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Planning to switch soon. Possible gear recommendations and Hello Everyone

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Hey guys, how is it going?


This is going to be my first post here and I am very excited about it. Anyway, I am 26 years old pizza lover and a semi-pro portrait/headshots photographer. Since 2011 i have paid all of my 3 Ba degrees and most of my bills with photography and mainly shoot weddings-events until 2016. Oh and i am starting Ma degree on Commercial Photography at NTU this year!


My first DSLR was a 5d mkii and I sold all of my Canon gear in 2012 and switched to Pentax. Main reason was to have a lighter kit with much better ergonomics. I still love my Pentax gear, and since selling them is extremely hard, i will be holding on to the kit for awhile. However Constant AF issues, sub-par AF performance, Never arriving 3rd party HSS support and every increasing bulk of the system, K-1, started to put me off.

Fuji, on the other hand, has some tempting points over other systems in general. First being KAIZEN. than very sexy looking cameras, most compact aps-c system?, and lastly Godox announcing to support fuji tll/hss was my turning point.



For body/bodies, i will be getting an X-t1 or X-t2 depending on my budget. But can't pick my starting setup for the system. Although i am a prime person, 70-200 f/2.8 had always been my most used lens during my wedding time.



23mm f/1.4 or 35mm f/1.4 / f/2 is likely going to be my first lens in the system and next one to follow up.


For wide-angle, 16mm f/1.4 seems like a great choice and i will pick it up after my portrait lens.



But here comes the hard part for me. 56mm f/1.6, 90mm f/2 and 50-140mm f/2.8


135mm,FF, is my favourite focal length but i rather have 56mm first to have a "more complete kit". Yet Samyang 50mm f/1.2 is another cheaper alternative to fill that option but i have to get used to Fuji cameras and manual focus first, which is not a great feeling on DSLRs.

Buying 90mm + 56mm looks bit too expensive to get into, considering i am not selling any Pentax gear + Ma fees will make it hard to get both. 


50-140, on the other hand, covers both focal lengths and has IS. Since having been using IBIS for last 6 years i believe it is an important feature for my work by now. 



And one last question. Be honest and tell me how good is Fuji X-system actually + for studio and location portrait work. I haven't used one more than few hours so its good to know long term effects, such as unstoppable GAS i have been reading about Fuji glass.

Sorry for the long post and thanks for all the future answers/discussions  ^_^

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My quick comment is that the 50-140 f2.8 is good, but heavy to cart around. (It weighs 1 kg or 2.2 lbs.) Depending on what you are doing, I would go for a X-T2 with a second hand 56 mm, and a 16 or 14mm. To cover the in between focal length, a 23mm for general things in either a 23, f2.0 or the f1.4. I use the 1.4, its very good, but slower to focus than the 2.0, The 23, f1.4 is about twice the cost and twice the weight of the f2.0 as well.

An alternative is to simply buy a x100 F which gives you a 23mm f2.0 on a fantastic body. People doing weddings find they can use the x100 in its various editions for most things and the extra body with a 56 mm is used for portraits. Two bodies saves stopping to change lenses and the x100 can be used on silent especially in churches. If you need to cover a big group shot, the 16 or 14 mm on the second body can cover it. (Also, a 14mm is cheaper than a 16mm whether brand new or second hand, so if you are wanting to put good money into gear, I'd get a T2 and off set its cost with a second hand 16 mm or 14 mm due to less frequent use you will give these two lenses.)

Since you are moving across into a new system, I would try to source good, second hand gear until you settle on what you want. There is often someone selling something at a reasonable price. Commercial work is outside my experience, but I guess that until you do your MA, settle into a working life, it will be unclear what your camera needs are likely to be. So on the side of caution, if there is something second hand available, and its in near perfect condition, I would buy it.

I find when comparing my ability to use the gear I have with others who shot the same scene, that most of the time it is not the fault of the camera, or its focusing speed, etc, but my lack of brain engagement with what's going on. So trying to find a 'perfect system' or brand of camera is for me not entirely the problem. One only has to compare what is available today compared with the performance of a manual film camera in the past and we are spoilt today for their abilities and choice of performance. 

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54 minutes ago, K1W1_Mk2 said:

Welcome. It will be fun seeing how the responses differ on the various different forums you have posted this message to.

That is the main aim. :)


Pentax-Forum is a great bunch but for fuji there are multiple different forums and so far vastly different answers. I was originally going to post this into 1 forum but i didn't like the way people talking. Many were too aggressive and not really helpful, so i turned this into the quest of finding the most "family" like forum ^_^

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During the year 2016 I had the opportunity to try on several different brands of cameras, all from M4 sensor to medium format. I photograph landscapes, portraits, wildlife, documentary and sports. For me, the weight of the equipment is not a problem. After a year of testing, I finally got my shopping list ready, and that is:
1  Fujifilm X-Pro2
3  Fujifilm NP-W126S
1  Fujinon XF 14mm f/2.8 R
1  Fujinon XF 60mm f/2.4 R Macro
1  Fujinon MCEX-16
1  Fujinon XF 16-55mm f/2.8 R LM WR
1  Fujinon XF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR
1  Fujinon XF 1.4X TC WR
The best with Fuji is the image file. perfect colors in all circumstances. The weakness of Fuji is the power consumption.
All my Nikon pro-equipments was destroyed under a white water adventure and I have photographed with Nikon for over 30 years. Is Nikon a bad camera? No, absolutely not! But I found my soul with Fuji :)
Now I only have to find a sponsor for all this Fuji stuff ;)
Photo: An eight-second shot in almost complete darkness, ISO 200, X-T1



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Welcome to the forum. You make $$ from your photography, so I will defer to the pros steer you.  I will say that as a amateur, Fuji gear has made me enjoy photography even more. One lens I will recommend is the 60mm 2.4, which is slow (AF wise) but the rendering on it (IMO) is excellent and one can find used copies for quite a bargain, perhaps one of the most underrated lenses in the Fuji lineup (IMO).


All the best with your switch ! 

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Welcome to the forum. Add the 90mm f2 to your list - the best of the Fuji lineup. raagamuffin is correct about the 60mm f2.4 it is a close second to the 90mm f2 for bokeh. The 90mm is probably also the fastest focusing lens and is great for sports/action as well as portrait and general. I seriously considering  the 16-55 f2.8 as a running mate for the 90mm - my dream walk-about setup with which I could rule the world - well the last bit may be OTT but you get my drift.


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