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  2. flashbang

    X-10 vs. X-30?

    X-10 vs. X-30? For years my 'carry around' camera was an X-10. My travel outfit was a pair of them and I have always been happy with the results. A couple of years ago one of then finally gave out. I tried replacing it with an X-100s, but after a year, I still don't feel comfortable with that camera and I will probably end up selling it. Anyway, my current “problem” is whether to pick up another X-10 (so I have a back-up camera for travel) or to try an X-30. Seems I get the same lens and same sensor either way and the X-30 is a bit larger and most listings are a few bucks more than for the X-10. If anyone has owned and used both, your suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks!
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  4. I use a pair of YungNuo YN560IV and a YN560-TX11 controller on my XT1 and XE3 and they work perfectly - trigger and two flash units was under $200 off ebay. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1101196-REG/yongnuo_yn_560iv_yn560_iv_speedlite.html
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  6. flashbang

    Domke F-2, Black Canvas

  7. Hi Veejaycee, I reckon you will be very disappointed with the 50-140mm + TC combo compared to the 100-400 I have XP2 & XT3 and the 50-140mm and 1.4TC I also have an 8-year-old Canon T2i (550D) with brilliant Canon 100-400mm IS L II lens I have native birds coming to my house every day The Fujis with 196mm equivalent FL *WILL NOT DELIVER FEATHER DETAIL* at distances greater than ten feet - which is pathetic! However the Canon @ 400mm shows feather detail out to forty feet without any effort at all. Motto: 50-140mm is a waste of time for birds on a stick so wh spend time shooting it it for BIF I have not invested in the Fuji 100-400 because wife would ask me why do I need two of those lenses and I would have a hard time answering. There are plenty of people out there producing EXCELLENT photos with the Fuji 100-400 lens. But I HARDLY EVER see nice bird shots with the 50-140 on my usual forum. What i do like about the 50-140mm is when I shoot video through it, but that isn't birds. Yes it is very sharp. If you do go with 50-140, suggest rent it first Jim Canberra
  8. Hi D, The light level must be fairly low for these numbers ... One far-out idea, the lens EXIF reports F2 but there is a problem with the shutter and it takes the photo at f16. Or something weird. In the menus, select AUTO ISO 1 range which (for me) defaults to range ISO 160 thru 800 That'll stop the ISO 4000 which should not be happening. And/or manually set ISO with ISO wheel. Then shoot and check that EXIF matches what you set. If there is still something weird, do a full camera reset, look under User->Settings re photographing people inside, your XT3 box (doin't throw it away!) contains an XE8 mini-flash. It has no batteries but is powered by the camera, so you can only squeeze off a few shots between recharging delay, but you need flash for indoor portraits. Even a f1.4 lens produces terrible gloomy portraits indoors in the absence of natural light. Re the video, XT3 makes BEAUTIFUL video. But if you have an old laptop, that might struggle to play 4K video Good luck Jim Canberra
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  12. Have you recently knocked or bumped the camera at all, if so it's most likely a mechanical issue and will have to go in for service. I had a similar problem with my X-E3 last November, only had it a couple weeks and while in my messenger style camera bag, it fell off the couch onto the floor upside down (no padding in the flap you see) and my focus selector got stuck on AF-C. Fortunately for me, Fujifilm UK were good enough to fix it under warranty even though it was my fault.
  13. Hi everyone, thank you greatly in advance for any help you can offer. I'm going to purchase the XT-3 for video use and am getting mixed reviews about the kit lens vs the fixed 2.8 lens. I would LOVE to see examples of each lens and the bokeh produced by them. I'm wondering how much different will be seen at 55mm between the 2.8 and the 4.0 …. MY CURRENT kits are full frame sensors, so it's not just something I can imitate with another camera. I'd love to see a second or two of video footage from both lenses wide open at 16 and 18 and at 55 from each lens … I am not asking anyone to do this unless they are interested! I can suggest that this content may be a marketable youtube video- could make some money monetizing this demo. Thank you so much!
  14. I think perhaps the Tele adapter fits onto the front of the smaller ring of the adapter/filter holder/hood. Either that or the hood is removed for the Tele lhttps://www.google.com/search?q=LH-X10&client=firefox-b-ab&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjehq3Uxt7fAhWFQxUIHWuLCBkQ7Al6BAgBEA8&biw=1920&bih=1064#imgrc=qToZ8OkZBXZdpM:ens to screw into the same adapter as the hood.
  15. Lyndon

