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  2. MisterR

    Flaming Gorge, Utah

    Nice shot. Especially the light and texture
  3. Thanks for your work these past ten years!
  4. Photo Shooter

    FujiXSeries.com Closing - Thank You & Farewell ❤️

    It is a shame but inevitable. Thank you for your support for the community.
  5. The time has come to shutter our Fuji X Series Camera community, after 10 great years online. Our community began as the 'X100 Enthusiasts' forum for the newly released Fujifilm X100 camera in 2011, and quickly grew to include Fujifilm's incredible X Series lineup of cameras. I am honored to have been a host to this community of photographers, and I am glad that our discussions have been a helpful resource to fellow X series photographers across the world. It has been a pleasure to watch this camera system grow in popularity over the past decade, and see the joy it brings to so many photographers. Thank you to all who have contributed your time and talents here, and thank you to all of our dedicated readers as well. The website will remain online for the next few weeks, to give our members a chance to revisit before we go. Farewell friends! 👋
  6. It is not recommended to charge a camera from a USB hub, because the power draw may exceed what the USB hub is able to deliver, particularly if there are additional devices plugged into the hub and also drawing power. Your X100V will charge just fine plugged into an iMac, just be sure to plug it directly into the computer's USB port, rather than a USB hub. Don't worry about the 'manufacturer-approved operating system' requirement.
  7. Fujifilm USA should be able to repair it without issue. They are located in New Jersey, you'll just have to ship the camera to them after talking on the phone with support.
  8. MisterR

    Train crossing

    Very nice shots. Continue to celebrate the photography https://fixthephoto.com/aurora-hdr-vs-lightroom.html
  9. Way to show the world Fujifilm!!! Good for #Fujifilm. Proud supporter and very happy to see that they did not crumble to #Ransomware hacker demands. More companies should do this. The best way to eliminate these type of attacks. https://www.verdict.co.uk/fujifilm-ransom-demand/
  10. Photo Shooter

    Fuji XT10 Lens Mount? F0 Problem

    Do Kenko make TC's for Fuji cameras?
  11. Bee

    Xh1 HSS

    Hello all! I have trouble setting my xh1 to HSS. What are the steps? I went to the flash icon and there’s no high speed sync to choose to make the camera set to perform the task. Please help. Thanks so much.
  12. Only have a handful of pieces of gear remaining and have sold a lot! I withdrew my old listings, but now that I only have three pieces left I will simply update and keep this one thread as they sell. Thank you all so much for your interest and DMs. Prices below are based on trying to beat current eBay listings at the time of this writing. First is a really clean 23mm 1.4 with it's original box/packaging! There is light wear to the finish on the focus ring, as is common with Fuji lenses. It does not affect the functionality of the lens in any way. Optically, it has been used with a clear filter for protection and is mint. Asking $640 shipped anywhere in the US. https://imgur.com/a/UBPcJkQ The next lens I have is a like-new 16-80mm f4 with it's original box/packaging as well. This lens has shot less than 200 photos- it was originally going to be used for run-and-gun on a second body that only ended up with a shutter count of 167. This lens was on it the whole time. No scratches/wear to be seen here, it's in perfect shape and might as well be brand new from the store. Asking $570 shipped anywhere in the US. https://imgur.com/a/47kNItv I also have an X-T2 body that has been used but always bag-kept and looked after. The only notable wear is light "buckle rash" from a strap that connected with metal loops and rubbed on the comp dial a bit - see photos, it's nothing much but I figured it was worth noting. The body is in great shape overall with no notable other wear. Lowered price - asking $620 shipped anywhere in the US. https://imgur.com/a/jHfTt2X Thanks for checking out my listings - I appreciate it, and don't hesitate to DM me with any questions! Just also reply to this thread before you do, so I get an email notification that someone is trying to reach me.
  13. Hi, I have an X-T30 and out of the blue it started to show F/0 and consequently will not function. I have tried all suggestions that I have read on forums with the same issue. The points are clean and it happens with all lenses. One thing I do remember is that I had put a Kenko 1.4X onto it and coincidence or not, soon after the problem started. Help! Any real life experience with this issue?
  14. Hi, I have an X-T30 and out of the blue it started to show F/0 and consequently will not function. I have tried all suggestions that I have read on forums with the same issue. The points are clean and it happens with all lenses. One thing I do remember is that I had put a Kenko 1.4X onto it and coincidence or not, soon after the problem started. Help! Any real life experience with this issue?
  15. I have read that you can but firstly you would need the original firmware file (Fuji delete old firmware from their sire when new version are released) and secondly you would have to figure out how. I d o not think you follow the same procedure as an update to a new version.
  16. Let's say you have an x100 and you want to go back to the original firmware for an article and to experience the original camera characteristics. Is it possible? Can you then reload the 'latest' firmware?
  17. Hey all, bought a used X-T3 body for $850 shipped over a Fuji buy/sell group on Facebook, all checks out and the seller was very professional. Camera shipped with original box and in essentially mint condition cosmetically, except for when testing it this afternoon I noticed that the direction arrow buttons (around the Menu/OK button) were "sticky," or felt like maybe there was some debris inside them. They were clicking reliably, but some clicks would feel soft and then others would feel crunchy/hard. My X-T2 doesn't have this issue, so I know what the d-pad is supposed to feel like. Strangely, if I sort of rapidly click each of the buttons maybe 10 times each, the issue completely goes away and then an hour or so later if I pick up the camera again it's back. It's nothing dealbreaking, and doesn't take away functionally from the camera, but I'm trying to see what kind of avenues I might be able to take to address it. Has anyone else had this issue? How did you resolve it? Is it a known problem, and may it get worse over time? Google didn't turn up any search results for the D-pad specifically being "sticky" feeling, only shutter buttons and joysticks.
  18. Hi, i know its 2 years later now ,but did you manage to fix this problem? My xt1 is doing the same thing Regards Alex
  19. Photo Shooter

