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First the eyepiece, now the entire shutter assembly. Fell off.

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Correct and I suspect that pcp 1960 actually has nothing wrong with his/her shutter either. Unfortunately they do not include any description of the problem and the pictures tell us nothing. I suspect it's either lens/body contact or the motherboard causing the problem.


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On 08/07/2017 at 12:00 AM, johnwillyums said:

Well, more bad news about my X-Pro 2. 

I've just returned from a nights shooting, checking my gear, and putting it away.

I noticed that the entire shutter assembly has fallen off, and I can see down inside the camera.

So, I can't turn it on, let alone take pictures.

A few months ago, my entire eyepiece assembly fell off, that was two weeks repair at Fuji UK, now another crucial part of the camera has fallen off.

Not what I expect from as supposedly "professional" camera.

Have to say, I am getting really fed up with this camera falling apart on me.


Fuji has repaired my camera free of charge a new front assembly was require though I am not sure what that consist of

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I wouldn't mind but other photographer's laugh at how precious I am with my gear. For example, if I have a camera around my neck, I always hold it as  well to ensure it doesn't bump about, I have a set routine for lens change, always put my lens cap in my left hand pocket etc.

Obviously, I do this because I like perfect things. I have not got one scratch or blemish on my X-Pro 2 or my X100F. I prefer them that way, and they do better on resale.

Somethings you can't guard against.

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