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  2. Thanks, I have Luminar2017 and rarely use it. My XT-2 raw files don’t look as good as my Nikon raw files. I usually don’t have to do much processing. The Fuji looks better on the Fuji raw from the camera. I am thinking about paying for Silkypix.
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  4. veejaycee

    EVF Lag

    I can't say I have noticed the problem with my XT2 either but that my be the way I use it. I have an X-H1 arriving so I'll check that. In the meantime, I guess all you can do is rely on the evf and the playback button.
  5. Raw is not just the name of a file type, it is the description of it. When I open a raw file I expect it to look flat and to lack lustre,to have little colour and not very sharp. Once I've adjusted the tones I usually find the colour is there and only rarely do I need to sharpen. Even choosing a film sim from the profiles list will get you most of the way there. Anyway, see what luck you have with the raw converter linked above. Capture 1 is also highly rated and Luminar (but that is not colour managed on Windows machines yet). Raw Therapee I think has a free basic version for Fuji. Affinity photo is worth a look too. The image shown when you import to LR is the jpg representation of the raw file. Also other software and browsers such as Fastone (not colour managed) will show the same I still suggest you try developing in LR before deciding.
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  7. al13

    EVF Lag

    I have the XT-3 and apparently that problem ia solved in the newer model. I see the scene as soon as I put the camera up to my face.
  8. I shoot in raw and have noticed my picture don’t have the same pop as when I use the Fuji software. I just don’t want to have to tether my camera to my Mac to develop pictures and convert to jpeg. That’s why I am looking for software that will take advantage of Fuji’s capabilities. i sold my D500 to purchase the Xt-3.
  9. ldhallett

    Fuji X-T3 kit with 18-55mm

    Up for sale is a 9++ condition 2 month old Fuji X-T3 with the exellent 18-55mm OIS lens. I don't see any marks on this setup. I'll try and get some photos soon. Comes with the original kit box, all manuals and software, all accessories and two extra Wasabi batteries. Strap and flash were never used. Asking $1599 OBO Shipped and Paypaled
  10. Fuji Raw converter (Silkypix) free download. http://www.fujifilm.com/support/digital_cameras/software/myfinepix_studio/rfc/ What is wrong with the way your pictures look in LR? There's no reason they should look any different to anyone elses's. Are you using a film sim or shooting raw?
  11. veejaycee

    EVF Lag

    Ever since the first X100 and X-Pro1 were introduced it's been the same. So has the answer - turn off the camera between shots. It powers up immediately from switch-off rather than waking up. Also, use boost mode if you have it. I set my XP1, XT20 and XT2 to 30 sec auto screen-off but unless I expect to take another picture fairly quick, I switch off. Buy extra batteries if you're afraid it'll run flat by keeping the camera on for long periods. It's quicker to switch on than wait for evf eye sensor to activate too.
  12. https://www.fujirumors.com/fujifilm-announces-firmware-updates-for-fujifilm-gfx-50s-fujifilm-x-t3-and-fujifilm-x-h1/ Record over 4GB of 4K video without break (GFX, XT3, XH1). IBIS to work with OIS lenses for combined 5.5 stops (XH1).
  13. I Just purchased the XT-3 and found that my pictures don’t look great in Lightroom. What is the best software to edit and save my Fuji photos? I tried the free Fuji software but it’s a pain to hook up my camera to edit and convert pictures. I don’t plan on abandoning Adobe yet.
  14. Recently bought a used x20 .... seems like a nice camera but is significantly smaller than any camera I have used for the past 35+ years .... and like most digital cameras (IMO) has way too many options/adjustments available .... (yep I'm a old guy) .... anyway .... looking for recommendations for a set of basic settings to use to make it function just a step above a "Kodak Brownie" 🙂 so I can use it for awhile and concentrate on feel/function of the camera .... not trying to learn all of the settings/options until I am comfortable with just using the body and very basic controls .... probably sounds like a dumb question but to me one of the main components of enjoying a camera is a good physical interface with it .... Thanks in advance for all comments/thoughts shared .... AbueloB
  15. KhoiN

