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    • Hold AE button down and use function wheel to click once to spot setting😃

    • When using macro setting an error message reads “Turn off camera and back on”. Can this be fixed?


    • Hi guys,

      Returning to Fuji later this year, have previously worked with 2xpro2,s but wasn't for me so returned to another brand but the weight of my camera bag now is horrendous and after a mad few months of back to back weddings I am looking to fuji as I loved the colours and lenses should have maybe exchanged camera bodies I suppose after the xpro2 but now I feel is the time, there are lots of you tube so called reviews but would rather here from working wedding photographers out there using fuji x systems and for your thoughts, I am considering the xt3 or the xh-1 so particular love to hear photographers views on these models pls for wedding/portrait work.

      Thank you for any help, its appreciated. 


    • What I have found to be the simplest and cheapest solution is to use the ring from a keychain. It has been much better than all other solutions. I have a ring that I use in summer time and a larger ring for winter shooting with gloves.




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