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  2. raagamuffin

    60mm f2.4 AF noise?

    SnapPuppy, My 60 (on both an XT10 and XT2) is somewhat noisy, especially when macro focusing. The most interesting sound is after struggling to focus and it stops, it makes a sound like its giving up Enjoy the lens though, its a slower focusing lens but the pictures it takes are excellent. Along with the 35 1.4, they are two of my favorite lenses.
  3. veejaycee

    60mm f2.4 AF noise?

    The AF motors in the early lenses of which this is one, were noisy compared to later lenses. Mine makes a sound (wouldn't call it noise). Sharp with a lovely bokeh. Great for portraits or close-ups and for picking out architectural detail. Also good for candid street portraiture and general photography. You have one of the best lenses in the Fuji line up - enjoy it. Vic
  4. SnapPuppy

    60mm f2.4 AF noise?

    Just bought a used 60mm and have noticed the AF is loud there's a whine when focussing, just wondering if that's normal for this lens? Cheers.
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  6. I actually was going to get one from Kenji for my X-T1 but went with another brand instead.
  7. Try Kenji in Singapore. My daughter has one on hers. Brillant. http://kenjileather.com/product/x100f-camera-case/ Yes it is expensive but it not only does the job as Veejay has mentioned, it looks good . . .
  8. Thank you! You wouldn't happen to have any suggestions as to whom may carry some good options would you?
  9. Last week
  10. Christopher

    Hello again

    I can't wait to hear what you think of the X-T3 @mattmaber! I'm still quite pleased with my X-T2's but the temptation is real. Perhaps in 2019 I'll make the leap.
  11. robthebruce

    Hello again

    It sounds like you will be counting the number of sleeps until you get it. When I moved from an X-E1 to a T2 at Christmas 2017, I loved the step up in the performance of the camera. From what I read on-line, the T3 is brilliant, particularly for video shooting. I've since bought the 16-55 f2.8 to go with the T2 and love it for day to day stuff and travelling. Now all we have to do is wait to see what Fujifilm will do with the next reiteration of the X100 series.
  12. veejaycee

    Hello again

    Hi Matt, Good to have you back again. I'm sure you'll like the XT3. Quite change from the XP1 but I still like the XP1 for straight forward shooting without bells and whistle to configure. I still use mine for street stuff and people in general even though I have XT2 + XT20.
  13. I think a half-case is your best bet, They come with a small grip on the front to enhance your hold on the camera. Thumb grips used in conjunction are also useful as they allow you to apply a little pressure from front and back.
  14. LCM_Scott

    Mt. Hope Cemetery

    Thank you and that was done in post.
  15. LCM_Scott

    DigitalRev - good supplier ?

    Shoot I didnt notice that they started carrying thongs! I will have to check that out lol. They are a trusty worthy and all around good company to do business with. But buyer beware that sometimes when buying cameras and gear overseas it can mess with your warrenties so look into it carefully before hand. That is why I prefer shopping within my country, state and city if possible. But I have purchasedfrom DigitalRev in the past with no issues.
  16. LCM_Scott

    Bat woman 🦇

    Can a small dimmable light be brought in? If so they sell some great, cheap hot shoe LED lamps on Amazon. Make sure its dimmable though.
  17. Hey y'all I habe recently purchased an X100F to add to my Fuji line up and I love it except for one thing... Its a slippery lil critter! There is very little grip to it. I am looking into options for grip extensions. I have noticed people using the hotshoe thumb grips but I think I want more grip on the front right side. Any one using cases or grip extensions that can offer some suggestions?
  18. There is color adjustment in camera for the EVF. This issue is exactly why I never use mine when using my X100F. I prefer the old school optical feel any ways. My XT-1 however has a beautiful EVF and y'all know how old that is! Play with the EVF colorbalance though. You can make it a little better but not perfect.
  19. mattmaber

    Hello again

    I wanted to wait for the x-pro3 but I just couldn’t help myself.
  20. I’ve preordered the X-T3, my first Fuji X since the original X100 and a work bought X-Pro1. So it’s been a while. Hopefully I’ll be hanging around a bit more again.
  21. I had the same problem and so I came to this thread. It was none of the above but turned out to be that I had somehow set Shadow Tone to +4. That passed me by 100s of photos!
  22. veejaycee

    Tripod Collars For Telephoto Zooms?

    Where on the lens would you fit it? The only available non-tapered area is less than 1cm wide and covers the zoom markings. Perhaps try using it on a tripod with the OIS switched on. The 55-200mm is heavier than the 50-230mm and metal so maybe it would hold steadier. https://goo.gl/images/opYsbk
  23. Has anyone had any luck locating a tripod collar that would fit the 55-200 zoom? I wasn't crazy about the 5-230 I took to Alaska this summer, so it's one of the lenses I just traded towards a 16-55 this week. Then it hit me - half of the issue of sharpness was due to the fact that even with the camera and lens on a tripod - there was a fair amount of vibration just due to the fact that it's the camera that is connected to the tripod - not the lens. And that's the same for the 55-200. I know the fast telephoto zooms/primes have built-in collars but I was wondering if anyone has located an aftermarket - or another camera brand - that is of the proper inside diameter to work on a 55-200.
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  25. VJC, I agree with your comment on the 16-55 regarding its IQ, I will disagree that its bokeh is better than the 16-80 (for now). If bokeh is defined as the quality of blurred elements I don't think we can make any assumptions about the 16-80 without at least getting a chance to test it. If background separation is what you really meant, then yes, 2 stops would make a difference in the separation. The one other scenario where the 16-80 may excel is video capture on XT bodies, as the OIS should make it an excellent capture device. I have used my 55-200 for video at a number of events handheld and it has performed remarkably.
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