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  3. I have never heard of that being done on a Fuji camera I doubt that they have the ability to sync time because there does not appear to be the ability to get a time setting from an external source such as a smartphone. I would have thought that if you are using 2-3 bodies for stills you could manually set the times so they are close enough but I can see it being a possible issue for video.
  4. Where can I find info on how to accurately sync 2-3 Fuji (X-T3 or 4) bodies using timecode? The manual is very basic. And I can't find any sources of information on this topic. For example, if shooting a wedding with 2-3 bodies, how do you ensure the internal timecodes are perfectly in sync? Thanks.
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  7. That is because you have the camera set to a mode that means the camera will automatically adjust those settings itself. Do you for example have both the lens and shutter speed set to A?
  8. You can use the Q menu or You can set the rear command dial press function to operate the flash. Press the dial then rotate it through the 4 options. I would also be interested to know why this camera is a $2k mistake for you.
  9. Photo Shooter

    lens adapter

    In the menu there is an option to shoot without a lens attached. You need to turn that to on. As far as the camera is concerned if it is not a Fuji lens it is no lens.
  10. Photo Shooter

    Firmware Update

    Each firmware version incorporates every previous version so there is no need to update incrementally. Just install v4.10.
  11. Hi this is my first post and was hoping you guys could help me on a query I have I have brought the Fuji XT-3 and want to update all the new firmware. My camera came with the firmware V3.20 . If I download the latest firmware V4.10 will it also add all the previous versions of firmware updates, or will I have to update each version separately (i.e v3.21, v3.30, v4.00 and .v4.10.) I would be grateful for any feedback and help you can give. Many Thanks
  12. Annewin

    lens adapter

    I have attached my Fuji XT20 to a Sigma 105mm macro lens by a Fotodiox Nik FX and now the camera will not take a picture. What have I done wrong or what do i need to set or reset on the camera to make it work
  13. what don't you like about the camera?
  14. MisterR


    Do not forget about photo editing! https://fixthephoto.com/aurora-hdr-vs-lightroom.html
  15. LeesKeys

    Fujifilm XC 50-230mm black

    in excellent condition. $210, includes shipping within continental US. Tiffen UV filter included. Pictures are here.
  16. FUJIFILM X-T2 with Fuji 18-55mm OIS Lens Outstanding camera for both video and stills. Regarded as one of the best stills cameras in the world. All technical information on the internet. Excellent condition with all original accessories and box. Screen had had a protector on it since day one so it's pristine. Has had firmware upgrade so will shoot video at 120fps (slow motion) Extra accessories included (weren't included in original purchase) San Disk Extreme Pro SDXC UHS-1 Card. Will handle 4k video recording. SDXC USB 3 card reader USA Gear carry case and
  17. Roan

    bulb mode

    Hey, i'm having the same issue where I have a remote shutter released attached to the bulb socket on my fuji x-t30, and i've tried to both reset my camera and put the camera in mechanical shutter mode but it's still displaying a 30" exposure time for me. I've tried adjusting the dials but it won't allow me to change shutter speed, just the ISO. Any ideas?
  18. Ma non vi piacerebbe avere nell'APP di fuji Camera, la possibilità di sincronizzare le impostazioni di due o piu fotocamere? Ora, ISO, contrasto, nitidezza, ecc.
  19. Hi there, I am unable to highlight and edit the sections on the image quality settings on my x-T30. From grain effect to Lens modulation optimizer. My camera does not allow me to click on the custom setting sections. Moreover when I open up the Q menu, I am unable to edit the options (they are stuck on auto (ISO, white balance and dynamic range). Help! ps. I'm at a beginner level knowledge on this camera so please explain it to me like I am four.
  20. Is there a way to assign a button to toggle the internal flash on or off? I can only see doing it through the menu system, and that's seven distinct steps! Surely I'm missing something ... (Frankly, I dislike just about everything about this camera, and I'm fearful I've found one more thing to confirm my two thousand dollar mistake.)
  21. yanks6

    Focusing problem

    Hi, I'm a very casual photographer with an annoying problem. I've had a Fuji XE1 since 2013 or so. Recently the image no longer focuses in the viewfinder (or back screen) even though the green box lights up and the focus correct signal beeps. The photos themselves, however, are in focus! My problem, of course is that the image that I'm looking at on screen is very fuzzy and it's extremely difficult to see exactly what's on the screen. Would you someone please kindly advise me what might be the cause of this problem and how I might fix it? Many thanksin advance!
  22. Thank you so very much for solving me the same problem!!
  23. David Horne

    Foggy Morning _DSF7659

  24. A video review of personalized Fujifilm Hot Shoe cover , hope you like it.
  25. David Horne

    Silver Lake Dunes.jpg

    Love the Contrasting Colors and the Textures.
  26. Good tip PAC! FWIW: I’ve noticed that when I lock the exposure using the shutter button, I then lose the ability to do anything further with focusing in the software - no focus peaking or zoom in with viewfinder. It’s not ideal, but it’s worth it to me so that I can quickly sample lighting and recompose.
  27. I had the same problem after shooting an interview. Suddenly the shutter didn't activate video recording anymore, only still shooting. My solution: I went into video-settings and played around with the settings for 4K movie output. For some reason I can only record when this is set on SD-4K HDMI-FHD. It can't record on SD-FHD HDMI-4K.
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