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For Sale: Fuji GSW690III $500

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This is an all-mechanical medium format Fuji rangefinder. I've had it for a bit, and it's a great camera—easy to use, with a clear  and bright viewfinder and a rangefinder patch with plenty of contrast. I'm trying to pare down my camera collection, however, and I don't use this enough to justify its presence. 

Packaging and shipping through FedEx for this camera will run about $30, and I can ship anywhere in the United States. The photo is a stock image, but the camera itself is in excellent condition, with a minor blemish from use. Counter is at 8, or 80 shutter releases.






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The OP has only posted once and possibly has forgotten where he posted if he had the camera on multiple sites. If you are interested in it I would send the OP a message via the messaging system which might alert him via email. Posting in the thread is unlikely to get a response by the looks of things.

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