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  2. Foto Nunta

    Tiny little blue dragon fly

    Great overall images. Nice colors and good contrast!
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  4. Hello, I am supposed to shoot videos today with my Fuji XT-1. It is the first time I try this. Unfortunately, I forgot the jack adapter for my external microphone and I will have to use the internal microphone. When I film, the sound is intermittent and broken when I playback. Can you please help me? Thank you in advance.
  5. camdensq

    San Sebastian Funicular VIIi.jpg

    Fujifilm X-Pro2 with 35mm f1.4 lens #SanSebastianbay #Donostianbay #landscape
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  7. Sharma33k

    Getting into macro

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  8. The Fujifilm app to transfer photos to smart phones doesn't work for Windows phones. Apart from buying a new Android or iPhone, are there any easy options that don't require a computer?
  9. Best bet is o do a factory reset from the menu, but you really should not need to. You obviously have the focus select lever on the front set to A or C and not M? Have you changed to focus setting to back button auto? The normal release will not hen trigger auto focus. Try pressing the A-E button on the top right camera back and see if it focus's then. You are using a Fuji lens of course and not a third party/manual lens? If at a loss, as above, do a factory reset. Shouldt ake you back to square one. paul
  10. Really Right Stuff RRS BVPBXT2-L L-Plate for Fujifilm X-T2 with VPB-XT2 Battery Grip Original cost was $190.00. Sell for $110.00 including Paypal fees and shipping in CONUS BELOW ARE IMAGES OF THE L-BRACKET. IT IS HEAVY-DUTY AND CAN ONLY BE USED ON X-T2 THAT HAS BATTERY GRIP INSTALLED. More images: (X-t2 or lens in images not included in sale) https://www.smugmug.com/gallery/n-bL3bNh/
  11. I have a lot of 6x7cm C-41 (orange tint) colour negatives to convert to digital format. I could scan them in a scanner, but I have a copy stand and daylight light box, so I thought I might just photograph them with my XT-30 camera. But then I have to convert the orange-tinted negative image to a positive with a reasonable white-balance. It seems hugely complicated in Photoshop/Lightroom/Mac Photos etc, and hardly worth the bother. Is there a way of adjusting the XT-30 settings to record a direct positive? Or is there any other SIMPLE solution? Any help would be deeply appreciated.
  12. Bump. Update: Removed the LCD screen protector and the underlying screen is good as new. I realize the original post some folks had questions about that. Visit the URL provided below and you'll see at the end of the photo gallery are the images of the clean LCD. The camera and all included items look as new. https://www.smugmug.com/gallery/n-wCDqF5/
  13. PiSan

    x30 flash always off

    Hi, POP_UP FLASH ON X30 STOPPED WORKING. Tryed all these things to get flash to work, supect wire(s) have come loose. Can anyone recomend a small cheap flash to go on the hotshoe.. happy to use the camera in manual, just need flash in dark areas :). Pi
  14. MrSteveVee

    Colour Accuracy Lightroom vs Capture One

    Using the Capture One Express (free version for Fuji), I can see that the software has better support for the film simulation curves for the later camera's than the earlier. It has all of the film simulation curves for my XT3 but none of the curves for my old X-Pro1. One option you can try with your version of Lightroom is to download the Adobe RAW to DNG converter (Also a free product) you can then convert your XT30 RAW files to DNG and your older version of Lightroom will then process them quite happily. So as long as you can put up with the slight inconvenience of converting your RAW to DNG you can continue to use lightroom for the XT30. Steve
  15. PJTMAC