    x30 flash always off

    Many thanks, I’ve now done this, but am still experiencing problems. The flash, when raised, incapacitates the shutter button in all modes & a red light flashes unless I turn the camera off and on again. I have reset the camera, but the problems persist.
  16. veejaycee

    x30 flash always off

    Bracketing is on the Drive button - on the back of the camera next to the trash button. Press the Drive button and highlight the top Camera icon for single shot. (No bracketing.)
  17. Lyndon

    x30 flash always off

    When I raise the flash, this entails the unintended and unhelpful consequence of rendering the shutter button entirely ineffectual. This is accompanied by a flashing orange light, which occasionally switches to a flashing red light, as if attempting to communicate something to me with increased urgency, whilst failing to take stock of the incomprehensibility of the signal, as an American tourist might if he were merely to raise his voice in a conversation with a Strasbourgeois bank teller without endeavouring to change his language to French, German or Elsäßisch and thereby making himself intelligible, a lamentable scenario I once witnessed.
  18. Lyndon

    x30 flash always off

    How is the “drive mode” labelled on the camera itself, please? There is no “drive mode” on any of the menus. Aha, yes, I’ve now located this; my apologies for a little vacuity there. That said, the flash still doesn’t work. Many thanks, all the same. L
  19. Lyndon

    x30 flash always off

    I’m afraid I’ve tried this repeatedly, as well as the other methods suggested above, to no avail. The flash does not work on my X30. I am very fond of the camera, but this is an exasperating flaw. How, incidentally, does one turn off bracketing? This doesn’t seem possible using the menu. If there were a fix not alluded to above, I’d be most grateful to know it. Many thanks.
  20. Sometimes you're the shooter and sometimes you're the subject.
  21. Ostravaczech

    Wildflowers are starting to pop up.

    Along the Western Loop Trail, McDowell Mountain Park in Fountain Hills, AZ.
  22. Prior to buying X20 all cameras have been SLRs .... have used tele-converter lens with them .... tele-converter always mounted between camera body and interchangeable lens .... now trying to find a tele-converter for use with X20 which is "fixed" lens .... everything I find seems to be designed for use with LH-X10 adapter ring which is vented .... QUESTION: Don't the "vents" allow light into area between lens and tele-converter? .... doesn't this create a problem with quality of photo? .... Sure I must be missing something here but .... Thanks ....
  23. Very smart - now you're all set to go out and pose with your camera. 😁
  24. It sounds like the mechanical Auto switch is broken. Strange when you consider that it is probably the least used switch. It's not the first time I heard of this happening. You may be able to move the switch to the off position if you can lift the top plate of the camera then, not use auto again. You can still set each of - aperture, shutter speed and ISO to auto.
  25. Hi there Jetory, My X-T10 has just done the same thing, its stuck in Auto mode and the switch has no effect. What was the outcome from your side? I am in a pretty remote area, just wondering if you had any luck sorting the issue out.
  26. veejaycee

    x30 flash always off

    Did you try a simple web search? X 30 Factory Reset: Press the [MENU/OK] button Press the [</ dial left] button to highlight the tab Press the [V/ dial down] button to highlight the “wrench” icon Press the [>/ dial right] button to place the cursor in the setup menu. Highlight “RESET” and press the [>/ dial right] button When a confirmation dialog appears, select “OK” and then press [MENU/OK] button Once you've tried that, see if the flash works and get back to us if not.
  27. Lyndon

    x30 flash always off

    I’ve tried all of these measures, to no avail. The orange light flashes when I raise the flash and the shutter button ceases to function. I’m fairly sure that I have fiddled with functions beyond my comprehension, but it’s left me a little exasperated, since now I cannot even find how to restore factory settings. If anyone out there were able to advise without being inordinately bored by the crass character of this request, I’d be most grateful.
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