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  2. Hello, it's my first post here as i bought my fujifilm x100v recently. I wonder if i can connect my x100v to zhiyun weebill s and can control the camera settings from the gimbal. When connecting with usb C cable i get black screen on x100v showing the USB connection. I tried to turn off the "USB POWER SUPPLY SETTING" from the CONNECTION SETTING Menu and i get the screen working for 2 sec when connecting the gimbal and camera butthen again the black screen. On the gimbal side i have set the option to fuji camera but cant change anything like ISO ss, aperture etc... Any solution?
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    Sunset by Cloudy Day.jpg

  4. The lines appear to show up in the same areas across the two photos. Did you check the sensor?
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    A Benedict Gull attempts to steal a fish from the Yellow Crown Herron, near Smithfield , Va

    © Lou Walter

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    A Yellow Crown Night Heron lifts off from a lake near Bristol, Va.
  7. Set Up > Button/Dial Setting > Shutter AF > AF-S >Off Set Up > Function (Fn) Setting > Assign AF-ON to the button of your preference This will achieve Backbutton Focus in S mode shooting
  8. Hi folks, I use the Mount Adaptor settings (Shooting Settings>Mount Adaptor) to set the Focal Length metadata for manual lenses. This allows me to use Lightroom Library filters to pick out the shots taken with that lens. On the XT2 (and XT3) settings 1 to 4 are reserved and only 5 and 6 can be amended. As my manual lens collection grows, I need to have settings for more than the 2 lenses. Is there anyway to open up 1 to 4 to allow settings?
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    Am I the last SilkyPix user?

    I like Silky, it converts the RAW files very well in an obtuse sort of way. Once you start to delve into it it's a very good RAW processor but little more. If there any experts here please announce yourself as I have a question about how Silky treats a RAW file when you have selected a film simulation. For example if in camera you select RAW+FINE and a monochrome simulation then Silky automatically and annoyingly applies a mono conversion on loading. You can use a pull down to override this but it's something you have to do actively. Thanks form a lonely Silky user.
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  13. I am Photographer from India (Orissa) and interested to buy it. nihar36@gmail.com
  14. Hello, I am struggling to set my XPRO exposure compensation to be controlled by front dial - I have set in on "C" and I can do when SS is on Auto, but as soon as I change the SS, I lose control of the exposure compensation on the front dial. Where I am doing wrong? This is how I set on the camera. Thank you for reading (and maybe responding) to this query Luca
  15. Pretty sure the shutter speed dial is not functioning.
  16. I hope I am just missing some dumb setting. I just bought a xt1 and a 35mm f2 WR. The camera will not get out Auto mode unless I move the apeture ring to "A" then it go to "P" Also no matter what I do it will not adjust the shutter speed by using the dial.
  17. Hi, ive just got a used x100t and the viewfinder selector is slightly loose. It’s got some wiggle in it when I select and it can also be moved forward a mm or so. Is this a normal wear and tear issue with the model? It seems like it may be something that could be adjusted. thanks
  18. Here is my EDC (Every Day Carry) Photo Loadout for 2020. Lets see your EDC's... Ru YiHuang Sling Bag Fujifilm X100f Camera Fujifilm EF-X20 Flash PGUK Paracord Wrist Strap Nexus 7 Tablet M-EDGE Tablet Case Victorinox Swiss Army Knife B.S.A. Mini Maglite Sound Logic Power Bank Generic Multi-Tool EF Felt Tip Pen Atlas Stylus Pen StreamLight Stylus Pro Lens Cloth Skull Candy Ear Buds ZAID Leather Ear Bud Case PHOTOMEMO Note Pads ZAID Leather Battery/Card Holder Extra Fujifilm Camera Batteries Extra Fujifilm Memory Cards
  19. XT3 has arrived The case fits but the Fiji have moved the strap mounting lugs up 5mm on the 3. The press button straps that clip around the lugs need to be slightly longer or a suitable clip fitted on the camera strap or lugs that will accept the press button straps. the VPB for the 3 has one ident/locating pin adjacent to the multi pin male socket that is in a different position to that on the 2. Its not rocket science to reposition it but one will need or have access to a precision X-Y table drill. The most difficult task will be finding the correct way to disassemble the VPB case
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