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  3. Hello all.I just purchased a brand new X100s today.When I went to power it on for the first time it powers on fine but I cannot get past the language select menu.The OK/Menu buttons do not do anything.HELP!!!
  4. Hello: I have for sale: Fuji XF XF 10-24mm F/4-22 OIS R lens Asking: $ 525 If interested - please contact me? Need to sell ASAP. Have a nice day and pleasant weekend, Ed ~ ~ ~
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  6. Ed2000

    Image Playback

    This is an old conversation but I just came across this issue. the View Mode button works independently from playback and camera mode. Meaning, if you change the view mode to LCD Only during camera mode, that doesn’t change it to LCD Only in playback mode. During playback mode you will need to change the view mode to you liking just as you would in camera mode.
  7. MisterR


    You really help everyone who likes to take photos! Thanks for this info.https://fixthephoto.com/online-photoshop-editor.html
  8. robthebruce

    Good case for Fuji X cameras

    I can see why you have recommended them. The protection they offer is excellent and they do look really good. I've added the website to my favourites under 'camera gear'.
  9. robthebruce

    Walking past wall 3

    I forgot to add that the red shrub is a Crepe Myrtle, and that the street is deliberately named 'Myrtle Rd'.
  10. robthebruce

    Walking past wall 3

    After a few days of consideration, I thought I had to give this one a go because the shrub is in its red bloom for autumn. I used the feature on the T2 of the b/w and red effect. If you like the effect it is achieved by entering the menu of the D Pad, then selecting the Camera icon 'Shooting Setting'. Then select 'Drive setting', then 'ADV. Filter Setting', then 'Partial Colour (Red)'. Entre 'Ok'. Then you have to move your attention to the top left of the camera to the drive selection selector underneath the ISO. Choose 'ADV' which is next to the panorama box selection. You should then have the effect.
  11. MrSteveVee

    Going mad?

    Sounds like a loose connection somewhere, possible fractured a joint somewhere in the impact, that's gonna be hard to find unfortunately
  12. I added two more pics, one in playback mode (no issue) and one in shooting mode, where you can see the yellow spot on the middle of the screen.
  13. Hi, I'm new around here and to Fuji cameras as well. I recently purchased an used X100T. Camera seems to work ok, takes good photos. I just noticed that the lcd and the evf have this sort of halo and a yellow spot. It seems to happen only in low light situations, as I had not noticed it before during the day. The halo/yellow spot will not show up in playback mode or in the photo for that matter. So it seems the problem is not the lcd or the evf, but maybe the lens, or the light I'm in right now? I also noticed some sort of flickering on the lcd and evf as well, but this is know to happen under certain lightning conditions. Anybody has had this issue? Or has any idea what could be wrong? I've added a short video and some photos of the issue. I did a search on the forum before asking, but did not seem to find anything. I apologize if this topic has been discussed elsewhere. Thanks!
  14. When my wife and I each got Fuji X-T2 cameras, we went in search of a protective case that also looked cool. I looked online at all of the camera sources as well as a local camera shop. What we found were either cheap styrofoam cases that are clumsy to use or cheap leather or synthetic leather. Somewhere along the line I learned of Kaza-Deluxe, a small company that custom crafts cases, straps, and accessories for Fuji X camera. So, we ordered two... and have been extremely pleased. The Kaza half-cases are really all we need to protect our X-T2 cameras. They are beautifully crafted in leather. Let me share something that happened. While on a photography tour of the magnificent region of northeast Arizona in January 2018 with a relative, my toe caught the edge of a rock, and I went down. My Fuji X-T2 was in my left hand and hit the rocks on which I was standing first. I suffered a scrapped forehead, elbow, and both knees. Yeah, I hurt. But there was no damage to my camera or its lens but for a tiny bit of red rock dust on the bottom of the case that I brushed off after getting first-aid for my own injuries. I have acquired a second Fuji X-T2 body... and, the first thing I did was to place an order with Kaza-Deluxe for another half-case. The cost is reasonable, and I know from experience that there's no excuse for not having a quality case to protect my investment in cameras. Check out: https://kaza-deluxe.com/shop/ David Henderson Arlington, VA www.davidhenderson.com
  15. digital training

    Getting into macro

  16. digital training

    Getting into macro

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  17. gvd

    I'm so old........