    EVF Lag

    Glad I found this and no you are not the only one James. I’m just a Dad photographing my young kids and family. For the past 4-5 years I’ve been using the X100 series (S for 4, F since May). Never noticed the EVF lag as the OVF allowed me to instantly continue framing my shot once I had the camera to my eye, then when the EVF kicked in I would simply snap the photo, no problem. Recently I developed a need for zooming as my children’s school functions requires me to be seated while they are on stage, in front of the classroom, etc.. so no zooming with my feet. So I bought the X-T20. Boy it’s been very hard to get over the 1 second lag. Sometimes I’ll raise the camera to my eye, and in dark settings my eye isn’t even aligned with the opening (I’d be staring at the AEL button, and I’m sure part of this is because of me) because I have no reference point until the EVF lights up. I’ve missed a bunch of great moments because of this lag. I’ve tried keeping the EVF on continuously, but find myself having to switch back to LCD sometimes to see some things and it’s a pain to cycle through. My solution is to place my thumb over the sensor at hip level and remove when the camera reaches my eye, but honestly it’s not a natural feeling. It’s distracting and I don’t really enjoy the camera as I do with the X100. Thinking about going for an X-Pro2 and getting back to using the OVF to as a crutch for for the EVF lag (a la X100). Really wish for a fix. Anyway, not point to my post except to vent. You guys are not the only ones!
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  17. The working temperature range for the XT2 is similar to the Nikon. Could you perhaps have had issues with moisture formation due to high humidity and the temperature drop? It doesn't really seem extreme enough so maybe you should send it in to Fuji while it's still under warranty. Try a factory reset (after noting your setup details) and if no good, send it in to Fuji with a note telling them what happened.
  18. I also have a Ricoh GRii. No problem with the dust thing. I bought a filter holder plus filter of course. Not a sign of dust. Images with the Ricoh razor sharp. I think equal if not better than the the fuji if comparing with the X100 series.
  19. I think the Ricoh dust issue is a bit overblown. I haven’t had a problem in the 4+ years of ownership. I never put it naked in a trouser pocket, preferring a belt case. I have even had it covered in tree pollen when I got a bit close for a macro! Just blew it off and no problem.
  20. Nik, thanks! I have also looked at the Ricoh, but a bit afraid with the dust issue. I have worked on some RAW samples from the Ricoh. AMAZING results! BTW, there is a HUGE plus for both Fujifilm and Sony camera - the free Capture One Express from Phase One. Simply the best RAW program!
  21. I had the S and upgraded to the T. There’s no difference in the IQ between those 2 but the handling is vastly improved on the T. As a mainly aperture priority shooter the aperture setting on the S leaves a lot to be desired. You can only set full stops using the aperture ring and then have to use the command dial to set thirds. The T lets you do thirds from the ring. The viewfinder is also improved with the “rangefinder “ option. So of those 2 I’d definitely choose the T. I now have the F, but only for a week so haven’t had a chance to test it yet. Like you my main system is mft but I like the limitation of a single focal length. My go anywhere camera is the Ricoh GR as it’s quite a bit smaller than even the X100 range.
  22. In the most honest way...My main system is Olympus MFT. OMD - EM10 with several lenses. For some time I have put my eye on the X100 as a second TAKE ANYWHERE option. I do not have too much cash for it right now, so looking for the most BANG FOR THE BUCK camera. Is the X100S enough? Does it really make sense to invest more in the newer models with the newer sensor? Is there a big difference in IQ?I am not interested in video. Thanks for any comment and input.
  23. What has been your experiences with the X-T2 in cold weather. I acquired a new X-T2 this spring and was very happy with it until today. I took it to Minnesota's North Shore to shoot the annual Splitrock Lighthouse lighting. The temps most of the day hovered around +20 F. about an hour before the event the temps dropped to the lower teens. I had been taking pictures of the area, and my camera started having shutter issues in continuous mode. It would skip and pause. I switched to single mode, and tried the bulb mode to prep for the event, and the shutter would open but not close. had to shut the camera off to get it to close. I traveled several hundred miles for the event and missed it due to the camera not working in chilly temps. My Nikon worked fine last year for this, as well as in -20 F in January at the same place. Is this normal behavior for Fuji's X series?
  24. AbueloB

    Ext Power for x20

    Can x20 be powered with an external 110v power converter? Thanks ....
  25. I am looking to buy this half case for my new X-T3, I like the fact that I can cover the back LCD not only for safety reasons but to make me look less on it and focus more on photography. http://www.luigicases.com/a000-CasesFujiFinepixX100.X10.htm (X-T2 case will work on X-T3) However, I am looking to find out from somebody who owns such a case how well it fits and how well it works while shooting. I am concern about some small things but from the photos I cannot say more.
  26. kseew

    60mm f2.4 AF noise?

    Ditto Mine sounds like a model car winding up and down. Glad to see its the norm. My Nikon one is nice and quiet though!
  27. Hi all, please help if you’ve had a similar issue. When I use the app it tells me that I must disconnect my camera because it is processing and I must retry later. I’m using an X-T100 and have used other Fuji cameras in the past and have never had this issue? Please help if you can- not sure what more to do as have tried reconnecting my phone to the camera and everything.
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  29. Ostravaczech

    Peace Palace, Den Haag

    the Netherlands.
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