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  2. sorenlaursen


    Hi - I have a similar problem with my X-E2 as described above. Any solution? Cheers Soren
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  4. PeterNb

    Zeiss Touit lens firmware update 1.03

    Hi! I cant't update my Toiut 32 X (( links aren't working(( If you have file with 1.03 give me know Thanks a lot
  5. cbrwng


    Not sure why you weren't able to get a response, but you are correct with your assumption that the second square is a correction for parallax error and that adjusting your composition will result in an image that is in focus. The best way to check this as you get used to using the OVF is to turn on the EVF preview by pressing left on the front control lever to get a smaller OVF window in the right corner of your viewfinder. You can then press the rear command dial to zoom that little window in to check focus on your focus frame. Hope this helps! Here are a couple of useful articles for you with regards to the OVF: http://vopoku.com/fujifilm-ovf-focusing/ http://vopoku.com/fujifilm-ovf-focusing-with-the-x-pro-1-and-x100s-pt-2/
  6. dpl


    danjudysc@aol.com Guess I need to find another Fuji site. One Question had 12,300 views and only 2 replies. Not much help here.
  7. When using the ovf is it possible to see the menu on the lcd instead of having to look thru the viewfinder to see it? Thank you dpl
  8. 🙂 On my fuji X100f using the ovf. When I focus on a subject the focus point and square shift positions. Is this due to parallax and if so when I shift to the new position in the viewfinder will my original focus point still be in focus? Have a new x100f and trying to learn. Thanks for any help dpl
  9. does it change if you turn it offmanual
  10. Hi all I have two bodies one XT-2 and a XT-3. What I am trying to do is mirror the custom buttons that I have assigned to my XT-2 too the XT-3. I cant seem to get the 'Face Detection Settings' allowing me to choose Face, Eye, Right Eye or Left Eye. That the XT-2 provides. Instead the all I can select on the XT-3 is Face Detection Off or one of the four variants (Eye off, Eye Auto, Right Eye Priority or Left Eye P...) that seems to be only access my the main menu. Has anyone come across this? Thanks
  11. Change the PC connection mode to USB drive.
  12. I'm having the same issue with a second hand purchase.. Any help or insight would be great.! OVF is fine but won't change with the selector, so is stuck on OVF. EVF image comes up when 'focus check' is pressed, also 'preview depth of field' but reverts to OVF when shutter is pressed.. Ive reinstalled firmware 2.11 but no change.. can anyone please help.!?
  13. When I attach my X100V to my computer by USB cable to download images the camera shows as having two folders named Live and Still. They are empty and I can't switch to a folder where my images are. However, if I download direct from the memory card, I get the correct DCIM folders containing images. What is making my X100V suddenly show Live and Still folders when it hasn't before? How do I get rid of these so that I can see DCIM images? What are these folders anyway?
  14. Great Capture One offer. 25% off new licenses (code SPRING25) and 30% off (code UPGRADE30) on upgrades. https://www.captureone.com
  15. I have now figured out what the mystery setting is: just make sure that View mode is set to Eye sensor. i just wish someone from Fuji actually checked this forum as they would have been able to solve this a lot earlier...
  16. Help. I changed something on my X-T30 but cant figure it out. This used to work just fine last time I used the camera but I was in the settings menu... When I look through the EVF the info is missing (aperture, shutter, iso, etc.) until I half press the button or hit AF-L. Then it all displays for a few seconds and disappears again. I would like to display this all the time. I know I was in custom display settings if that is a clue for anyone. Thanks
  17. Fujifilm XT3 Lightroom Classic 9.2 Fujifilm Tether Shooting Plugin Windows 10 Tethertools USB 3.0 to USB-C cable 15' Camera has trouble connecting to PC. When it eventually connects, it disconnects almost immediately. (I have been able to take one or two photos via tethering so the problem seems to be the intermittent nature of the connection.) Can anyone offer a solution to this problem? (I tried this with two different bodies so the camera is not the problem.) Thanks Mark Sherman
  18. Hi, I have similar issue on my xe3. It used to work fine on my old xe2. Any news about possible fix? It is actually very annoying.... thx
  19. iSilentP

    Pimped-out Fujifilm-X

    Group owner: Delete if inappropriate... If you are on Facebook, please check out the "Pimped-out Fujifilm-X" site where Fuji owners are sharing pictures of the have customized/accessorized their Fuji gear. If you decide to join, please post images of your gear. It a friendly and growing community where Fuji users exchange ideas of what they have done to their kits. https://www.facebook.com/groups/206059773312634 ~ Tony
  20. I figured out how to get a micro-HDMI and USB-C cable plugged into the X100V at the same time. It involved a little bit of trimming on the connectors of the two plugs. I made a video walking through it, check it out:
  21. I'm pretty sure I had one of those on my X-E1. Liked it a lot. I haven't gotten anything for the X-T1 as I like the way it handles with just the added vertical grip.
  22. X100F I have only two shooting modes- A and P- I sent my camera in for repair due to focus issues. It came back focus issues fixed but now it seems I have only two shooting modes- A and P. S and M don't work- even when I move the shutter dial and aperture ring off of A. Also can't adjust the ISO by lifting shutter dial and turning. Am I missing some setting or does my camera need a repair from the repair
  23. Hello all.I just purchased a brand new X100s today.When I went to power it on for the first time it powers on fine but I cannot get past the language select menu.The OK/Menu buttons do not do anything.HELP!!!
  24. Hello: I have for sale: Fuji XF XF 10-24mm F/4-22 OIS R lens Asking: $ 525 If interested - please contact me? Need to sell ASAP. Have a nice day and pleasant weekend, Ed ~ ~ ~
  25. Ed2000

    Image Playback

    This is an old conversation but I just came across this issue. the View Mode button works independently from playback and camera mode. Meaning, if you change the view mode to LCD Only during camera mode, that doesn’t change it to LCD Only in playback mode. During playback mode you will need to change the view mode to you liking just as you would in camera mode.
  26. MisterR


    You really help everyone who likes to take photos! Thanks for this info.https://fixthephoto.com/online-photoshop-editor.html
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