detail on this one, the reds come through nice too.
    • @MarcoDebiasi - thank you for your comment.
    • Well done. You aptfully captured this attractive rose (pink/peach-coloured roses are my favorite and this one has a beautiful symmetry of its 3 inner petals). The exposure in particular allows to appreciate the tonality of the rose while popping it out from the darker background. I think the "old" 60mm is the perfect lens for such pictures not requiring very high magnification: it is small and light for easily carrying it around and it produces very sharp images married with pleasing out-of-focus rendition. Thank you for preserving and sharing such fleeble beauty.
    • Nice shot. I like the perspective in this picture and the light/dark interplay. 
      I do feel that the canyon looks over sharpened (at least in the limited size that I am seeing this in). I prefer more organic relief features (this is a preference thing, so let it not detract from the merits of your photo!). 
    • Nice shot.
      To me this is interesting, from a  sense that it can also be mistaken for a rock face. In my opinion, monochrome adds a layer of interpretation to a picture which I think full color photos do not afford as readily. 
    • I have been wanting to use the star rating system to express my pleasure in seeing the anger and determination in the face of this young woman, but for the past few days have not had the opportunity because I have not been on my desktop computer, but only looking at the site using my phone. 
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