    Raw file workflow post processing

    Iridient produces a DNG file so as long as the next software you want to use will operate on a DNG file it will work just fine.
  20. Frankleegiddings

    Raw file workflow post processing

    Would it be possible to process my raw files through the iridient x transformer and then follow up with using topaz labs software such as denoise ai and sharpen ai before finalising my edits with photoshop? is this overkill or sensible many thanks F L Giddings
  21. Hey all! This is someone else's picture of the same issue, but mine looks exactly the same. The question is - to service? CAN I even get it serviced? I'm in the eastern United States. Should I check out third party repair options? If it's something that can be done for ~$150 or less I'd definitely love to get some more mileage out of this old guy Tried the usual tricks people post to remedy this issue - firmware, sd cards, light tapping etc, nothing fixed it.
  22. MisterR


    All photos are beautiful. Thank you for this thread. https://fixthephoto.com/aurora-hdr-vs-lightroom.html
  23. Stevie07

    X30 Flash button

    The flash on my X30 was not working and I followed a recommendation to check the silent mode setting which I did, but this was not the problem. I finally reset the camera and now the flash works when popped up, but the flash function button does nothing to control it. Has anyone any idea why this would be please. I am probably missing something simple but don’t know what. Thanks.
  24. Maybe what you were seeing is what is called "blinkies" when the preview image on the LCD is blinking in areas that are overexposed. Taking the lens cap off or putting it on with the camera turned on will cause no damage.
  25. Hey guys! I’m new to the Fuji family and recently got my hands on a X100V. As a newbie photographer, I removed the lens cap while the camera was turned on. The screen started blinking in black and white and the shutter(?) was closed/didn’t open as I tried to take a picture. i quickly turned the camera off and on again and it worked as usual. Is removing the lens cap while the camera is on bad, could it somehow damage the camera? It was just a bit scary as it’s brand new. Thank you!
  26. I just bought an X100V and want to charge it. As Fuji did not include a charger with their expensive camera (!), I ordered one off Amazon. Until it gets here, I know I have the option of charging it via a computer USB cable, but the instructions are unclear. The instructions say you cannot charge an X100V from a USB hub (WHY?) and also this: USB charging is available with computers with a manufacturer-approved operating system and USB interface. What is a "manufacturer approved operating system?" I would call and ask Fuji these questions, but I couldn't find a phone contact number. Any ideas what these instructions ( computers with a manufacturer-approved operating system and USB interface) refer to? Any idea why you cannot use a USB Hub? I would be charging it from a 4 year old Imac. Thanks for your help.
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