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  2. same thing happened to me with my XT2... I can take pictures just fine.. When I want to do a video I can do it with the remote app but NOT with the shutter button!
  3. Owen

    First experience with Samyang 12mm

    Like the shot, can you tell me more about setting the camera to 18mm ? Thanks Owen
  4. Earlier
  5. Does anyone know where I can download Fuji Film SImulations to import into Skylum Luminar 4?
  6. LCM_Scott

    Fall Foliage

  7. Good Morning, I just bought a Profoto A1X (Fujifilm) from Dodd Camera for my Xpro-3 and X100F. I already have a TTL Air Remote (Fujifilm) and Connect(Fujifilm) for the A1X for Fuji. All the firmware is current. Has anyone successfully used the A1x with the Xpro-3 and X100F?
  8. That was the only thing I could think of. As you say with RAW+jpeg set it should record RAW to one card and Jpeg to the other. I have never tried it as I usually only shoot RAW and when I do shoot RAW+Jpeg it is only a couple of shots so I leave the setting on Sequential. I might try RAW+Jpeg next time I have the X-T3 out and see what happens. I also never shoot video.
  9. No, in fact I don't do Videos. Thanks for your response, astechman
  10. Photo Shooter

    X-E on XP

    No. Windows XP is not supported.
  11. Have you told the camera to save movie files to slot 2?
  12. MarcoDebiasi

    Faked aging on modern retro cameras...

    I am far more interested to see the photos people have made with their cameras rather than how they have mistreated their equipment in the process.
  13. I didn't know Leica was doing this. It's very disappointing to see Leica going from its real deal with Henri Cartier-Bresson's M-camera to Lenny Kravitz's fake one..
  14. Fake news, Fake worn jeans, Fake tough guys, ... Not a fan of anything FAKE.
  15. donnyfingerguns

    Fuji XF 27mm f2.8 lens for sale

    Thank you for letting me know!
  16. dandoro

    Fuji XF 27mm f2.8 lens for sale

    It was sold.
  17. donnyfingerguns

    Fuji XF 27mm f2.8 lens for sale

    Would you take $50 for it?
  18. Hi, new to Fuji and forum. I have a gold key/lock symbol on right side of screen on new XT4. Been through manual several times and can’t figure out what it means, or how to remove. Also, can’t seem to pair Apple phone with camera. Apple App Store has LOTS of very negative things to say about Fuji app. Can you help me with this? Many thanks.
  19. I have an X-T3 camera but assume that this may also apply to X-T4 cameras. I have gone into Set-up menu/ Save Data Setup/Card Slot Setting (Still Image) and have chosen RAW / JPEG. In practice I find that an image taken is recorded on Both cards. I believe that with this setting, RAW / JPEG that JPEG images would save to Card 2 and RAW would save on card1. Question: why are my JPEG images being saved to Both Card 2 and Card 1? Same thing happens when I set Sequential! Any one having this problem? Any suggestions? Astechman
  20. I have a Fuji XF 27mm f2.8 lens. It was used for a few months, until, suddenly it showed an error on camera: "Please turn off the camera, then turn on again". So I am selling the lens for those who either want to repair it, either want to buy it for parts or adapt it for manual focus use. Price is 65$, tracked postal service is 15$. I accept Paypal payments.
  21. iconoclastica

    X-E on XP

    I am considering buying an X-E2 for use as a dedicated microscope camera. Unfortunately, it will have to cooperate with an old Windows XP-64 computer. Do older versions of Tethered Shooting Software HS-V5 exist that will run on XP (and where could I find them)? If so, does it allow live view on the computer monitor, and which models of the X_t/X-E series would be supported? thanks, Wim
  22. Tinamariena

    Can't Connect with PC AutoSave

    I have a Fuji X100F and installed the AutoSave software on my macbook pro 2020. The camera connects with the wifi and the transfer to iphone is not a problem at all. The connection to the laptop does not work unfortunately. The camera does not find the laptop as a devise to connect to... I'm trying different things to solve this since two hours. It seems to be a similar or same problem thats described before by other users. Can't beleave theres no help or solution to this as it obviously is a problem since years.....
  23. Bob Johnston

    New 16-80 for infrared

    I have tried a 16-80 on an xe2 and now an x-t3 converted to 720nm. There is no hot spot but unfortunately the lens is not as sharp in infra red. It is not severe but there is some softening. Also, in case anyone wants to know, the 10-24 suffers with a hotspot. The 55-200 works well. The 14mm, 23mm f2 and 35 mm f1.4 all work well. In general primes will always work better than zooms for IR. The 55-200 is an unexpected exception.
  24. Nasser

    bulb mode

    Worked as a charm, thank you
  25. Same thing happening to me. Photos work. Even using the remote app I can record video by turning it on in my phone. But the button doesn’t work anymore. Did you find a solution?
  26. Photo Shooter

    firmware upgrade

    You cannot open a firmware file don't even try. Simply copy the file to a SD card and follow the instructions about how to do the update.
  27. Annewin

    firmware upgrade

    When I tried to download the firmware upgrade for Fuji XT20 photoshop is attached to it but when I click on it PS opens but says it can not open that type of file. I have tried deleted it and download again, it did the same thing. What am I doing wrong.
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