    Im so old, i forgot what i was going to say
  18. For Sale: Fuji (OEM) NP-W126S BatteryI feel these are worth - $ 45 each - (as a brand new from B&H runs round $ 65).https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1263624-REG/fujifilm_16528470_np_w126s_li_ion_battery_pack.htmlAmazon prices: $ 64https://www.amazon.com/Fujifilm-Rechargeable-Lithium-Ion-Battery-NP-W126S/dp/B01I4RNPQ6Asking: $ 45 each - (Make Offer).Thanks for your time,Have a nice day…Ed~ ~ ~
  19. ~ ~ ~ For Sale: (4) - Fuji XF lenses: Fuji XF 18-55mm F2.8-4 R LM OIS Fuji XF 35mm, f/2 Fuji XF 50mm, f/2 Fuji XF 60mm, f/2.4 Macro Asking Prices: ——————————————————————————— Fuji XF 18-55mm F2.8-4 R LM OIS - $ 300 or Best / Make Offer Fuji XF 35mm, f/2 - $ 325 or Best / Make Offer Fuji XF 50mm, f/2 - $ 350 or Best / Make Offer Fuji XF 60mm, f/2.4 Macro - $ 400 or Best / Make Offer If interest in any (or all) lenses - Please contact me? Further negotiations - are Welcomed. Thanks - Have a nice day, Ed ~ ~ ~
  20. François

    Xf55-200 vs Xf 50-140

    another pic taken with the 55-200 , that I would have taken with f2,8 to get the speed. Give me some time with the 50-140 and I am hoping to make my point
  21. François

    Xf55-200 vs Xf 50-140

    As I told you I just started few days ago with the 50-140, but here is another pics that I couldn't get with the 55-200. The duck took of and I wasn't in following mode, just a real fast focusing and wid aperture.
  22. François

    Xf55-200 vs Xf 50-140

    I just registered and I'll try to publish 3 pics so you see what I am talking about The lion and the fox are taken with the 55-200 mm The roe deer is with the 50-140 few days ago as an exemple of low light bokeh pic I couldn't take before. I am heading to Patagonia with the new lens where I hope I'll get good light and subject opportunities to make my point about the f2,8 and the 50-140 had to reduce the files but just trying to explain what kind of pics I am taking, I try to get as close as I can stalking or waiting and get the animal into they're environment . Most of the time I was missing a large aperture that is why I upgraded to the 50-140mm
  23. François

    Xf55-200 vs Xf 50-140

    Hello everyone, I have red all that I could before buying the 50-140, in french, English and Spanish. Using the 55-200 for many years now for wildlife photography ( yes...! ) I have spent most of my time in nature taking pics of wild animals. I wanted to get more opening and I couldn't afford the new 200mm . So I red again and again, most comments on internet were saying that there is not much of a difference between those two lenses in therms of image quality. But the question is not asked well, and people compare those 2 lenses at same aperture. Does that make any sense ? In my opinion it doesn't !!!! I bought the 50-140 and 2 days after I started to get images that the speed limitation for the lack of aperture in low light 55-200 couldn't do. To me the real point of this lens is the 2,8 .... Some people may not need it but I do and I believe the 2,8 aperture is why this lens is made for. I believe a fair comparison would be to compare those 2 lenses at the best of they're ability : 140 f2,8 vs 200 f4.6 and check out the result in therms of bokeh, speed and details . I really love the 55-200mm, I have taken a lot of pictures with it. But sometime you need speed and aperture and the 50-140 is a good alternative in my opinion. After over thinking it I am glad I bought it because it fits my needs, without even talking about stabilisation , focus etc... François
  24. Lissa

    I'm so old........

    You nailed it..... ☺️
  25. Lissa

    What fuji lens should I buy for GFX50R ?

    So how was your experience dem...!!
  26. In manual mode it does trigger the autofocus, but it doesn't appear there's any "lock" in manual (focus square doesn't turn green, no blue AFL icon at the lower left). I guess that's the whole point of manual mode. But it used to autofocus and lock in S mode.
  27. In two days I have an opportunity to photograph horses practicing for an upcoming race. They will be running fast and I plan on panning. Any suggestions on the best setting using the XT-20. Should I set the white balance or leave it on Auto? What shutter speed and aperture would be best? Manual focus or AF? I am considering 2500 SS, with ISO 200. Wanted to use aperrture 5 or 4.5 but when I extend the 50-230 MM the lowest I can go is 6.7. This is another learning experience. I did not realize the Aperture would change as I extended the lens. Still learning Fuji and since I really love Nikon, it has been a challenge. Thanks for any suggestions. Anne
  28. Does the back button work to focus the camera when it is in manual focus? That’s how I tend to use the X100F and X100T. Thanks.
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