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14 minutes ago, robthebruce said:

Hi John. Like you I still miss my x100. My daughter has been using it for the past five years without any problems after she left home and I gave it to her when I purchased a X-E1. She is now living in Indonesia and taking beautiful pictures with it, so despite concerns that it is not 'weather sealed', it still continues to perform very ably. 

Perhaps the solution for the aging codgers (like us) reading this is that we get two x100F bodies: one to be used as 23mm and the other with either of the two additional add on lenses that make it 18mm or 35mm. (Try explaining that to your spouse.)

I am off to a 60th birthday party tomorrow and would love to have a  x100 in hand as the fill in flash is brilliant; people ask if it is an old school film one and they all relax when I start snapping them. 

HEY young fella,.

I've never bought any of Fuji's 23mm lenses without an X100S attached.

On those rare times when I'm out with > one camera, my X100S IS my


When and if I bag it, my(small)bag usually stays in my car.


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Well, great news (from my point of view), my X100F is due to be delivered tomorrow.

As I mentioned, in a recent post, a company called SpencerMann, had it, and were selling at a reduction.

I did some research on them, and found several negative reports, suggesting they sold grey imports that didn't have UK warranty, plus various other shortcomings.

However, I then noticed that Calumet had one silver one left, so I bought it :-)

So, looks like I might be deploying the ND Filter tomorrow, and then getting tripod and cable release for the storm.

The joy of photography.























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