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  2. TokyoInPics

    First experience with Samyang 12mm

    Great pictures! This is another lens I'd love to get.
  3. I tried to take a photo of Jupiter and Saturn at the recent convergence but could not find a way of focusing reliably to infinity or setting an exposure of longer than a few seconds on my XQ2, even in full manual mode. I would welcome any advice on how to do this. Thanks in advance.
  4. TokyoInPics

    Striking the ball

  5. TokyoInPics

    Going mad?

    Late answer I know but ... can you manually focus? Did you eventually resolve the problem?
  6. Christopher

    Camera just stopped working

    Your camera appears to be set to the Panorama shooting mode. Check the round mode dial at the top of your camera.
  7. Last week
  8. My camera just stopped working. It is NOT in manual focus. It seems like this could be a lens error? Does anyone have any info on this? It won’t let me take any pictures.
  9. Sports Finder crops the display by 1.25x, "reducing the picture by an amount equivalent to increasing lens focal length by 1.25x" ... says the user manual. I assume this means the 23mm lens effectively becomes 34.5mm (in full frame 35mm format). The Digital Tele-Converter on the other hand gives an equivalent to either 50mm or 70mm. Is Sports Finder therefore just another digital tele-converter, or is it doing something else entirely?
  10. Earlier
  11. I am cross posting this from the X10/X20/X30 forum: I have an X20 and an X70. I use the TCL-x100 and WCL-x100 with my x70. The threading is "inside" the rim of the tcl100 and wcl100. I have searched and searched, but can not find 40 to 49 step up rings with threading on the "outside" to connect to the TCL and WCL's "inside" threading. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  12. I have an X20 and an X70. I use the TCL-x100 and WCL-x100 with my x70. The threading is "inside" the rim of the tcl100 and wcl100. I have searched and searched, but can not find 40 to 49 step up rings with threading on the "outside" to connect to the TCL and WCL's "inside" threading. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  13. I recently had this problem when I attached a third party lens to my new X-T4 and found that I needed to change the setting “Shoot without lens” to “On” in the Tools menu (wrench icon) under “Button/Dial Setting”. Then the shutter will fire. You also need to set up third party lenses individually in the “Mount Adapter” settings to collect accurate data about the lens you are using if it is not a Fuji lens.
  14. If you pair this camera with the best Flash, you will have a professional photography kit at your disposal.Almost every modern cameras have a built-in Flash, which is useful in every shooting situation, but built-in flashes cannot beat the quality and perfect lighting control of an external flash. I suggest Click Here for best quality flash and Top-Quality cameras.
  15. Looking up to find answer, although some loooong time later. I have discovered the answer - at last. This lift in exposure seems to be cased by having the dynamic rage set to auto. When this is set to a fixed value, say 200%, the exposure remains as it was. The most likely explanation is that the ISO originally was at a default 100 or 200, but this was boosted to 400 to compensate for the dynamic range increase. So to be able to have proper control over exposure and a consitent viewfinder image my suggestion is to set the dynamic range to a fixed value.
  16. Camera was locked in the AF-C focus mode. AF-A and Manual would not work. Fuji indicated the camera was defective and needed to be returned. Camera was shipped back to B&H after only a few days of use. I will try a replacement. This also caused me to purchase an extended warranty.
  17. Recently I started shooting videos with my XT-3, which I've had for over a year and has been working fine with photography. When I press down the shutter to start recording videos on my XT-3, it often starts and then automatically ends within 1-2 seconds. Sometimes it's like this sometimes it's fine. I tried to press with different strength and length, nothing seems to be solve it definitely. I can still record by being extra careful - checking if it's indeed recording past 1-2 seconds. But it's very annoying and ruins much of action shot. Not sure if I have any setting wrong. Has a
  18. Christopher

    X Pro2 Vignetting

    Glad to hear you found a solution! Thanks for sharing it here, too. This will help others.
  19. More detail. What is it changing from and to? After how many continuous shots? Are you shooting RAW or jpeg? Can the action be replicated? Is it consistent?
  20. Photo Shooter

    X Pro2 Vignetting

    Advanced Filters are a trap. Many people have been caught with them.
  21. I just purchased this camera from B&H and have the same problem. Manual focus does not work
  22. Christopher

    x100v's JPEG's lacking seriously sharpness

    Happy new year! At default settings, ON is selected for WIRELESS SETTING > RESIZE IMAGE ON SENDING 3M in the camera setup menu and images are resized to 3 megapixels for upload. Check the wireless settings on your camera and change it from the default 3 megapixel setting.
  23. cables101

    x100v's JPEG's lacking seriously sharpness

    Sharpness is a function of the lens. try a different lens and remove any filter from the front of the lens.
  24. JRH108

    X Pro2 Vignetting

    As I was about to send it to Fuji for repair, I again called their service center. The technician who helped me immediately knew what was up. Somehow, I had inadvertently gone into the advanced filters setting by unknowingly hitting the Drive button twice, and it reset to that filter. Easy to go back to 'Still Image' in that menu by hitting the Drive button once and scrolling up to the desired item. Whew! Makes me realize that I haven't been using the camera enough to know it well, and now need to reread the instruction manual in detail from page 1...
  25. Picked up my X Pro2 for a trip, and found that it shows vignetting on the LCD, viewfinder, and photos themselves. This is with the exact set-up as I used 3 months ago, same lenses (35/1.4 and 18-55/2.8-4), with or without hoods, no filters. I updated firmware for body and lenses without improvement. Then I reset to factory, again no help. Any ideas? Thank you. JR in Texas
  26. Recently my XT3 is shooting a different shutter speeds and EV comp during high speed burst shooting. I shoot in full manual. I am a professional adventure sports photographer and this is not good! Any ideas or experience? Thank you.
  27. I've been wanting this camera for years and years. Finally bought one off of ebay as a gift to myself this christmas. Upon arrival I charged up the battery, inserted an SD card, powered on the camera and was greeted with the language selection screen. I can scroll through the different languages, but I can't select any with the MENU/OK button and I can't bypass the screen with the DISP/BACK button. Has anyone run into this issue in the past and do you know of a way to fix it? Thank you so much
  28. Hello, Was this ever resolved? I'm having the exact same issue.
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