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    • Thank you Vic. Fascinating. I'm most grateful for the insights.

    • The 14mm is my most used prime. Since you replied I can now upload another image. This is the first frame from the same walkabout as those previously shown. The difference is, this was taken in normal fashion at eye height with a the 23mm f1,4. Camera up, click, camera down - but look how quickly the naturalness has gone and an instant pose been adopted. That was when I put the 14mm on and it's pretty much all I use now for street apart from sometimes going to the other extreme of 60mm or 90mm for a close up or across street capture..


    • Neither DNG or Raw lock in the conversion. Either file type which has been edited in LR can always be re-opened and readjusted. Likewise if either are processed in ACR. However, LR will not recognise ACR conversions and ACR will not recognise LR conversions. If you open an LR processed raw or dng in ACR it will use the unprocessed file and similarly, an ACR processed file opened in LR will open as a non processed file.

      Memory is ridiculously cheap nowadays. I retain raw, dng, tiff and jpg copies of my keepers. I am thinking of thinning out my older files though simply to keep track more easily and I'm getting more ruthless with anything sub par.

    • Thanks for your response;as you have said, cropping works for anything but bad verticals.

      I have used the included software to fix my occasional failures in that exact area.

      I have seen that by all accounts the 14 is killer-sharp but dismissed it as a crazy-wide.

      I am re-thinking it for the purpose you described. 

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    • Nice fine detail on this one, the reds come through nice too.
    • @MarcoDebiasi - thank you for your comment.
    • Well done. You aptfully captured this attractive rose (pink/peach-coloured roses are my favorite and this one has a beautiful symmetry of its 3 inner petals). The exposure in particular allows to appreciate the tonality of the rose while popping it out from the darker background. I think the "old" 60mm is the perfect lens for such pictures not requiring very high magnification: it is small and light for easily carrying it around and it produces very sharp images married with pleasing out-of-focus rendition. Thank you for preserving and sharing such fleeble beauty.
    • Nice shot. I like the perspective in this picture and the light/dark interplay. 
      I do feel that the canyon looks over sharpened (at least in the limited size that I am seeing this in). I prefer more organic relief features (this is a preference thing, so let it not detract from the merits of your photo!). 
    • Nice shot.
      To me this is interesting, from a  sense that it can also be mistaken for a rock face. In my opinion, monochrome adds a layer of interpretation to a picture which I think full color photos do not afford as readily. 
    • I have been wanting to use the star rating system to express my pleasure in seeing the anger and determination in the face of this young woman, but for the past few days have not had the opportunity because I have not been on my desktop computer, but only looking at the site using my phone. 
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