    JPG vs RAW

    Thanks Steve
  16. MrSteveVee

    JPG vs RAW

    Excellent camera and you will have loads of fun. As a newbie it will all be rather daunting and frustrating, so what I tend to tell newbies is to start simple and build up. First steps, set the camera to auto everything (aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO). Secondly forget Raw for now. Once you master the basics you can start to explore that area, for now lets just get some pics you can look at end enjoy With the camera in Auto, you should be able to take pics that are pretty well exposed (assuming you have not changed any other settings in the menu), if they are not then you need to reset the basic settings. Also check that you have not moved the exposure compensator by mistake Once your Jpegs are coming out fine, next explore the film simulations. Great fun and you can keep the camera on auto and just change the film simulations to get a massive variety of good pics Once you are familiar with the camera in auto start to explore how the focus works, how you can move the point about to focus on one point or another. How does face detection work. Now you have that sussed, the next step is to explore Aperture settings. Take the Aperture out of auto and start to change it. Notice how the speed changes to compensate, or the ISO changes, or both. Then do similar with Speed, then explore ISO. by the time you have finished you will know your camera well and your Jpegs will look amazing. At that point start to look at RAW Incidentally, I shoot 90% of my pics in Jpeg. I only use Raw as a backup for the odd shots that need a better tweak. Fuji raw are hard to beat and I prefer to take pics with limited editing rather than a few pics and hours editing. And dont be afraid of auto. Unless you are after a specific effect (depth of field, blur water whatever) you can take a lot of pics in auto and they will look great, I use auto a lot Steve
  17. I have been doing light painting and everything on my camera needs to be reset. The main problem is that the auto focus will not focus. I have checked the menu but have not been able to figure out the problem. Help please.
  18. MrSteveVee

    Capture One

    Any of you chaps using Fuji express know if it is possible to pair the RAF and Jpegs? if so how please? If not in the express is it possible to do this in the pro version? Thanks
  19. Hi. I'm a newbie and took advice from a book to save to both RAW and JPG on my XT3. I'm finding the JPG files, compared to the RAW files, are overexposed. Is this a camera setting issue. If so, can anyone direct me as to where to find the settings that are causing this discrepancy. Thanks...
  20. raagamuffin

    My X100F long term review

    The review seemed from the heart rather than a cold spec sheet review with a focus on the features rather than the usage/results. Whereas the world has moved to digital and binary (including cameras), there are still spaces where analog (art) is still enjoyed. I used my original X100 (purchased in 2012) until last year, having retired it because its slower speed was causing me to pause when compared to my XT2. I am looking forward to the new model, lets see if its worth it to pay full price like my original x100 !
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  22. LCM_Scott


  23. I've managed to build quite an inventory of X-Series bodies (8) and lenses (21) throughout the years. After buying an X-H1, I decided it was time to let go one of the X-T2s, so the time has come cull the X-T2 collection down to one. Also anticipating release of the X-T4. So this baby needs to go. This camera and battery grip look as new. In E+ condition, really. I take care of all my stuff. All the original boxes and box contents included in sale. The body and grip have been married to an RSS-L-Plate to protect from dings since day 1. [NOT INCLUDED IN SALE] [https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1301148-REG/really_right_stuff_bvpbxt2_l_plate_l_plate_for_fuji_vpb_xt2.html/?ap=y&ap=y&smp=y&smp=y&lsft=BI%3A514&gclid=CjwKCAiA6vXwBRBKEiwAYE7iS4N4UwUvlQIFki1s5nwITcHGkPMSgICojTcwTYMh-h_M5bJrMjRD1xoChl8QAvD_BwE] Also LCD protection glass since day 1. Lots more X-T2 and battery grip pictures here: https://www.smugmug.com/gallery/n-wCDqF5/ I have bought and sold many things online. Here's links to my feedback on other forum I am very active in... My Fred Miranda forums feedback history (User: psaltis): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nl_rQKK1VsbdBvzgjNnLY9Sphq1qE3w-/view My Fred Miranda forums profile: https://www.fredmiranda.com/forum/viewprofile.php?Action=viewprofile&username=psaltis
  24. Hi there, A lot of us are awaiting the new and upcoming Fujifilm X100V and yet our beloved gear is still more than adequate. After some two years I thought it might be time to write up my personal sight on the Fujifilm X100F. I do hope you enjoy the read and images. Have a wonderful day 🤗 https://stockografie.de/an-x100f-real-world-long-term-review/ Cheers Stockografie
  25. I'm a hobbyist who will readily admit she does not know much about cameras. I saw this rig the other day (Fuji X100 with a Spiratone 0.15x Fish-Eye Camera Lens attached) and wanted to know how in the world an adapter was found to connect the two (I have come across this exact Spiratone lens and now own it). I've searched high and low for information about the use of adapter rings and such with this camera and have come up dry. If anyone has the knowledge of what I could do/buy and can explain in laymen's terminology, I would be indebted to you!!
  26. yep. i think they all do. at least for my xt100 and x70 and x20 they did.
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